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Full Text of HR1385  95th General Assembly



HR1385 LRB095 21644 KXB 51791 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives are pleased to congratulate the citizens of San
4 Jose as they celebrate the community sesquicentennial; and
5     WHEREAS, San Jose was founded in 1858, and was known as the
6 "littlest railroad center" in the United States before the turn
7 of the century; and
8     WHEREAS, San Jose is located in the heart of Illinois, a
9 small picturesque town nestled into the countryside, a small
10 town by standards of many people, but a town of people with big
11 hearts and a lot of small town pride; the population is about
12 700 people and derives its business from farming communities
13 surrounding it in one of the richest farming areas in the
14 State, and from communities and factories in nearby areas; and
15     WHEREAS, U.S. Route 136 runs through the Village,
16 furnishing first rate highway travel to Havana, the county
17 seat, 25 miles west, and crosses Route 29 and Interstate 155;
18 it is halfway between Chicago and St. Louis and is in the
19 corner of three counties, Mason, Logan, and Tazewell; and
20     WHEREAS, San Jose sits squarely on one of the largest
21 underground lakes in the country and is capable of pumping



HR1385 - 2 - LRB095 21644 KXB 51791 r

1 millions of gallons of water per day, making it ideal for
2 irrigation projects and industry; the Village has a 140 foot
3 water tower, with a 75,000 gallon storage tank, which holds
4 water from three deep wells that pump from the underground
5 lake, furnishing the Village with more than an adequate supply
6 of cool pure water; and
7     WHEREAS, San Jose's grade and high schools have
8 consolidated with Illini Central in Mason City; the old grade
9 school, built in 1892, was bought by an investor, and the newer
10 adjacent grade school building has been remodeled and turned
11 into apartments; the old high school still stands and is
12 privately owned; the playing field was given to the Park
13 District and has a state-of-the-art lighted ball diamond,
14 playground equipment, and a concession stand; and
15     WHEREAS, San Jose has the latest in technology and training
16 in the police force, volunteer fire department, and rescue
17 squad; there are many fine businesses, churches, and
18 organizations that make San Jose a great place to live; the
19 community will celebrate the sesquicentennial on June 27-29,
20 2008; therefore, be it
23 congratulate the citizens of San Jose as they celebrate this



HR1385 - 3 - LRB095 21644 KXB 51791 r

1 anniversary and wish them continued health and happiness; and
2 be it further
3     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
4 presented to Mayor George Weyhrich and Millie Weyhrich,
5 Sesquicentennial Committee Chairman, as a symbol of our
6 respect.