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Full Text of HB3695  102nd General Assembly




State of Illinois
2021 and 2022


Introduced 2/22/2021, by Rep. Camille Y. Lilly


New Act

    Creates the Health and Wellness Impact Note Act. Requires the Department of Public Health to prepare health and wellness impact notes on bills introduced in the General Assembly.

LRB102 15940 CPF 21310 b





HB3695LRB102 15940 CPF 21310 b

1    AN ACT concerning State government.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the Health
5and Wellness Impact Note Act.
6    Section 5. Applicability.
7    (a) Every bill, except those making a direct
8appropriation, the purpose or effect of which is to advance
9mental, physical, or social well being shall have prepared for
10it, before second reading in the chamber of introduction, a
11brief explanatory statement or note that shall include a
12reliable estimate of the anticipated impact.
13    (b) Every proposed rule of an agency, the purpose or
14effect of which is to advance mental, physical, or social well
15being shall have prepared for it, before approval by the Joint
16Committee on Administrative Rules pursuant to the Illinois
17Administrative Procedure Act, a brief explanatory statement or
18note that shall include a reliable estimate of the anticipated
19impact. As used in this Act, "rule" and "agency" have the same
20meanings as in the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act.
21    (c) These statements or notes shall be known as Health and
22Wellness Impact Notes.



HB3695- 2 -LRB102 15940 CPF 21310 b

1    Section 10. Preparation.
2    (a) The sponsor of each bill to which Section 5 applies,
3shall present a copy of the bill, with the request for a Health
4and Wellness Impact Note, to the Department of Public Health.
5The Health and Wellness Impact Note shall be prepared by the
6Department of Public Health and submitted to the sponsor of
7the bill within 5 calendar days, except that whenever, because
8of the complexity of the measure, additional time is required
9for the preparation of the Health and Wellness Impact Note,
10the Department of Public Health may inform the sponsor of the
11bill, and the sponsor may approve an extension of the time
12within which the note is to be submitted, not to extend,
13however, beyond May 15, following the date of the request.
14    (b) The agency proposing a rule to which Section 5
15applies, shall present a copy of the proposed rule, with the
16request for a Health and Wellness Impact Note, to the
17Department of Public Health. The Health and Wellness Impact
18Note shall be prepared by the Department of Public Health and
19submitted to the agency within 5 calendar days, except that
20whenever, because of the complexity of the measure, additional
21time is required for the preparation of the Health and
22Wellness Impact Note, the Department of Public Health may
23inform the agency, and the agency may approve an extension of
24the time within which the note is to be submitted.
25    (c) If, in the opinion of the Department of Public Health,
26there is insufficient information to prepare a reliable



HB3695- 3 -LRB102 15940 CPF 21310 b

1estimate of the anticipated impact, a statement to that effect
2can be filed and shall meet the requirements of this Act.
3    Section 15. Vote on necessity of Health and Wellness
4Impact Notes. Whenever the sponsor of any bill is of the
5opinion that no Health and Wellness Impact Note is required,
6any member of either chamber may request that a note be
7obtained, and in that case the applicability of this Act shall
8be decided by the majority of those present and voting in the
9chamber of which the sponsor is a member.
10    Section 20. Requisites and contents. The note shall be
11factual in nature, as brief and concise as may be, and shall
12provide a reliable estimate in dollars or other relevant units
13if possible, and, in addition, it shall include both the
14immediate effect and, if determinable or reasonably
15foreseeable, the long range effect of the measure. If, after
16careful investigation, it is determined that no dollar or
17other relevant unit estimate is possible, the note shall
18contain a statement to that effect, setting forth the reasons
19why no such estimate can be given.
20    Section 25. Comment or opinion; technical or mechanical
21defects. No comment or opinion shall be included in the Health
22and Wellness Impact Note with regard to the merits of the
23measure for which the Health and Wellness Impact Note is



HB3695- 4 -LRB102 15940 CPF 21310 b

1prepared; however, technical or mechanical defects may be
3    Section 30. Appearance of State officials and employees in
4support or opposition of measure. The fact that a Health and
5Wellness Impact Note is prepared for any bill or proposed rule
6shall not preclude or restrict the appearance before any
7committee of the General Assembly, or before the Joint
8Committee on Administrative Rules, of any official or
9authorized employee of the Department of Public Health who
10desires to be heard in support of or in opposition to the
12    Section 35. Amendment of bill necessitating statement of
13fiscal effect of proposed amendment. Whenever any committee of
14either chamber reports any bill with an amendment that will
15substantially affect the information or conclusion stated in
16the Health and Wellness Impact Note attached to the measure at
17the time of its referral to the committee, there shall be
18included with the report of the committee a statement of the
19effect of the change proposed by the amendment reported if
20desired by a majority of the committee. Whenever any bill is
21amended on the floor of either chamber to substantially affect
22the information or conclusion as stated in the Health and
23Wellness Impact Note attached to the bill before the
24amendment, a majority of the members of that chamber may



HB3695- 5 -LRB102 15940 CPF 21310 b

1propose that no action shall be taken on the amendment until
2the sponsor of the amendment presents to the members a
3statement of the impact on the advancement of mental,
4physical, or social well being of the proposed amendment.