Illinois General Assembly - House Committees
Illinois General Assembly

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House Committees     101st General Assembly

Adoption & Child Welfare HACW Not ScheduledBills
 - Special Issues (ACSI) HACW-ACWS Not ScheduledBills
Agriculture & Conservation HAGC ScheduledBills
 - Negotiations Subcommittee (AGCS) HAGC-AGCS ScheduledBills
Approp-Elementary & Secondary Educ HAPE ScheduledBills
 - Special Issues Subcommittee (AES) HAPE-APES ScheduledBills
Appropriations-Capital HCAP Not ScheduledBills
Appropriations-General Service HAPG ScheduledBills
Appropriations-Higher Education HAPI Not ScheduledBills
Appropriations-Human Services HAPH Not ScheduledBills
 - Medicaid & Managed Care SubcommitteHAPH-APHS Not ScheduledBills
 - Wages & Rates Subcommittee HAPH-APHW Not ScheduledBills
Appropriations-Public Safety HAPP ScheduledBills
Child Care Access & Early ChildhoodHCEC Not ScheduledBills
Cities & Villages HCIV ScheduledBills
 - Local Government Subcommittee HCIV-CLOC ScheduledBills
Committee of the Whole HCWL Not ScheduledBills
Consumer Protection HCON Not ScheduledBills
Counties & Townships HCOT Not ScheduledBills
 - Consolidation & Tax Subcommittee HCOT-CTCT Not ScheduledBills
 - Local Government Subcommittee HCOT-CTLC Not ScheduledBills
Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, & ITHCDA Not ScheduledBills
 - Amusement & Online Gaming Sub HCDA-CAOG Not ScheduledBills
 - Broadband Access and IT Assurance HCDA-CBAI Not ScheduledBills
 - Distributed Ledgers & CryptocurrencHCDA-CDLC Not ScheduledBills
Economic Opportunity & Equity HECO ScheduledBills
Elem Sec Ed: Adm., Lic. & Charter HELO ScheduledBills
 - Special Issues Subcommittee (ESE) HELO-ESSI Not ScheduledBills
Elem Sec Ed: School Curric PoliciesHELM ScheduledBills
 - Special Issues Subcommittee (ESS) HELM-ESSI Not ScheduledBills
Energy & Environment HENG ScheduledBills
 - Environmental Justice Subcommittee HENG-EJUS Not ScheduledBills
Executive HEXC ScheduledBills
Financial Institutions HFIN ScheduledBills
 - Special Subcommittee (FIN) HFIN-FISP Not ScheduledBills
Health Care Availability & Access HHCA ScheduledBills
Health Care Licenses HHCL ScheduledBills
 - Negotiations Subcommittee (NEGS) HHCL-HNEG Not ScheduledBills
Higher Education HHED ScheduledBills
 - Special Issues Subcommittee (HED) HHED-HIED Not ScheduledBills
Human Services HHSV ScheduledBills
 - Facilities Subcommittee HHSV-HFHS Not ScheduledBills
 - Informed Consent Subcommittee HHSV-HCON Not ScheduledBills
 - Medicaid Subcommittee HHSV-HMED ScheduledBills
 - Public Benefits Subcommittee HHSV-HPBH Not ScheduledBills
Insurance HINS ScheduledBills
 - Health Insurance Subcommittee HINS-IHLT ScheduledBills
 - Special Subcommittee (INS) HINS-ISPC ScheduledBills
International Trade & Commerce HITC Not ScheduledBills
Judiciary - Civil HJUA ScheduledBills
 - Civil Procedure Subcommittee HJUA-JCIP ScheduledBills
 - Commercial Law Subcommittee HJUA-JCLS ScheduledBills
 - Constitutional Law Subcommittee HJUA-JCDL Not ScheduledBills
 - Family Law Subcommittee HJUA-JFAL ScheduledBills
 - Tort Liability Subcommittee HJUA-JTOL ScheduledBills
Judiciary - Criminal HJUC ScheduledBills
 - Criminal Administration and EnforceHJUC-JCAE ScheduledBills
 - Firearms and Firearm Safety HJUC-JFFS ScheduledBills
 - Juvenile Justice and System InvolveHJUC-JJJS ScheduledBills
 - Sentencing, Penalities and CriminalHJUC-JSPC ScheduledBills
 - Sex Offenses and Sex Offender Reg. HJUC-JSEX ScheduledBills
Labor & Commerce HLBR ScheduledBills
 - Business and Industry Regulations SHLBR-LBIR ScheduledBills
 - Commerce and Innovation SubcommitteHLBR-LCIS ScheduledBills
 - Job Growth, Preservation and TrainiHLBR-LJGP ScheduledBills
 - Minority/Disadvantage Analysis SubcHLBR-LMDA Not ScheduledBills
 - Wage Policy and Study Subcommittee HLBR-LWPS ScheduledBills
 - Workforce Development Subcommittee HLBR-LWDS ScheduledBills
Mental Health HMEH Not ScheduledBills
Museums, Arts, & Cultural EnhancemeHMAC Not ScheduledBills
Personnel & Pensions HPPN Not ScheduledBills
 - Administrative and Substantive HPPN-PASP Not ScheduledBills
 - Local Retirement System SubcommitteHPPN-PLRS Not ScheduledBills
 - Miscellaneous Issues Subcommittee HPPN-PMIS Not ScheduledBills
 - Pension Reform Subcommittee HPPN-PPRS Not ScheduledBills
 - Personnel Code Subcommittee HPPN-PPPC Not ScheduledBills
 - State Retirement System SubcommitteHPPN-PSRS Not ScheduledBills
Prescription Drug Affordability HPDA ScheduledBills
Public Utilities HPUB ScheduledBills
 - Hydraulic Fracturing Subcommittee HPUB-PUHF ScheduledBills
 - Regulatory Matters Subcommittee HPUB-PREG ScheduledBills
 - Renewable Initiatives Subcommittee HPUB-PUBI ScheduledBills
 - Utility Rate Regulations SubcommittHPUB-PURR ScheduledBills
Revenue & Finance HREF Not ScheduledBills
 - Income Tax Subcommittee HREF-RITA Not ScheduledBills
 - Property Tax Subcommittee HREF-RPTA Not ScheduledBills
 - Sales, Amusement & Other Taxes HREF-RSAT Not ScheduledBills
Rules                         *ReportsHRUL Not ScheduledBills
State Government Administration HSGA ScheduledBills
 - Agency Operation Subcommittee HSGA-SGAO ScheduledBills
 - Government Process Subcommittee HSGA-SGGP ScheduledBills
Transportation: Regulation, Roads HTRR ScheduledBills
 - Special Issues Subcommittee (TRN) HTRR-SPEC ScheduledBills
Transportation: Vehicles & Safety HVES ScheduledBills
 - Special Issues Subcommittee (TVS) HVES-TSPI Not ScheduledBills
Veterans' Affairs HVET ScheduledBills