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Full Text of SB0094  99th General Assembly


Sen. William R. Haine

Filed: 3/10/2015





09900SB0094sam001LRB099 05120 MLM 32205 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 94 as follows:
3on page 10, below line 4, by inserting the following:
4            "(7) Disciplinary action by the Director against
5        the company or the appointed actuary shall be defined
6        by the Director by rule."; and
7on page 10, line 5, by replacing "(7)" with "(8)"; and
8on page 10, line 9, by replacing "(8)" with "(9)"; and
9by replacing line 26 on page 53 through line 23 on page 54 with
10the following:
11    "(b) For any company granted an exemption under this"; and
12on page 73, lines 10 and 11, by replacing "commissioner's



09900SB0094sam001- 2 -LRB099 05120 MLM 32205 a

1standard Any ordinary mortality tables" with "Commissioners
2Standard Ordinary Mortality Table Any ordinary mortality
3tables"; and
4on page 73, line 20, by replacing "mortality table" with
5"Ordinary Mortality Table"; and
6on page 73, lines 25 and 26, by replacing "Commissioner's
7Standard ordinary mortality table" with "Commissioners
8Standard Ordinary Mortality Table"; and
9on page 74, lines 7 and 8, by replacing "Commissioner's
10Standard Any industrial mortality tables" with "Commissioners
11Standard Industrial Mortality Table Any industrial mortality
12tables"; and
13on page 74, line 16, by replacing "Commissioner's Standard
14mortality table" with "Commissioners Standard Ordinary
15Mortality Table"; and
16on page 74, line 21, by replacing "Commissioner's Standard
17industrial mortality table" with "Commissioners Standard
18Industrial Mortality Table"; and
19on page 75, line 4, by inserting "the" immediately after
20"Manual,"; and



09900SB0094sam001- 3 -LRB099 05120 MLM 32205 a

1on page 76, line 22, by replacing "law" with "Law law".