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Senator Andrew S. Chesney (R), 45th District
Andrew S. Chesney is a Sponsor on all bills listed below.
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
SB46David KoehlerIL WATERWAY PORTS COMMISSIONSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading March 23, 20233/22/2023
SB73Sally J. TurnerCONTROLLED SUBSTANCES-FENTANYLSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/10/2023
SB76Sue RezinUTILITY-MODULAR NUCLEAR REACTSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading March 21, 20233/10/2023
SB127Neil AndersonDIRECT RECORDING ELEC VOTINGSTo Subcommittee on Elections2/16/2023
SB135Neil AndersonMEDAL OF HONOR-SPECIALTY PLATESRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/10/2023
SB152Neil AndersonSALE OF UNPASTEURIZED MILKSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/10/2023
SB153Steve McClureLIMITS-CHILDHOOD SEX ABUSESReferred to Assignments1/25/2023
SB155Neil AndersonSCH CD-NONPUBLIC STUDENT-SPORTSReferred to Assignments1/25/2023
SB240Terri BryantSCH CD-HEALTH EXAMSPlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading February 23, 20232/22/2023
SB274Craig WilcoxVEH CD-REG FEES-VETERANS-WAIVESReferred to Assignments1/31/2023
SB276Sue RezinVEH CD-VOLUN FIREFIGHTER PLATESRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/10/2023
SB1232Neil AndersonFISH/HUNT LICENSE FEESSPostponed - Agriculture3/9/2023
SB1361Dale FowlerPERSONAL WATERCRAFT AT NIGHTSReferred to Assignments2/6/2023
SB1376Sally J. TurnerHOUSING-HOMELESS VETS & FAMILYSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading March 21, 20233/10/2023
SB1377Jil TracyVETS-MENTAL HLTH CASE MANAGERSReferred to Assignments2/6/2023
SB1378Jil TracyIHDA-TAX CREDITS-VET HOUSINGSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/10/2023
SB1443Adriane JohnsonHWY CD-RESIDENCY OF CLERKSSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading March 21, 20233/10/2023
SB1469Tom BennettSCH CD-EDUC MATERIAL/REVIEWSReferred to Assignments2/7/2023
SB1534Tom BennettPROP TX-VETERANSSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading March 8, 20233/7/2023
SB1588Bill CunninghamIL POWER AG-BROWNFIELD SITESPostponed - Energy and Public Utilities2/23/2023
SB1623David KoehlerUNDERGROUND RAILROAD TSK FORCESPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading March 21, 20233/10/2023
SB1658Andrew S. ChesneyGROWING ECONOMY TAX CREDITSReferred to Assignments2/8/2023
SB1659Andrew S. ChesneySCH CD-BIO-RESTROOM ACCESSSReferred to Assignments2/8/2023
SB1660Andrew S. ChesneyPREVAIL WAGE-WAIVER-$20,000SRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/10/2023
SB1661Andrew S. ChesneyVEH CD-VEH ON FLATBED TOWSReferred to Assignments2/8/2023
SB1662Andrew S. ChesneyVEH CD-RETIRED GA/EXEC PLATESSReferred to Assignments2/8/2023
SB1663Andrew S. ChesneyGA ORG-BILL PASSAGE VOTESReferred to Assignments2/8/2023
SB1687Andrew S. ChesneyELEC-PROHIBITED USE OF FUNDSSReferred to Assignments2/8/2023
SB1693Neil AndersonCRIM CD-FIREARM SILENCERSReferred to Assignments2/8/2023
SB1694Neil AndersonFIREARM OWNERS ID ACT-REPEALSReferred to Assignments2/8/2023
SB1728Neil AndersonCONCEALED CARRY-RECIPROCITYSReferred to Assignments2/9/2023
SB1729Neil AndersonSCH CD-FIREARM SAFETY COURSESReferred to Assignments2/9/2023
SB1730Neil AndersonFOID&CONCEALED CARRY-AMMOSReferred to Assignments2/9/2023
SB1745Jil TracyWILDLIFE CD-NUISANCE ANIMALSSPlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading March 10, 20233/9/2023
SB1746Andrew S. ChesneyJO DAVIESS COUNTY-HOTEL INCOMESRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/10/2023
SB1874Linda HolmesFARM TO FOOD BANK PROGRAM ACTSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading March 21, 20233/10/2023
SB1882Linda HolmesDOG & CAT TESTING RESTRICTIONSSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading March 21, 20233/10/2023
SB2011Doris TurnerAGRICULTUR/NAT RESOURCE LEGACYSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading March 21, 20233/10/2023
SB2044Sally J. TurnerTICKBORNE DISEASE PREVENTIONSPlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading March 9, 20233/8/2023
SB2093Doris TurnerDISEASED ANIMALS-PROHIBITIONSSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading March 21, 20233/10/2023
SB2106Neil AndersonGA FIREARM TRAININGSReferred to Assignments2/9/2023
SB2109Neil AndersonCONCEAL CARRY-TRANSPORT-PARKSSReferred to Assignments2/9/2023
SB2110Neil AndersonCONCEALED CARRY-DOT REST AREASSReferred to Assignments2/9/2023
SB2111Neil AndersonCONCEAL CARRY-PUBLIC TRANSPORTSReferred to Assignments2/9/2023
SB2112Neil AndersonFIREARM-FIREFIGHTERS EXCEPTIONSReferred to Assignments2/9/2023
SB2113Neil AndersonGUN CRIME CHARGE & SENTENCINGSReferred to Assignments2/9/2023
SB2136Andrew S. ChesneyFIREARM OWNERS ID ACT-REPEALSReferred to Assignments2/10/2023
SB2137Andrew S. ChesneyCD CORR-FELONY FINES-GEN ASSEMSReferred to Assignments2/10/2023
SB2138Andrew S. ChesneyCRIM CD-RESIST PEACE OFFICERSReferred to Assignments2/10/2023
SB2139Andrew S. ChesneyBUDGET-GA MEMBER SALARYSReferred to Assignments2/10/2023
SB2140Andrew S. ChesneyLLC-REDUCE FILING FEESSReferred to Assignments2/10/2023
SB2141Andrew S. ChesneyATV/OHV FEES AND REGULATIONSPostponed - Transportation3/8/2023
SB2142Andrew S. ChesneyCRIM CD-HATE CRIME-FALSE REPTSReferred to Assignments2/10/2023
SB2143Andrew S. ChesneyCRIM CD-HATE CRIME-SAFETYSReferred to Assignments2/10/2023
SB2144Andrew S. ChesneyUNLAWFUL WEAPON USESReferred to Assignments2/10/2023
SB2145Andrew S. ChesneyREINSTATES DEATH SENTENCESReferred to Assignments2/10/2023
SB2179Tom BennettSCHOOL CD-PROPERTY TAX RELIEFSReferred to Assignments2/10/2023
SB2226Patrick J. JoyceCONSERVATION OPPORTUNITY AREASPlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading March 10, 20233/9/2023
SB2322Jil TracyESSENTIAL SUPPORT PERSON ACTSPlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading March 10, 20233/9/2023
SB2333Terri BryantCONCEALED CARRY-SCHOOLSSReferred to Assignments2/10/2023
SR27John F. CurranPROGRESSIVE INCOME TAX-OPPOSESReferred to Assignments1/25/2023
SR71Andrew S. ChesneyCONGRATS-JOHN R. LAUSCH JR.SReferred to Assignments2/9/2023
SR112Andrew S. ChesneyCONGRATS-HIGHLAND COLLEGESReferred to Assignments3/7/2023
HB2033Brad StephensLOCAL GOV BONDS-ORDINANCESReferred to Assignments3/21/2023