Rep. Lou Lang

Filed: 2/25/2013





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 1155, AS AMENDED, by
3inserting the following in its proper numeric sequence:
4    "Section 68. Vehicle exception.
5    (a) Nothing in this Act shall affect or prohibit the
6possession, carrying, or transportation of a handgun or other
7firearm which is possessed within a vehicle, carried within a
8vehicle, or transported within a vehicle and the handgun or
9other firearm:
10        (1) is broken down in a non-functioning state; or
11        (2) is not immediately accessible; or
12        (3) is unloaded and enclosed in a case, firearm
13    carrying box, shipping box, or other container by a person
14    who has been issued a currently valid Firearm Owner's
15    Identification Card.
16    (b) For the purposes of this Section, "vehicle" has the
17meaning as defined in Section 1-217 of the Illinois Vehicle



09800HB1155ham018- 2 -LRB098 08475 MRW 41566 a