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Full Text of SJR0041  101st General Assembly



SJ0041SAM001LRB101 12258 MST 60275 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ___. Amend Senate Joint Resolution 41 by
3replacing everything after the heading with the following:
4    "WHEREAS, The State has a vested interest in maximizing the
5number of students who complete credit-bearing certificate
6programs and two-year or four-year degree programs and enter
7into high-skill, high-wage occupations; and
8    WHEREAS, 46% of Illinois high school graduates who enroll
9in community college are placed into developmental coursework
10in at least one subject; and
11    WHEREAS, Inconsistent and inadequate approaches to
12placement have resulted in too many students being placed into
13developmental education who could succeed in college-level
14coursework; and



SJ0041SAM001- 2 -LRB101 12258 MST 60275 a

1    WHEREAS, The traditional developmental education model
2costs students time, money, and financial aid; and
3    WHEREAS, Developmental education does not count as college
4credit and can be a barrier to retention, persistence,
5transfer, and certificate or degree completion, particularly
6for Black, Latino, first generation, and low-income students;
8    WHEREAS, There are instructional models of developmental
9education that have demonstrated improvement in college-level
10course completion compared to traditional models, including
11but not limited to corequisite remediation, accelerated
12coursework, emporium models, and Preparatory Mathematics for
13General Education (PMGE); and
14    WHEREAS, Colleges and universities have invested
15significant time, resources, and money into these different
16developmental education models; and
17    WHEREAS, The legislature has made significant investments
18to improve college preparedness; and
19    WHEREAS, The Illinois Council of Community College
20Presidents, the Illinois Chief Academic Officers, the Illinois
21Chief Student Services Officers, and the Illinois Math



SJ0041SAM001- 3 -LRB101 12258 MST 60275 a

1Association of Community Colleges have already agreed upon a
2common, multiple measures framework for placement that is
3currently being implemented; and
4    WHEREAS, To ensure all models of developmental education
5are maximizing students' likelihood of success, the State must
6inventory and evaluate all developmental education
7instructional models offered in the State; and
8    WHEREAS, The Illinois Community College Board and Illinois
9Board of Higher Education are well positioned to improve
10placement practices and fully scale developmental education
11reforms across all State public institutions; therefore, be it
14CONCURRING HEREIN, that the Illinois Community College Board
15(ICCB) and the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) shall
16establish a joint advisory council to provide a benchmarking
17report to the General Assembly on or before April 1, 2020, that
18shall include:
19        (1) An inventory of all instructional models and
20    developmental course sequences employed by Illinois'
21    public colleges and universities for students placed into
22    developmental education or otherwise determined to need
23    additional skills development in math or English;



SJ0041SAM001- 4 -LRB101 12258 MST 60275 a

1        (2) An analysis of all instructional models employed by
2    Illinois' public colleges and universities for students
3    placed into developmental education or otherwise
4    determined to need additional skills development in math or
5    English, including, at a minimum, the number and percentage
6    of students completing gateway courses within their first
7    two semesters under each model; and
8        (3) An inventory and analysis of developmental
9    education placement practices and policies (including cut
10    off scores) employed at all public colleges and
11    universities in the State; and be it further
12    RESOLVED, That on or before July 1, 2020, the advisory
13council must deliver to ICCB, IBHE, and the General Assembly, a
14detailed plan for scaling developmental education reforms,
15such that institutions improve developmental education
16placement measures and such that, within a timeframe to be set
17by the advisory council, all students who are placed in
18developmental education are enrolled in a developmental
19education model that is proven to maximize their likelihood of
20completing a college-level course within their first two
21academic semesters; and be it further
22    RESOLVED, That for the purposes of this resolution,
23"improved placement measures" is defined as measures that give
24greater opportunities to enroll directly into college-level



SJ0041SAM001- 5 -LRB101 12258 MST 60275 a

1classes, reducing the overall percent of students placed into
2developmental education, preferably through decreased reliance
3on high-stakes tests and increased use of high school GPA as a
4determining measure; and be it further
5    RESOLVED, The implementation plan should include specific
6benchmarks and an estimate of funding required to meet
7established benchmarks that institutions must meet to stay on
8track to full-scale implementation on the timeframe set by the
9advisory council; and be it further
10    RESOLVED, That the advisory council should include similar
11representation from two-year and four-year institutions and,
12at a minimum, include the following:
13        (1) One member representing ICCB to act as chair of the
14    council;
15        (2) One member representing IBHE to act as co-chair of
16    the council;
17        (3) One member from the Illinois Senate to act as
18    co-chair of the council;
19        (4) One member from the Illinois House of
20    Representatives;
21        (5) Two public university employees recommended by the
22    IBHE Academic Leadership group;
23        (6) One public university employee recommended by a
24    statewide organization representing public university



SJ0041SAM001- 6 -LRB101 12258 MST 60275 a

1    employees;
2        (7) A community college employee recommended by a
3    statewide organization representing the City Colleges of
4    Chicago;
5        (8) A community college employee recommended by a
6    statewide organization representing a suburban Chicago
7    community college;
8        (9) A community college employee recommended by a
9    statewide organization representing a downstate community
10    college;
11        (10) One member representing a higher education
12    advocacy organization focused on closing equity gaps in
13    college completion from low-income and first generation
14    college students, and students of color;
15        (11) One member representing a statewide advocacy
16    organization focused on improving educational and
17    employment opportunities for women and adults;
18        (12) One member representing each of the following
19    entities:
20            (a)Illinois Council of Community College
21    Presidents (ICCCP) appointed by ICCCP;
22            (b)Illinois public university presidents appointed
23    by IBHE;
24            (c)Illinois Community College Chief Academic
25    Officers (ICCCAO) appointed by ICCCAO;
26            (d)Illinois Community College Student Services



SJ0041SAM001- 7 -LRB101 12258 MST 60275 a

1    Officers (ICCCSSO) appointed by ICCCSSO;
2            (e)Illinois public university student service
3    administrators appointed by IBHE;
4            (f)Illinois public university provosts appointed
5    by IBHE;
6            (g)Illinois Community College Trustee Association
7    (ICCTA) appointed by ICCTA;
8            (h)Illinois public university trustees, appointed
9    by IBHE; and
10        (13) One member to be appointed by the Governor; and be
11    it further
12    RESOLVED, That, of the appointed community college and
13university employees, at least one must be an English faculty
14member participating in the Illinois Articulation Initiative
15and one must be a member of the Illinois Mathematics
16Association of Community Colleges (IMACC); and be it further
17    RESOLVED, That the chairs of the advisory council shall be
18responsible for scheduling meetings, setting meeting agendas,
19ensuring the development and delivery of the final report and
20implementation plan, and other administrative tasks, in
21consultation with advisory council members; and be it further
22    RESOLVED, The Council shall produce a final report by
23January 1, 2021 and upon the filing of this report is



SJ0041SAM001- 8 -LRB101 12258 MST 60275 a

1dissolved; the report should include, at a minimum, an update
2on the implementation of co-requisite remediation and
3alternative evidence-based developmental education models at
4every college and university, and include data on enrollment
5and throughput, defined as the percent of students initially
6enrolled who have progressed through gateway-level courses, by
7institution and disaggregated by race, ethnicity, gender, and
8Pell-status; and be it further
9    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
10delivered to the ICCB and IBHE."