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Full Text of SB0008  100th General Assembly


Sen. Don Harmon

Filed: 2/6/2017





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 8 as follows:
3on page 7, line 9, after "25-85,", by inserting "40-25,"; and
4on page 80, line 1, by replacing "2016" with "2017"; and
5on page 80, line 2, by replacing "2017" with "2018"; and
6on page 83, immediately below line 3, by inserting the
8    "(30 ILCS 500/40-25)
9    Sec. 40-25. Length of leases.
10    (a) Maximum term. Leases shall be for a term not to exceed
1110 years inclusive, beginning January, 1, 2010, of proposed
12contract renewals and shall include a termination option in
13favor of the State after 5 years. The duration of any lease for



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1real property entered into by a public institution of higher
2education that requires a capital improvement in excess of
3$100,000 as a condition of the lease may exceed 10 years, but
4not more than 30 years, if the governing board of a public
5institution of higher education, during a public hearing,
6determines that a lease in excess of 10 years is required or
7necessary for the use or benefit of that public institution of
8higher education and is in the best interest of the public
9institution of higher education. On July 1, 2022 and every 5
10years thereafter, the capital improvement minimum established
11in this subsection (a) shall be adjusted for inflation by the
12chief procurement officer for higher education as determined by
13the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers as determined
14by the United States Department of Labor and rounded to the
15nearest $100.
16    (b) Renewal. Leases may include a renewal option. An option
17to renew may be exercised only when a State purchasing officer
18determines in writing that renewal is in the best interest of
19the State and notice of the exercise of the option is published
20in the appropriate volume of the Procurement Bulletin at least
2160 calendar days prior to the exercise of the option.
22    (c) Subject to appropriation. All leases shall recite that
23they are subject to termination and cancellation in any year
24for which the General Assembly fails to make an appropriation
25to make payments under the terms of the lease.
26    (d) Holdover. Beginning January 1, 2010, no lease may



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1continue on a month-to-month or other holdover basis for a
2total of more than 6 months. Beginning July 1, 2010, the
3Comptroller shall withhold payment of leases beyond this
4holdover period.
5(Source: P.A. 98-1076, eff. 1-1-15.)"; and
6on page 83, line 7, by replacing "to" with "to"; and
7by replacing line 26 on page 103 through line 2 on page 104
8with: "Service Administration, and the Higher Education
9Cooperation Act. A chief procurement office may authorize"; and
10on page 104, immediately below line 16, by inserting the
12    "(a-15) A public institution of higher education may enter
13directly into agreements under the cost savings program
14authorized pursuant to the Midwest Higher Education
15Cooperation Act, when the institution makes a determination
16that it is in the best interests of the institution and the
17State based on estimated cost savings or otherwise, for the
18procurement of (i) computer and technology related products,
19equipment, or services and (ii) insurance. These procurements
20under this subsection (a-15) shall not be governed by any other
21provisions of this Act. Any public institutions of higher
22education entering into agreements for procurement through the



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1Midwest Higher Education Cooperation Act shall post notice of
2the procurements to the appropriate Illinois Procurement
3Bulletin within 14 days of execution of the agreements.".