Illinois General Assembly

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House Committees     100th General Assembly

Aging HAGI Not ScheduledBills
 - Community Care Program SubcommitteeHAGI-CARE Not ScheduledBills
Agriculture & Conservation HAGC ScheduledBills
 - Negotiations Subcommittee HAGC-NEGO Not ScheduledBills
Approp-Elementary & Secondary Educ HAPE ScheduledBills
Appropriations-General Service HAPG ScheduledBills
Appropriations-Higher Education HAPI ScheduledBills
 - Cost Analysis Subcommittee HAPI-COST Not ScheduledBills
Appropriations-Human Services HAPH More...Bills
 - Medicaid Subcommittee HAPH-MEDI Not ScheduledBills
Appropriations-Public Safety HAPP More...Bills
Business & Occupational Licenses HBOL ScheduledBills
 - Business Licenses Subcommittee HBOL-BULI ScheduledBills
Business Growth & Incentives HSBG ScheduledBills
Business Incentives for Local Comm.HBIL ScheduledBills
Cities & Villages HCIV ScheduledBills
 - Local Government Subcommittee HCIV-LOGV ScheduledBills
Committee of the Whole HCWL Not ScheduledBills
Community College Access & Afford. HCCA ScheduledBills
Construction Industry & Code EnforcHCIC ScheduledBills
Consumer Protection HCON ScheduledBills
Cost Benefit Analysis HCBA ScheduledBills
 - Analytics Subcommittee HCBA-ALYT Not ScheduledBills
Counties & Townships HCOT ScheduledBills
 - Compensation Subcommittee HCOT-COMP Not ScheduledBills
 - Consolidated Subcommittee HCOT-CONS ScheduledBills
 - Transparency Subcommittee HCOT-TRAN Not ScheduledBills
Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, & ITHCDA ScheduledBills
Economic Justice & Equity HEJE ScheduledBills
Economic Opportunity HECO ScheduledBills
Elections & Campaign Finance HELE ScheduledBills
 - Ballott Access Subcommittee HELE-BALL ScheduledBills
 - Campaign Finance Subcommittee HELE-CAFI Not ScheduledBills
 - Election Administration SubcommitteHELE-ELEC ScheduledBills
 - Voter Education & Registration Sub HELE-VERS ScheduledBills
Elem Sec Ed: Charter School PolicyHELC ScheduledBills
Elem Sec Ed: Licensing, Admin. HELO ScheduledBills
 - Special Issues Subcommittee HELO-ISSU Not ScheduledBills
Elem Sec Ed: School Curric PoliciesHELM ScheduledBills
 - Special Issues Subcommittee HELM-SPEC Not ScheduledBills
Energy HENG ScheduledBills
 - Resources and Management SubcommittHENG-RESO ScheduledBills
Environment HENE ScheduledBills
 - Environment Subcommittee HENE-ENVI Not ScheduledBills
 - Environmental Regulations SubcommitHENE-ENRE Not ScheduledBills
Executive HEXC More...Bills
 - Gaming Subcommittee HEXC-GAME Not ScheduledBills
Financial Institutions HFIN ScheduledBills
Fire & Emergency Services HFES ScheduledBills
 - Fire Service Subcommittee HFES-FISE Not ScheduledBills
Government Consolidation & Modern HGCM CanceledBills
Government Transparency HGOT ScheduledBills
Health & Healthcare Disparities HHCD Not ScheduledBills
Health Care Availability & Access HHCA ScheduledBills
Health Care Licenses HHCL ScheduledBills
 - Negotiations Subcommittee HHCL-NEGO Not ScheduledBills
Higher Education HHED ScheduledBills
 - Higher Education Analysis SubcommitHHED-HEAS Not ScheduledBills
Human Services HHSV More...Bills
 - Facilities Subcommittee HHSV-FACI Not ScheduledBills
 - HS Medicaid Subcommittee HHSV-MEDI Not ScheduledBills
 - Informed Consent Subcommitee HHSV-INFO Not ScheduledBills
 - Public Benefits Subcommittee HHSV-PUBL Not ScheduledBills
Insurance: Health & Life HINS ScheduledBills
Insurance: Property & Casualty HIPC ScheduledBills
International Trade & Commerce HITC ScheduledBills
Judiciary - Civil HJUA ScheduledBills
 - Civil Procedure Subcommittee HJUA-CIPS ScheduledBills
 - Commercial Law Subcommittee HJUA-COLS ScheduledBills
 - Domestic Relations Law SubcommitteeHJUA-DRLS ScheduledBills
 - Real & Personal Property Law SubcomHJUA-RPPL ScheduledBills
 - Tort Liability Law Subcommittee HJUA-TLLS ScheduledBills
 - Trusts & Estates Law Subcommittee HJUA-TELS ScheduledBills
Judiciary - Criminal HJUC More...Bills
 - Criminal Admin and Enforcement HJUC-CRIM More...Bills
 - Firearms and Firearm Safety SubcommHJUC-FIRE ScheduledBills
 - Juvenile Justice and System InvolveHJUC-JUVE Not ScheduledBills
 - Sentencing, Penalties and Criminal HJUC-SPCP ScheduledBills
 - Sex Offenses and Sex Offender RegisHJUC-SOSO ScheduledBills
Labor & Commerce Committee HLBR ScheduledBills
 - Unemployment Insurance SubcommitteeHLBR-UNEM Not ScheduledBills
 - Workers Compensation Subcommittee HLBR-WKCO Not ScheduledBills
 - Workforce Reconciliation SubcommittHLBR-WORK Not ScheduledBills
Mass Transit HMAS ScheduledBills
Mental Health HMEH ScheduledBills
 - Childhood and Young Adult Onset SubHMEH-CHIL Not ScheduledBills
 - Justice System Subcommittee HMEH-JUST Not ScheduledBills
 - Substance Abuse Subcommittee HMEH-ABUS Not ScheduledBills
Museums, Arts, & Cultural EnhancemeHMAC Not ScheduledBills
Personnel & Pensions HPPN ScheduledBills
Police & First Responders HPFR ScheduledBills
Public Utilities HPUB ScheduledBills
 - Special Matters Subcommittee HPUB-MATT Not ScheduledBills
Restorative Justice HREJ ScheduledBills
Revenue & Finance HREF More...Bills
 - Finance Subcommittee HREF-FINA ScheduledBills
 - Growth, Reform & Fairness SubcommitHREF-GRFS ScheduledBills
 - Income Tax Subcommittee HREF-ITAX ScheduledBills
 - Property Tax Subcommittee HREF-PTAX ScheduledBills
 - Sales and Other Taxes Subcommittee HREF-STAX ScheduledBills
Rules                         *ReportsHRUL Not ScheduledBills
Special Needs Services HSNS More...Bills
State Government Administration HSGA ScheduledBills
 - State Government Subcommittee HSGA-SGAS Not ScheduledBills
Tollway Oversight HTOL ScheduledBills
Tourism, Hospitality & Craft Ind. HTHC Not ScheduledBills
Transportation: Regulation, Roads HTRR ScheduledBills
 - Future Roads: Growth & Improvement HTRR-FRGI ScheduledBills
 - Highways & Transit Subcommittee HTRR-HITR ScheduledBills
 - Motor Fuel Analysis Subcommittee HTRR-MOFA ScheduledBills
 - Railroads, Ports and Aviation SubcoHTRR-RPAV Not ScheduledBills
Transportation: Vehicles & Safety HVES ScheduledBills
 - Red Light Camera Subcommittee HVES-REDL Not ScheduledBills
 - School Buses Subcommittee HVES-BUSE Not ScheduledBills
 - Special License Plates SubcommitteeHVES-SLPD Not ScheduledBills
Veterans' Affairs HVET ScheduledBills

House Task Forces     100th General Assembly
House Education Task ForceScheduled