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Full Text of SB0250  99th General Assembly


Rep. Robyn Gabel

Filed: 5/30/2016





09900SB0250ham003LRB099 02958 MLM 49436 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 250 as follows:
3on page 3, line 11, after "agency.", by inserting "The agency
4shall inform the individual that the identity of the designated
5government agency transferring voter registration information
6is confidential."; and
7on page 3, line 13, after "status." by inserting "The agency
8shall collect all needed information for voter registration.";
10on page 3, by replacing lines 17 through 19 with "identity,
11address, and citizenship. The Secretary of State's Driver
12Services Department shall send this information to the State
13Board of Elections for every applicant, regardless of whether
14or not the individual attested to his or her eligibility to
15register to vote. All other designated government agencies



09900SB0250ham003- 2 -LRB099 02958 MLM 49436 a

1shall send this information to the State Board of Elections
2only if the individual attested that he or she is eligible to
3register to vote. The State Board of Elections shall
4electronically"; and
5on page 4, line 12, by replacing "all individuals" with "any
6individual"; and
7on page 4, line 13, by replacing "are" each time it appears
8with "is"; and
9on page 4, lines 17 and 18, by replacing "they provided an
10attestation" with "the individual attested to his or her
11eligibility to register to vote"; and
12on page 4, by replacing lines 19 through 24 with "authority
13shall process the application accordingly."; and
14on page 5, line 1, after "agency", by inserting "of an
15individual who attested to his or her eligibility to register
16to vote"; and
17on page 5, line 10, by replacing "registration applications"
18with "eligibility requirements"; and
19on page 5, line 13, after "Illinois," by inserting "then"; and



09900SB0250ham003- 3 -LRB099 02958 MLM 49436 a

1on page 6, by replacing lines 8 and 9 with "unless he or she
2declines registration;"; and
3on page 6, by replacing lines 15 through 19 with the following:
4        "(5) a statement (i) notifying the applicant to opt out
5    if he or she does not meet the qualifications to be a voter
6    by returning a prepaid postcard, opting out online, or
7    otherwise contacting the appropriate election authority
8    and (ii) stating that the applicant does not have to
9    provide a reason he or she is declining voter registration
10    or disclose citizenship status."; and
11on page 8, line 8, after "voter,", by inserting "then"; and
12on page 8, line 11, after "authority,", by inserting "then";
14on page 9, line 11, after "registration,", by inserting "then";
16on page 9, line 15, after "registration,", by inserting "then";
18on page 10, line 11, by replacing "their" with "his or her
19their"; and



09900SB0250ham003- 4 -LRB099 02958 MLM 49436 a

1on page 10, line 12, immediately after "identification", by
2adding "that complies with the federal Help America Vote Act of
32002"; and
4by deleting line 24 on page 11 through line 10 on page 12; and
5on page 13, lines 17 and 18, by deleting "Subsection (c-5) of
6this Section shall be implemented no later than September 1,
72016."; and
8on page 13, by replacing lines 20 through 23 with "implemented
9no later than January 1, 2018."; and
10by replacing line 21 on page 17 through line 4 on page 18 with
11the following:
12"identification card shall be notified, under the procedures
13set forth in Section 1A-16.6 of the Election Code, that his or
14her personal information shall be transferred to the State
15Board of Elections for the purpose of creating an electronic
16voter registration application, and that the individual will
17only be registered to vote if he or she meets the
18qualifications to register to vote in Illinois. that the person
19may apply to register to vote at such station and may also
20apply to transfer his or her voter registration at such station
21to a different address in the State. Such notification may be



09900SB0250ham003- 5 -LRB099 02958 MLM 49436 a

1made in writing or verbally issued by an employee or the
2Secretary of State.".