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Full Text of HB5341  100th General Assembly


Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth

Filed: 4/23/2018





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 5341 on page 21,
3line 14, after "outstanding", by inserting "legal"; and
4on page 21, by replacing lines 18 through 21 with "assessment,
5fine, or fee. Nothing in this subparagraph (C) waives,
6rescinds, or abrogates a legal financial obligation or
7otherwise affects the right of the holder of any financial
8obligation to pursue collection under applicable federal,
9State, or local law."; and
10on page 27, immediately below line 19, by inserting the
12            "(E) Upon motion, the court may order that a sealed
13        or expunged judgment or other court record necessary to
14        demonstrate the amount of any legal financial
15        obligation due and owing be made available for the
16        limited purpose of collecting any legal financial



10000HB5341ham002- 2 -LRB100 19571 SLF 39007 a

1        obligations owed by the petitioner that were
2        established, imposed, or originated in the criminal
3        proceeding for which those records have been sealed or
4        expunged. The records made available under this
5        subparagraph (E) shall not be entered into the official
6        index required to be kept by the circuit court clerk
7        under Section 16 of the Clerks of Courts Act and shall
8        be immediately re-impounded upon the collection of the
9        outstanding financial obligations.
10            (F) Notwithstanding any other provision of this
11        Section, a circuit court clerk may access a sealed or
12        expunged record for the limited purpose of collecting
13        payment for any legal financial obligations that were
14        established, imposed, or originated in the criminal
15        proceedings for which those records have been sealed or
16        expunged.".