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Full Text of HR0646  101st General Assembly




HR0646LRB101 16264 MST 65637 r


2    WHEREAS, The State of Illinois has seen a decline in the
3number of residents with college degrees that would serve as a
4basis for improving the economic conditions and subsequent
5quality of life improvements for the State; and
6    WHEREAS, This has led to a loss of overall population in
7the State and a skills gap that has not been addressed as a top
8priority, leading to increasing burdens on State and local
9government to meet the needs of the residents; and
10    WHEREAS, Executive Order 2019-03, An Action Agenda for
11Workforce Development and Job Creation, signed by Gov. JB
12Pritzker, directs Illinois' state agencies to review current
13and potential industries targeted for economic growth and
14recommend how workforce resources for disenfranchised
15populations may be improved in communities throughout
16Illinois; and
17    WHEREAS, The four Illinois state agencies involved in
18implementing the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity
19Act, the Departments of Commerce & Economic Opportunity,
20Employment Security, and Human Services and the Illinois
21Community College Board, and representatives of the Illinois
22Workforce Innovation Board have prepared an agenda that will



HR0646- 2 -LRB101 16264 MST 65637 r

1create opportunities for all Illinoisans; and
2    WHEREAS, Those agencies presented a report, An Action
3Agenda for Workforce Development and Job Creation, that
4includes evidence-based practices, promising innovations, and
5collaborative input from leaders across the State; its goal is
6to ensure that businesses, individuals, and communities have
7the opportunity to prosper and contribute to the State's
8economic growth, specifically attracting and retaining young
9people to Illinois; and
10    WHEREAS, The U.S. Census Bureau asserts that 93 of 102
11counties in Illinois have lost populations since 2010; and
12    WHEREAS, Since the end of the Great Recession in 2011, the
13prime working-age population in Illinois has declined five
14percent while the U.S. prime working-age population has grown
151.4 percent; and
16    WHEREAS, In collaboration with the State of Illinois,
17Community Foundations of Illinois have focused their efforts on
18increasing talent retention and regional prosperity and
19combatting deteriorating and financially distressed
20communities by creating a new scholarship that will lessen the
21burdens of government by preventing further erosion of the
22State's economic base by recruiting and retaining college



HR0646- 3 -LRB101 16264 MST 65637 r

1educated employees to live and work in the State; and
2    WHEREAS, With this new scholarship, the Community
3Foundations of Illinois seek to lessen the burdens of
4government and improve the quality of life and economic
5conditions of the residents of the State, which is consistent
6with the goals of Executive Order 2019-03; it will be a vital
7part of the State's effort to expand talent retention,
8stimulate greater investments in our communities, and improve
9our economic outlook; and
10    WHEREAS, The new scholarship will support the efforts of
11local partners to attract young professionals with expertise in
12Illinois trades, such as agribusiness and food processing,
13biotechnology, energy, healthcare, professional services,
14information technology, financial activities, leisure,
15hospitality, and transportation, distribution, and logistics;
16therefore, be it
19we urge the Community Foundations of Illinois to enter into a
20joint effort with the State of Illinois to administer
21post-graduation scholarship programs, which are designed to
22lessen the burdens of government by improving income levels,
23decreasing unemployment rates, increasing household incomes,



HR0646- 4 -LRB101 16264 MST 65637 r

1and increasing the percentage of residents with college degrees
2living and working in financially distressed areas in the State
3in accordance with the rules and regulations of the individual
4Community Foundations and Executive Order 2019-03.