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Full Text of HB1469  94th General Assembly


Judiciary II - Criminal Law Committee

Filed: 3/10/2005





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 1469, by replacing
3 lines 20 through 31 on page 1 and lines 1 through 3 on page 2
4 with the following:
5 "maintained through:
6         (A) any scheme, plan, or pattern intending to cause or
7     threatening to cause serious harm to any person;
8         (B) an actor's physically restraining or threatening
9     to physically restrain another person;
10         (C) an actor's abusing or threatening to abuse the law
11     or legal process;
12         (D) an actor's knowingly destroying, concealing,
13     removing, confiscating, or possessing any actual or
14     purported passport or other immigration document, or any
15     other actual or purported government identification
16     document, of another person;
17         (E) an actor's blackmail; or
18         (F) an actor's causing or threatening to cause
19     financial harm to or exerting financial control over any
20     person."; and
21 on page 2, by replacing line 11 with the following:
22     "(8) "Services" means a relationship between a"; and
23 on page 2, by replacing line 18 with the following:
24     "(9) "Sexually-explicit performance" means a live,



09400HB1469ham001 - 2 - LRB094 09450 RLC 42729 a

1 recorded, broadcast (including over the Internet) or public";
2 and
3 on page 2, by replacing lines 29 and 30 with the following:
4     "(a) Involuntary servitude. Whoever knowingly subjects,
5 attempts to subject, or engages in a conspiracy to subject
6 another person to forced labor or services shall be"; and
7 on page 3, by replacing line 12 with the following:
8     "(b) Involuntary servitude of a minor. Whoever knowingly
9 recruits,"; and
10 on page 5, by replacing lines 4 through 30 with the following:
11     "(f) Trafficking victim services. Subject to the
12 availability of funds, the Department of Human Services may
13 provide or fund emergency services and assistance to
14 individuals who are victims of one or more offenses defined in
15 this Article 10A.".