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Full Text of HB1155  98th General Assembly


Rep. Kelly M. Cassidy

Filed: 2/25/2013





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 1155, AS AMENDED, by
3inserting the following in its proper numeric sequence:
4    "Section 50. Firearm safety training.
5    (a) A person shall meet the firearm safety training
6requirements under this Act for licensure or authorization to
7carry a handgun under this Act when he or she:
8         (1) successfully completes 20 hours of classroom
9    instruction in a firearm safety training course and 20
10    hours of live fire exercise with a handgun on a shooting
11    range, in a training course and at a range administered and
12    approved by the Department of State Police; and
13        (2) successfully completes 5 hours of classroom
14    instruction in a firearm safety training course and 5 hours
15    of live fire exercise with a handgun on a shooting range,
16    in a training course and at a range administered and
17    approved by the Department of State Police for renewal of a



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1    handgun carry license or retention of the authorization and
2    privilege to carry a handgun under Section 20 of this Act.
3    (a-5) No private entity, association, or organization may
4conduct or approve firearm safety training or issue Firearm
5Safety Certificates to qualify a person to carry a handgun
6under this Act.
7    (b) The Department of State Police shall develop a firearm
8safety training course curriculum of 20 hours of instruction to
9be taught by Department certified instructors consisting of
10instruction on:
11        (1) firearm safety in the classroom, at home, on the
12    firing range, and while carrying the firearm;
13        (2) safe handling and storage of firearms;
14        (3) care and cleaning of firearms;
15        (4) criminal and civil laws and penalties related to
16    firearms, included areas in which carrying a handgun in the
17    manner provided in this Act is prohibited;
18        (5) laws relating to the justifiable use of force in
19    self-defense; and
20        (6) a written examination approved by the Department.
21    (c) The Department of State Police shall develop a live
22fire exercise and instruction of 20 hours for handguns to be
23conducted on a shooting range licensed by the Department and
24conducted by Department certified instructors consisting of
25instruction and exercise on:
26        (1) basic principles of marksmanship;



09800HB1155ham019- 3 -LRB098 08475 MRW 41488 a

1        (2) a minimum of 30 rounds of live fire; and
2        (3) a minimum of 20 rounds live fire from a distance of
3    7 yards and a minimum of 10 rounds from a distance of 15
4    yards at target as approved by the Department.
5    (d) Firearm safety training students shall provide their
6own safe, functional handgun, and factory-loaded ammunition.
7    (e) A person shall not receive a grade of "passing" on
8course work or range work if the person:
9        (1) does not answer 70% of the written examination
10    questions correctly;
11        (2) does not follow the orders of the certified
12    firearms safety instructor;
13        (3) in the judgment of the certified firearms safety
14    instructor, handles a firearm in a manner that poses a
15    danger to the person or to others; or
16        (4) during the testing portion of the range work fails
17    to hit the silhouette portion of the target with 70% of the
18    rounds fired.
19    (f) The Department of State Police may charge each student
20in a firearm safety training course a fee in an amount
21sufficient to cover the cost of conducting the training course
22and range exercise for the student and the course materials
23provided to the student.
24    (g) A person who receives a grade of "passing" on course
25and range work shall be issued a Firearm Safety Certificate by
26the Department of State Police indicating successful



09800HB1155ham019- 4 -LRB098 08475 MRW 41488 a

1completion of the training. The Firearm Safety Certificate
2shall contain the calendar year in which it is issued.
3    (h) A person carrying a handgun under the authorization and
4privilege in Section 20 of this Act shall complete the training
5required for retention of the privilege after his or her
6initial training under paragraph (1) of subsection (a) of this
7Section within 5 years of the initial training and each 5 years
8thereafter. The person shall submit each Firearm Safety
9Certificate obtained to the Department of State Police. The
10Department of State Police shall revoke the privilege to carry
11a handgun under Section 20 of this Act of any person who does
12not successfully complete the firearm safety training required
13by this Act.
14    (i) The Department shall adopt rules necessary to implement
15the provisions of this Section.
16    Section 55. Firearm instructor training and certification.
17    (a) The Department shall certify firearm safety
18instructors for the firearm safety training course.
19Qualifications for certified firearm instructors shall be set
20by rule.
21    (b) Persons who are not certified firearm safety
22instructors shall not teach the firearm safety training courses
23required under this Act.
24    (c) Persons who are not certified firearm safety
25instructors shall not advertise or otherwise represent courses



09800HB1155ham019- 5 -LRB098 08475 MRW 41488 a

1they teach as qualifying their students to meet the
2requirements under this Act.
3    (d) An applicant for certification as a firearm safety
4instructor shall be at least 21 years of age and he or she
6        (1) possess a high school diploma or GED certificate;
7        (2) consent to a background check; and
8        (3) meet the instructor qualification requirements
9    established by the Department of State Police.
10    (e) A firearm safety instructor certification applicant or
11certified firearm safety instructor may be disqualified from
12taking firearm instructor training or have his or her
13instructor certification revoked, if the applicant:
14        (1) does not meet the requirements to carry a handgun
15    under this Act;
16        (2) provides false or misleading information on the
17    application; or
18        (3) has had a prior firearm safety instructor
19    certification revoked by the Department.
20    (f) The Department of State Police shall provide the
21curriculum and range training for firearm safety instructors by
23    (g) The Department shall adopt rules necessary to implement
24the provisions of this Section.".