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Bills Assigned To Executive- Cannabis
102nd General Assembly
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Bill # Sponsor ABR - Short Description Last Action Date
SB42Donald P. DeWitteCANNABIS-SALES-UNINCORPORATEDTo Executive- Cannabis3/10/2021
SB 42 (SCA 1)Donald P. DeWitte Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 To Executive- Cannabis3/24/2021
SB89Donald P. DeWitteCANNABIS-DISPENSING LICENSESTo Executive- Cannabis3/10/2021
SB298Jason A. BarickmanCANNABIS LAW ENFORCE RECORDSTo Executive- Cannabis3/10/2021
SB299Jason A. BarickmanCANNABIS-PENALTIES<21-POSSESSTo Executive- Cannabis3/10/2021
SB1612Chapin RoseCANNABIS-LIABILITY INSURANCETo Executive- Cannabis3/17/2021
SB1871Jason A. BarickmanCANNABIS-ADVERTISEMENTSTo Executive- Cannabis3/24/2021
SB1968Adriane JohnsonCANNABIS-DISPENSING LOCATIONSTo Executive- Cannabis3/24/2021
SB2041Donald P. DeWitteWORK COMP IMPAIRMENT STANDARDTo Executive- Cannabis3/24/2021
SB2145Chapin RoseCANNABIS REG FUND TRANSFERTo Executive- Cannabis3/24/2021
SB2404Napoleon Harris, IIICANNABIS-DELIVERY LICENSESTo Executive- Cannabis3/24/2021