State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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91SR0296 Enrolled

 1                          STATE OF ILLINOIS
 3                               SENATE
 4                      Senate Resolution No. 296
 5               Offered by Senators Dillard and Weaver;
 6             and Senator Philip, President of the Senate

 7        WHEREAS,  The  State  would  benefit  substantially  from
 8    enhanced technological and economic development; and

 9        WHEREAS,   The   development   of    technology-intensive
10    industrial  sectors  of  the Illinois economy offers the best
11    opportunity  for  long-term  economic   vitality,   for   the
12    expansion  of  jobs,  for improved productivity and a quality
13    standard of living, and for providing the greatest number  of
14    our citizens' genuine opportunity; and

15        WHEREAS,  A  significant function of government and state
16    universities  is  to  increase  opportunities   for   gainful
17    employment, to assist in promoting a productive technological
18    economy,  to  encourage  the  flow  of  private  capital  for
19    investment  in  technological-intensive  enterprises,  and to
20    otherwise improve the prosperity, health, and general welfare
21    of the inhabitants of the State; and

22        WHEREAS, The  General  Assembly  recognizes  the  growing
23    importance   of  the  unique  contributions  to  the  State's
24    economic  development  made  by  the   State   research-based
25    universities   of  Illinois  as  a  distinct  part  of  their
26    traditional responsibilities for  instruction,  research  and
27    public service; therefore, be it

29    ASSEMBLY  OF  THE  STATE  OF   ILLINOIS,   that   the   State
30    research-based  universities  of  Illinois  be  encouraged to
31    expand their role in statewide economic development;  and  be
32    it further

33        RESOLVED,  That  the State research-based universities of
91SR0296 Enrolled          -2-
 1    Illinois make good-faith efforts to work with the appropriate
 2    State and private  agencies,  local  community  leaders,  and
 3    others interested in economic development initiatives; and be
 4    it further

 5        RESOLVED,  That  the State research-based universities of
 6    Illinois be encouraged to use  their  facilities,  equipment,
 7    research scientists' and staff's time and services, and other
 8    resources  for  the  development and commercialization of new
 9    technological and scientific innovations, and that such  uses
10    be  deemed  to  be in the public interest and not in conflict
11    with  other  uses  or  purposes  that   derive   from   their
12    traditional  responsibilities  for  instruction, research and
13    public service; and be it further

14        RESOLVED, That the State research-based  universities  of
15    Illinois  seek  to  work  with other State public and private
16    institutions  for  expanding  technology   transfer   efforts
17    throughout the State of Illinois.

18        Adopted by the Senate, March 23, 2000.

19                                          _______________________
20                                          President of the Senate

21    _______________________
22    Secretary of the Senate

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