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Bills Assigned To Local Government
102nd General Assembly
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Bill # Sponsor ABR - Short Description Last Action Date
SB67Melinda BushSTORM WATER INFRASTRUCTUREAssigned to Local Government2/9/2021
SB170David KoehlerVEGETABLE GARDEN PROTECTIONPostponed - Local Government3/24/2021
SB273Donald P. DeWittePUBLIC FUNDS-AUTHORIZED INVESTPostponed - Local Government3/16/2021
SB524Omar AquinoRENTAL HOUSING SUPPORT FEEAssigned to Local Government3/3/2021
SB590Suzy Glowiak HiltonSAFE PHARMACEUTICAL DISPOSALAssigned to Local Government3/3/2021
SB 590 (SCA 1)Suzy Glowiak Hilton Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to Local Government3/23/2021
SB665Bill CunninghamMUNI-LOTS FOR FRUIT&VEGETABLESPostponed - Local Government3/24/2021
SB 665 (SCA 1)Bill Cunningham Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to Local Government3/25/2021
SB 665 (SCA 2)Bill Cunningham Senate Committee Amendment No. 2 Assignments Refers to Local Government4/7/2021
SB1571Robert F. MartwickMUNI-FOREIGN FIRE INS BOARDAssigned to Local Government3/9/2021
SB1595Linda HolmesCOUNTIES-CHAIR & VICE-CHAIRAssigned to Local Government3/9/2021
SB1649Brian W. StewartCOMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH TAXAssigned to Local Government3/9/2021
SB1715Cristina CastroFOREST/CONSERVE-DESIGN-BUILDAssigned to Local Government3/9/2021
SB1778Laura M. MurphyPARK DIST PROGRAMS-MEDICINESAssigned to Local Government3/9/2021
SB1799Thomas CullertonTWP CODE-EXCESS FUNDS TRANSFERAssigned to Local Government3/9/2021
SB 1799 (SCA 1)Thomas Cullerton Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to Local Government3/16/2021
SB2021Thomas CullertonCOUNTIES CODE-RECORDER FEESPostponed - Local Government3/24/2021
SB2206Jason PlummerLOCAL-DISCLOSE EXPENDITURESAssigned to Local Government3/16/2021
SB2207Jason PlummerLOCAL-COMPENSATION POSTINGAssigned to Local Government3/16/2021
SB2356John F. CurranOPEN MEETINGS-SESSION MINUTESAssigned to Local Government3/23/2021
SB2390Laura FineTWP-ANNUAL MEETING-CONFLICTSAssigned to Local Government3/23/2021
SB2506Dan McConchieAT YOUR SERVICE ACTAssigned to Local Government3/23/2021
SB 2506 (SCA 1)Dan McConchie Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to Local Government3/25/2021
SB2553Melinda BushLOCAL OFFICIAL VACANCY POSTINGAssigned to Local Government3/23/2021