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Senator Grant Wehrli (R), 41st District
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB250Grant WehrliELECTRONIC PRODUCTS RECYCLINGHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB438Grant WehrliSCH CD-ADMIN OPIOID ANTIDOTEHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB1320Grant WehrliPENCD-POLICE-RETURN TO SERVICEHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3135Grant WehrliCOM COL TRUSTEES-4 YR TERMHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3288Grant WehrliMIN WAGE-SUSPENSION W/O PAYHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3421Grant WehrliCRIM CD-DISORDERLY CON-DRONEHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3997Grant WehrliUPIA-FAILURE TO FILEHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4107Grant WehrliDHS-LEKOTEKSHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-01207/23/2015
HB4108Grant WehrliDHS-WORK OPPORTUNTY TAX CREDITHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4118Grant WehrliPROP TX-SENIOR FREEZE-AGE 55HSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4119Grant WehrliPROP TX-DISABLED PERSONSHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4387Grant WehrliPILOT LICENSE REGISTRATIONHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-06057/22/2016
HB4388Grant WehrliFREESTANDING EMERGENCY CENTERSHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-07108/5/2016
HB4504Grant WehrliMIN WAGE-SUSPENSION W/O PAYHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4505Grant WehrliPENCD-POLICE-RETURN TO SERVICEHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB5936Grant WehrliPEN CD-3&4-RETURN TO SERVICEHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB6202Grant WehrliLOCAL GOVERNMENT-TECHHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB6203Grant WehrliUNEMPLOY INS-BENEFIT CHARGESHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB6204Grant WehrliSCH CD-COLLEGE/CAREER EXAMHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB6205Grant WehrliPOLICE TRAINING-LICENSINGHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB6207Grant WehrliELEC CD-EXPENSE PHOTOSHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB6235Grant WehrliPROP TX-SENIOR FREEZE-AGE 55HSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR49Grant WehrliCONGRATS - MAYOR GEORGE PRADELHResolution Adopted1/28/2015
HR646Grant WehrliCONGRATS - BARONHResolution Adopted7/21/2015
HR714Grant WehrliCONGRATS - PHIL MAUGHANHResolution Adopted8/25/2015
HR851Grant WehrliRARE DISEASE DAYHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR1279Grant WehrliCONGRATS - NAPERVILLE CENT HSHResolution Adopted5/25/2016
HR1479Grant WehrliNAPERVILLE NORTH HS SOCCERHResolution Adopted11/16/2016
HR1480Grant WehrliNAPERVILLE NORTH HS CCHResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SB73Michael ConnellySCH CD-ADMIN OPIOID ANTIDOTESSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB689Matt MurphyPHARMACY&CONT SUB-NURSESPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-01637/28/2015
SB1893Dale A. RighterDHS-LEKOTEKSSTotal Veto Stands8/19/2015
SB1894Dale A. RighterDHS-WORK OPPORTUNTY TAX CREDITSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-02097/30/2015
SB2368Michael ConnellyCMS-INFO TECHNOLOGYSSession Sine Die1/10/2017