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These are the Research Units's major publications. You will need Adobe's free Reader software to view the PDFs. Publications and/or subject areas are presented alphabetically.
1970 Illinois Constitution Annotated for Legislators AIDS and the Law:  What you should know County Data Book
Federal Funds to State Agencies: FY 2007 - FY 2009 Federal Grant Alerts First Reading
How a Bill Becomes a Law in Illinois Illinois Tax Handbook for Legislators Laws for Older Adults
Laws for Youth Local Government Nongovernmental Funding Sources
Penalties for Crimes in Illinois Preface to Lawmaking Select LRU Research

1970 Illinois Constitution Annotated for Legislators (4th edition, updated 2005; published periodically) (PDF)

This book includes the text of the 1970 Constitution as amended through the November 2004 election; commentary describing relevant court decisions, laws, and Attorney General's opinions, and a detailed index to the Constitution's text. It emphasizes the constitutional structures of state and local government; legislative powers and procedures; and limitations on statutes.

A similar publication on the U.S. Constitution is also available at local libraries or on the Internet:

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AIDS and the Law:  What you should know (2008; published periodically) (PDF)

This booklet gives basic and essential information on AIDS.  It is intended for members of the general public.  The first part of the booklet has general information about AIDS and its spread.  The second part gives an overview of the numerous Illinois laws dealing with AIDS/HIV.

AIDS-related information on the Internet:

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County Data Book (6th Edition, 2002; published periodically) (PDF)

This statistical compilation collects the major demographic, economic, and political statistics for each Illinois county. Part 1 describes Illinois as a whole and contains maps shaded to show some important data about counties. Part 2 gives a separate compilation of statistics for each county. Part 3 ranks all counties for most of these statistics. Part 4 contains sources and methodology and lists of counties by representative, legislative, and congressional district.

Other statistical resources at local libraries or on the Internet that include Illinois data:

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Federal Funds to State Agencies: FY 2007 - FY 2009
(18th Edition, May 2009; published annually)

This publication presents information on federal aid programs administered by Illinois state agencies. It includes program descriptions and outlay information. It also has a State Trust Fund section that identifies the trust fund(s) used for depositing federal grants. A table shows which programs are supported and what regions and populations of Illinois are served by the federal grants.

Federal Aid Forms (PDF)

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Federal Grant Alerts (PDF)

To receive electronic (e-mail) distribution of the monthly federal Grant Alerts report click here.

General inquiries about Grant Alerts, including subscription cancellations, should be addressed here.

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First Reading (published periodically) (PDF)

First Reading is a newsletter for Illinois legislators. It includes articles alerting legislators to issues of interest to them as well as biographies of newly elected legislators after each election and summaries of important legislation from each session. It also contains abstracts of reports filed with the General Assembly.

Issues available:

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How a Bill Becomes Law in Illinois (PDF, English)

Como un Proyecto de Ley se Convierte en la Ley Del Estado (PDF, Spanish)

This chart shows the progress of a bill through the Illinois General Assembly and the Office of the Governor. It is useful to researchers investigating the history of a bill or to observers of legislative sessions.

Other resources on researching Illinois and federal legislative histories:

Another resource on the Illinois House and Senate:

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Illinois Tax Handbook for Legislators (25th Edition, 2009; published annually) (PDF)

This handbook gives information on every significant Illinois state tax. Each is described in a separate section listing its history, rates, statutory authority, revenue collected, and disposition of proceeds. The Tax Handbook also notes federal taxes (if any) that apply to the same transactions; taxes on similar transactions in selected states (usually those with the highest and lowest rates); and taxes on the same item or transaction that local governments in Illinois are authorized to impose.

Other resources on Illinois and federal taxation at local libraries or on the Internet:

  • Commerce Clearing House, Guidebook to Illinois Taxes, Chicago : Commerce Clearing House (published annually).
  • Commerce Clearing House, U.S. Master Tax Guide, Chicago : Commerce Clearing House (published annually).
  • Internal Revenue Service Internet site:
  • Illinois Department of Revenue Internet site:

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Laws for Older Adults (2000 edition; published periodically) (PDF)

This booklet summarizes major Illinois and federal laws and programs for older adults. The summaries are arranged by subject and include citations to the laws described.

Other resources on programs for older adults:

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Laws for Youth (2009 edition; published periodically) (PDF)

This booklet tells about major laws that affect young persons in Illinois. The laws are divided by subject and arranged in a question-and-answer format to make them easy to find.

Other resources on laws at local libraries or on the Internet:

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Local Government Information

The LRU collects data on state assistance to local government and publishes a biennial catalog. This and other publications pertaining to local governments, or of interest to them, include:

Catalog of State Assistance to Local Governments
(13th Edition, 2009, published biennially)

Describes state programs providing financial and technical assistance to counties, municipalities, townships, and special districts (excluding school districts). Compiled from a comprehensive survey of all Illinois state agencies.

Legislator's Guide to Local Governments in Illinois: Special Districts (March 2003) (PDF)

An overview of special districts in Illinois. Describes Illinois special districts and clarifies service delivery responsibilities among the various types.

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A Guide to Nongovernmental Funding Sources: Resources on Corporate and Foundation Giving (January 2007) (PDF)

This booklet is intended to serve as a preliminary guide on available resources for those who are initiating a search for foundation funding.

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Penalties for Crimes in Illinois (January 2005 edition; published periodically) (PDF)

This chart summarizes the sentences and fines for criminal offenses in Illinois.

Other resources describing federal and Illinois sentencing guidelines:

  • DeVito, Gino L. and Illinois State Bar Association, Sentencing and Disposition Guide, published periodically.
  • U.S. Sentencing Commission, Federal Sentencing Guidelines Manual, available on the Internet at

Statistical resources on federal and state criminal sentences:

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Preface to Lawmaking (prepared for 22nd biennial, 2008 New Members' Conference) (PDF, 148 pp.)

This book is a comprehensive guide to the history and present functioning of the General Assembly, specifically designed for new legislators.  It atttempts to put together basic information about the constitutional provisions directly affecting the legislative process; the structure of the General Assembly; legislative procedures for passage of bills and other activities; legislative salary, fringe benefits, and office operations; and staff and other support for legislators.

The whole book may be viewed/downloaded above.  Links to the various individual chapters are provided below:


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Select LRU Research and Suggested Legislation From The Council of State Governments (June 2009) (PDF)

A periodic list of selected research reports.  The compilation contains almost 50 reports on topics in 9 categories.   The full text of each report may be viewed by clicking on its title.

A section on suggested state legislation from the Council of State Governments is included.  These entries are also hyperlinked and may be viewed by clicking on each title.

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