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Full Text of HB0480  94th General Assembly



HB0480 Enrolled LRB094 06314 LJB 36389 b

1     AN ACT concerning public health, which may be referred to
2 as Adamin and Ryan's Law.
3     Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
4 represented in the General Assembly:
5     Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the
6 Newborn Eye Pathology Act.
7     Section 5. Policy. It is the policy of the State of
8 Illinois to make efforts to detect pediatric congenital ocular
9 abnormalities that lead to premature death, blindness, or
10 vision impairment unless treated soon after birth.
11     Section 10. Newborn Eye Pathology Advisory Committee.
12     (a) By January 1, 2006, the Department of Public Health
13 shall organize a Newborn Eye Pathology Advisory Committee and
14 appoint members of the Advisory Committee, including, but not
15 limited to, the following:
16         (1) Three ophthalmologists with backgrounds in or
17     knowledge of providing services to infants with
18     retinoblastoma, one from the Chicago metropolitan area,
19     one representing DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, and Will
20     counties, and one from the southern counties of Illinois.
21         (2) A pediatric ophthalmologist who sees general
22     pediatric patients and is a designee of the American
23     Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus.
24         (3) An academic pediatrician with a background in or
25     knowledge of infant eye pathology.
26         (4) Three parents representing families with child
27     blindness or other ocular abnormalities affecting vision,
28     one from the Chicago metropolitan area, one representing
29     DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, and Will counties, and one
30     from the southern counties of Illinois.
31         (5) Two community pediatricians.



HB0480 Enrolled - 2 - LRB094 06314 LJB 36389 b

1         (6) A nurse with a background in or knowledge of the
2     current Department's program for instillation of eye drops
3     to prevent conjunctivitis.
4         (7) A retinal specialist with research experience in
5     detecting the signs of treatable congenital eye disease.
6         (8) An optometrist with a background in or experience
7     with pupil dilation in infants and red reflex screening for
8     intraocular pathology.
9     (b) The Advisory Committee members shall serve without
10 compensation, but shall be reimbursed for necessary travel
11 expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.
12     (c) The duties of the Advisory Committee shall be to do all
13 of the following:
14         (1) Develop and conduct training for hospitals
15     implementing newborn eye pathology.
16         (2) Develop a referral system for early intervention
17     services for those infants diagnosed with a congenital
18     abnormality of the eye.
19         (3) Develop educational and informational materials
20     for hospital personnel, health care professionals, and
21     parents on appropriate follow-up procedures for infants
22     diagnosed with a congenital abnormality of the eye.
23         (4) Monitor any reports made available to the State
24     with respect to the eye pathology status of all newborns.
25     Section 15. Department of Public Health.
26     (a) All hospitals shall report information on all
27 congenital abnormalities or diseases of the eye detected in
28 newborns to the Department of Public Health. Reports shall be
29 made to the Department's Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Reporting
30 System.
31     (b) The Department of Public Health shall maintain a
32 registry of cases of reported congenital abnormalities or
33 diseases of the eye in newborns, including information needed
34 for the purpose of follow-up service. This information shall be
35 treated in the same manner as information under the



HB0480 Enrolled - 3 - LRB094 06314 LJB 36389 b

1 Communicable Disease Report Act.
2     (c) Any person or hospital making a report under this Act
3 shall have immunity from any liability, civil or criminal, that
4 may result by reason of making the report, except for willful
5 or wanton misconduct.
6     Section 20. Rules. The Department of Public Health shall
7 adopt rules necessary to implement this Act.
8     Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect July 1,
9 2005.