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Bills Assigned To State Government
102nd General Assembly
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Bill # Sponsor ABR - Short Description Last Action Date
SB208Robert F. MartwickSECURE CHOICE SAVINGS PROGRAMPostponed - State Government3/24/2021
SB 208 (SCA 1)Robert F. Martwick Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Postponed - State Government3/17/2021
SB345Melinda BushCARPET STEWARDSHIP ACTAssigned to State Government3/3/2021
SB558Rachelle CroweCOLLEGE SAVINGS POOL-EXPENSESAssigned to State Government4/7/2021
SB608Brian W. StewartPAYROLL DEDUCTIONS-WITHHOLDINGAssigned to State Government3/9/2021
SB680John ConnorBUSINESS DATA TRANSPARENCYAssigned to State Government4/7/2021
SB1550Mattie HunterCD CORR-TELEPHONE AVAILABILITYPostponed - State Government3/24/2021
SB1560Celina VillanuevaQUALIFIED HIGHER ED EXPENSESAssigned to State Government3/16/2021
SB1574Robert F. MartwickEPA-UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANKSAssigned to State Government3/9/2021
SB1652Terri BryantGATA-APPLICABILITYAssigned to State Government3/16/2021
SB1714Cristina CastroFIRE ADVISORY COMMISSIONAssigned to State Government3/9/2021
SB 1714 (SCA 1)Cristina Castro Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to State Government3/23/2021
SB 1714 (SCA 2)Cristina Castro Senate Committee Amendment No. 2 Assignments Refers to State Government3/25/2021
SB1749Michael E. HastingsAMATEUR SPORTS COMMISSION ACTAssigned to State Government3/9/2021
SB1817Rachelle CroweSPORTSMENS LICENSE FEESAssigned to State Government3/9/2021
SB 1817 (SCA 1)Rachelle Crowe Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to State Government3/23/2021
SB1884Brian W. StewartPREFERENCE HIRING STATE POLICEPostponed - State Government3/24/2021
SB1899John F. CurranHWY CD–UTILITY PROJECTSPostponed - State Government3/24/2021
SB1945Darren BaileyEX-OFFENDER PREFERENCEAssigned to State Government3/16/2021
SB 1945 (SCA 1)Darren Bailey Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to State Government3/23/2021
SB1962Kimberly A. LightfordCOMM ON ELIMINATION OF POVERTYAssigned to State Government4/7/2021
SB2004David KoehlerDESIGNATIONS ACT-STATE MICROBEAssigned to State Government3/16/2021
SB 2004 (SCA 1)David Koehler Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to State Government4/7/2021
SB2061Craig WilcoxOUTDOOR RECREATION INDUSTRYAssigned to State Government3/16/2021
SB2065Cristina CastroIHDA-OUTSTANDING BONDSAssigned to State Government4/7/2021
SB2089Christopher BeltFLAGS AT STATE PARKSAssigned to State Government3/16/2021
SB 2089 (SCA 1)Christopher Belt Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to State Government4/7/2021
SB2108Karina VillaPESTICIDES-PENALTIESAssigned to State Government3/16/2021
SB2139Jacqueline Y. CollinsCOMPTROLLER-WARRANT DEDUCTIONSAssigned to State Government3/16/2021
SB2192Elgie R. Sims, Jr.GATA-APPLICABILITYPostponed - State Government3/24/2021
SB2232Laura M. MurphySOS-EMERG RULES/LIBRARY GRANTSAssigned to State Government3/23/2021
SB2290Scott M. BennettDCEO-INNOVATION VOUCHER PROGAssigned to State Government3/23/2021
SB2322Sara FeigenholtzFINANCE-OPIOID SETTLEMENT FUNDAssigned to State Government3/23/2021
SB2324Sara FeigenholtzTOURISM MARKETING&RECOVERY LAWAssigned to State Government3/23/2021
SB2421Napoleon Harris, IIICOOK CTY WATER INFRASTRUCTUREAssigned to State Government3/23/2021
SB2435Bill CunninghamFIRST 2021 GENERAL REVISORYAssigned to State Government3/23/2021
SB2459Ram VillivalamELECTRONIC SIGNATURE WAIVERAssigned to State Government4/7/2021
SB2460Ram VillivalamSTATE BUILDING MUNI IDAssigned to State Government4/7/2021
SB2469Ram VillivalamPROCURE-IDOT OVERHEAD RATESAssigned to State Government3/23/2021
SB2515Chapin RoseGROUNDWATER PROTECTION-MAHOMETAssigned to State Government3/23/2021
SB 2515 (SCA 1)Chapin Rose Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to State Government4/7/2021
SB2557Melinda BushDCEO-GOOD CORPORATE CITIZENAssigned to State Government3/23/2021
SR91Meg Loughran CappelSILVER SEARCH PROGRAM-SUPPORTAssigned to State Government3/23/2021
SR101Karina VillaSOCIAL WORK MONTHAssigned to State Government3/16/2021