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    The Legislative Information System is the legislative support service agency responsible for providing the computer services and technical guidance required by the General Assembly and its committees, commissions and agencies.
    The creation of the system can be traced directly to recommendations made in 1967 by the Illinois Commission on the Organization of the General Assembly. That commission identified areas where data processing could be applied to the operations of the General Assembly to improve the accuracy and timeliness of needed information and make it more readily available to legislators.
    The General Assembly and its agencies have rapidly expanded the applications and use of computerized data bases. These systems are used for drafting, processing, printing, filing, and handling of bills, resolutions, journals, calendars, committee reports, research reports, and other legislative documents. The use of these services and systems must be coordinated to ensure compatibility, facilitate the exchange of information and achieve operating economies.
    The system is responsible for the operation of the legislative data center and associated equipment and software. Among the applications supported by this facility are the bill status, bill drafting, and Illinois Compiled Statutes data base. The system, in cooperation with the Secretary of State and the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, also is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Illinois Administrative Code data base.

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Legislative Information System
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