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Full Text of HB2485  103rd General Assembly


Rep. Jay Hoffman

Filed: 3/20/2023





10300HB2485ham001LRB103 30887 HLH 59454 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 2485 by replacing
3everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4    "Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the
5Mechanical Insulation Energy and Safety Assessment Act.
6    Section 5. Legislative Findings. The General Assembly
7finds that the State has an interest in decreasing the carbon
8footprint of publicly owned buildings. The General Assembly
9also finds that it is the public policy of this State to ensure
10that all Illinois residents can use publicly owned buildings
11for employment, educational purposes, and social services,
12free from harmful mold and bacteria. This Act is created in
13recognition of the important role that mechanical insulation
14plays in lowering operating expenses, reducing energy loss,
15and decreasing emissions.



10300HB2485ham001- 2 -LRB103 30887 HLH 59454 a

1    Section 10. Definitions. As used in this Act:
2    "Board" means the Capital Development Board.
3    "Mechanical insulation" means insulation materials,
4facings, and accessory products that are applied to mechanical
5systems including piping, equipment, vessels, HVAC, boilers,
6and other similar equipment including maintenance on cooling
7system piping for corrosion of equipment.
8    "Mechanical insulation energy and safety assessment" means
9an assessment that analyzes potential energy savings and any
10potential public health risks according to the specifications
11of a building's mechanical equipment.
12    "Public building" means any structure in the State that is
13owned in whole or in part by the State of Illinois.
14    "Qualified mechanical insulation contractor" means a
15mechanical insulation contractor who is an active participant
16in an apprenticeship program approved by the United States
17Department of Labor.
18    Section 15. Mechanical insulation energy and safety
20    (a) For the purpose of moving the State closer to its 100%
21clean energy goal, the Board shall contract with a qualified
22mechanical insulation contractor on a commission basis to
23perform a mechanical insulation energy and safety assessment
24of every public building within 10 years after the effective
25date of this Act. The assessments' findings shall include any



10300HB2485ham001- 3 -LRB103 30887 HLH 59454 a

1and all remediation measures necessary to bring the subject
2mechanical insulation system up to Code, as defined in Section
310 of the Energy Efficient Building Act, and to ensure that the
4system functions at a specific operating temperature to
5minimize energy loss and ensure public health and safety.
6    (b) The findings shall be a matter of public record and
7shall be posted on the Board's website no later than 30 days
8after the completion of the assessment. In addition, the Board
9shall file with the General Assembly an annual report
10outlining the assessments completed in the previous calendar
11year. The reports shall be filed by December 31 of the calendar
12year after the calendar year in which the assessment is
14    (c) If the mechanical insulation energy and safety
15assessment identifies mechanical insulation remediation
16measures that would result in a reduction in the carbon
17footprint for the subject building of more than 30% and a
18cumulative energy savings for the subject building of more
19than 30%, then the State shall enter into a contract for those
20mechanical insulation remediation measures within 12 months
21after the publication of the assessment findings on the
22Board's website. If any public health or safety concerns are
23identified in the mechanical insulation energy and safety
24assessment, then those concerns are deemed to be a hazard to
25the public health and safety and shall be contracted out for
26immediate remediation. Any construction performed under this



10300HB2485ham001- 4 -LRB103 30887 HLH 59454 a

1subsection, as well as any ancillary construction performed
2during the remediation process, shall be subject to the
3Prevailing Wage Act.".