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103rd General Assembly
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Bill # Sponsor ABR - Short Description Last Action Date
AM990194Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - STEVE ORLANDOAssigned to Executive Appointments4/29/2015
AM990240Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MICHAEL CONLEYAssigned to Executive Appointments11/10/2015
AM990337Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - TERESA BARTELSAssigned to Executive Appointments11/10/2015
AM990338Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - RYAN RUSKINAssigned to Executive Appointments11/10/2015
AM990346Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - REBECCA ROPPAssigned to Executive Appointments11/10/2015
AM990347Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - RICHARD STEFFENAssigned to Executive Appointments11/10/2015
AM990348Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JAMES BRUNERAssigned to Executive Appointments11/10/2015
AM990349Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JANE HAYAssigned to Executive Appointments11/10/2015
AM990350Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - GAIL SHIELAssigned to Executive Appointments11/10/2015
AM990351Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ANDREW VOLPERTAssigned to Executive Appointments11/10/2015
AM990356Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MICHAEL BIGGERAssigned to Executive Appointments1/13/2016
AM990361Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - KEVIN DAUGHERTYAssigned to Executive Appointments1/13/2016
AM990362Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - THOMAS HACKERAssigned to Executive Appointments1/13/2016
AM990366Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - THEODOR HENGESBACHAssigned to Executive Appointments1/13/2016
AM990368Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - RYLAN RUSKAssigned to Executive Appointments1/13/2016
AM990370Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - KATHRYN OLSONAssigned to Executive Appointments1/13/2016
AM990371Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOHN MCGLASSONAssigned to Executive Appointments1/13/2016
AM990374Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - NICHOLAS PARISEAssigned to Executive Appointments1/13/2016
AM990375Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ROLAND CROSSAssigned to Executive Appointments1/13/2016
AM990376Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MITCHELL JOHNSONAssigned to Executive Appointments1/13/2016
AM990377Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - GARY GALEAssigned to Executive Appointments1/13/2016
AM990378Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ANNE MELISSA DOWLINGAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990379Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DAN CAULKINSAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990380Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MARIAH DALE-ANDERSONAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990381Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - LYLE MCCOYAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990382Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - REX BROWNAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990383Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DIANA LAWAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990384Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - KAREN FRAASEAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990386Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - STEVEN MILLERAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990387Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MARCIE THORPAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990388Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - WILLIAM HARMONAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990390Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - STEPHEN THURSTONAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990391Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOHN HARTNETTAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990392Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - WILLIAM HARMONAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990395Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MARIA PEREZAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990396Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - GUY ALONGIAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990397Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - NICHOLAS KACHIROUBASAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990398Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ANN KALAYILAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990399Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - J. DOUGLAS MRAZAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990400Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - BETH SHADURAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990401Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - TODD LESTERAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990403Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MICHAEL HOFFMANAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990405Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DONALD TRACYAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990406Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MARGARET L. VAN DIJKAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990407Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - M. ROWE-SULLIVANAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990408Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JEAN BOHNHOFFAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990409Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - KENNETH SCHIFFMANAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990410Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JEFFREY APFELBAUMAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990411Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MARIA LAPORTAAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990412Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - CONSTANCE MARKSAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990413Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - C. BARBERA-BRELLEAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990414Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - P. PULIDO SANCHEZAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990415Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - CAROLYN HOLDERAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990417Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - STEVE ORLANDOAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990424Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - SARITA MASSEYAssigned to Executive Appointments2/18/2016
AM990426Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - BRIAN ANDERSONAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990427Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DONNA SACKAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990428Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ROGER TAYLORAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990429Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - RICK LAWAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990430Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JEFFREY BRINCATAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990431Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - TRAVIS SWOOPEAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990433Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ANN DETERSAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990434Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - RANDALL WINTERSAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990435Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - GRACE ALLEN NEWTONAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990436Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOHN SIGSBURYAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990437Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOSEPH STRONGAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990438Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DAVID FLETCHERAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990439Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JASON KELLERAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990440Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - WILLIAM MCANDREWAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990441Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - BARBARA MOLLOYAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990442Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DANIEL UGASTEAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990443Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - PRESTON WOLINAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990444Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - AMY KURSONAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990445Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - TOM GIBBONSAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990447Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - VINCENT BUFALINOAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990448Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOHN HERRMANNAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990449Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - KEVIN HUBERAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990450Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - HARDIK BHATTAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990452Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JACK THOMASAssigned to Executive Appointments4/6/2016
AM990453Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JAMES TAYLORAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990455Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - G.A. FINCHAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990456Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - SEAN MCCARTHYAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990464Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOHN BAMBENEKAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990465Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JERROLD LEIKINAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990466Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DONNA REIFSCHNEIDERAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990467Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DONNA REIFSCHNEIDERAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990468Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - CARL MITOAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990469Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DON NORTONAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990470Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - RODNEY LINKERAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990471Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ROBERT MYERSCOUGHAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990472Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - GEORGE OBERNAGELAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990473Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DENNIS RODENBERGAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990474Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ROGER RUBEMEYERAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990475Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - VICTOR DICKSONAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990476Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - VICTOR DICKSONAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990478Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - FRANK KISNERAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990479Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MARGARET BERGLINDAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990480Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MARY CRANEAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990482Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MERRI EXAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990483Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ROBERT FOLTZAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990484Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JAHLISA GLENNAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990487Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - CARLOS RODRIGUEZAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990488Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ANTWAN TERPUEAAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990490Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ANITA WEINBERGAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990491Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DUSTIN HEUERMANAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990492Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DAVID PROSNITZAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990494Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JIM PALOSAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990495Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - CHARLES BAUERAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990496Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MICHAEL CONRADAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990497Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - CLEMENT ESKERAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990498Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOSEPH LUECHTEFELDAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990499Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JONATHAN GARBERAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990500Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOSEPH FORBESAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990501Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MARIA B. KUZASAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990502Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOSEPH LUECHTEFELDAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2016
AM990503Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - TYSHIANA JACKSONAssigned to Executive Appointments5/17/2016
AM990504Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ALICEN MCGOWANAssigned to Executive Appointments5/17/2016
AM990505Antonio MuņozAPPT-MARIA PESQUEIRAAssigned to Executive Appointments5/17/2016
AM990506Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DEREK VELAZCOAssigned to Executive Appointments5/17/2016
AM990507Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - RICHARD PORTERAssigned to Executive Appointments5/17/2016
AM990508Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MICHAEL MURRAYAssigned to Executive Appointments5/17/2016
AM990509Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - SHAWN W. DENNEYAssigned to Executive Appointments5/17/2016