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91st General Assembly

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HB4022 Enrolled                               LRB9111141JMmbA

 1        AN  ACT  to  amend  the  Civil  Administrative  Code   of
 2    Illinois.

 3        Be  it  enacted  by  the People of the State of Illinois,
 4    represented in the General Assembly:

 5        Section 5.  The  Department  of  Commerce  and  Community
 6    Affairs  Law  of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois is
 7    amended by changing Section 605-75 as follows:

 8        (20 ILCS 605/605-75)
 9        Sec. 605-75. Keep Illinois Beautiful.
10        (a)  There is created the Keep Illinois Beautiful Program
11    Advisory Board consisting  of  7  members  appointed  by  the
12    Director  of Commerce and Community Affairs Governor with the
13    advice and consent of the Senate.  Of those  7,  4  shall  be
14    appointed  from  a list of at least 10 names submitted by the
15    boards of directors  from  the  various  certified  community
16    programs.   Each  certified community program may submit only
17    one recommendation to be considered by the Director Governor.
18    The Director of Commerce  and  Community  Affairs  Lieutenant
19    Governor  or  his or her designee shall be a member and serve
20    as Chairman, except that (i) when Section 6 of Article  V  of
21    the  Illinois  Constitution  is operative the officer next in
22    line of succession shall serve as  Chairman  and  (ii)  until
23    January  11, 1999, while the office of Lieutenant Governor is
24    otherwise vacant, the powers and  duties  of  the  Lieutenant
25    Governor  under this Section shall be carried out as provided
26    in Section 67.35 of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois
27    (renumbered; now Section 405-500 of the Department of Central
28    Management Services Law, 20  ILCS  405/405-500).   The  Board
29    shall  meet  at least annually quarterly at the discretion of
30    the Chairman and at such other times as the Chairman or any 4
31    members consider necessary.  Four members shall constitute  a
HB4022 Enrolled            -2-                LRB9111141JMmbA
 1    quorum.
 2        (b)  The  purpose  of  the Board shall be to assist local
 3    governments and community organizations in:
 4             (1)  Educating  the  public  about  the   need   for
 5        recycling and reducing solid waste.
 6             (2)  Promoting  the  establishment  of recycling and
 7        programs that reduce litter and other solid waste through
 8        re-use and diversion.
 9             (3)  Developing local markets for recycled products.
10             (4)  Cooperating with other State agencies and  with
11        local governments having environmental responsibilities.
12             (5)  Seeking    funding    from   governmental   and
13        non-governmental sources.
14        (c)  The Department of  Commerce  and  Community  Affairs
15    Lieutenant  Governor  shall  employ  and  fix the salary of a
16    Statewide coordinator who,  to  the  extent  possible,  shall
17    assist  local  governments  and  community organizations that
18    plan to implement programs set forth in subsection (b).   The
19    Department   Board   shall   establish   guidelines  for  the
20    certification by the Board of local governments and community
21    organizations.   The  guidelines  shall  be  approved  by   a
22    majority of the members of the Board.
23        The  Department Statewide coordinator may encourage local
24    governments  and  community  organizations   to   apply   for
25    certification   of  programs  by  the  Board.   However,  the
26    Department   Statewide   coordinator   shall    give    equal
27    consideration to newly certified programs and older certified
28    programs.
29        The  Statewide coordinator shall submit proposed programs
30    to the Board.  The Board shall approve program proposals by a
31    majority vote of the quorum present.  In no event  shall  the
32    Board  veto  a  program  by a vote of fewer than 4 members. A
33    vetoed proposal may  be  resubmitted  to  the  Board  by  the
34    Statewide coordinator after necessary changes in the proposal
HB4022 Enrolled            -3-                LRB9111141JMmbA
 1    have been made.
 2        (d)  The  Keep  Illinois  Beautiful  Fund is created as a
 3    special fund in the State treasury.  Moneys from  any  public
 4    or  private  source  may  be deposited into the Keep Illinois
 5    Beautiful Fund.  Moneys in the Keep Illinois  Beautiful  Fund
 6    shall  be appropriated only for the purposes of this Section.
 7    Pursuant to action by the Board, the Department  of  Commerce
 8    and  Community  Affairs  Lieutenant  Governor  may  authorize
 9    grants  from  moneys  appropriated  from  the  Keep  Illinois
10    Beautiful  Fund for certified community based programs for up
11    to 50% of the cash needs of the program;  provided,  that  at
12    least 50% of the needs of the program shall be contributed to
13    the program in cash, and not in kind, by local sources.
14        Moneys   appropriated   for   certified  community  based
15    programs in municipalities of more than 1,000,000  population
16    shall  be itemized separately and may not be disbursed to any
17    other community.
18        (e)  On the effective date of this amendatory Act of  the
19    91st General Assembly, the Lieutenant Governor shall transfer
20    to  the Department of Commerce and Community Affairs, and the
21    Department shall receive, all assets and  property  possessed
22    by  the  Lieutenant  Governor  under  this  Section  and  all
23    liabilities and obligations for which the Lieutenant Governor
24    was   responsible   under  this  Section.   Nothing  in  this
25    subsection affects the validity of certifications and  grants
26    issued  under  this Section before the effective date of this
27    amendatory Act of the 91st General Assembly.
28    (Source: P.A. 90-609, eff. 6-30-98; 91-239, eff. 1-1-00.)

29        Section 99.  Effective date.  This Act takes effect  July
30    1, 2000.

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