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Senator Neil Anderson (R), 36th District - 99th General Assembly
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
SB1120Neil AndersonCRIM CD-THEFT-RENTAL PROPERTYSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-05347/8/2016
SB1340Neil AndersonSCH CD-SCH SECURITY STANDARDSSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-00657/16/2015
SB1422Neil AndersonCROSSBOW HUNTING-COYOTESSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB1423Neil AndersonCONCEALED CARRY-DOT REST AREASSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB1483Neil AndersonFIRE DEPT CONTRACTOR LOGOSSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB1484Neil AndersonCOMMEM DATES-LOST POTENTIALSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-00667/16/2015
SB1603Neil AndersonVEH CD-COMBAT VET REGISTRATIONSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-00327/10/2015
SB1634Neil AndersonCRIM CD THEFT LEASED PROPERTYSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB2136Neil AndersonSCH CD-SPEC ED-SERVICE ANIMALSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB2334Neil AndersonCONCEALED CARRY-DOT REST AREASSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB2361Neil AndersonCONCEAL CARRY-PUBLIC TRANSPORTSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB2410Neil AndersonWILDLIFE-YOUTH TRAPPING LICSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-08688/22/2016
SB2788Neil AndersonWILDLIFE-DEER TAGSSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB2883Neil AndersonWILDLIFE CD-HUNTING-GAME BIRDSSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB2978Neil AndersonINC TX-OVERTIME WAGESSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB2992Neil AndersonVEH CD-EXCESS WEIGHT AG EXEMPTSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB2993Neil AndersonDEPT OF AG-BICENTENNIAL FARMSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB3002Neil AndersonCONCEALED CARRY-FEESSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB3004Neil AndersonCRIM CD THEFT LEASED PROPERTYSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB3017Neil AndersonSALE OF USED GOVT VEHICLESSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB3073Neil AndersonCONCEALED CARRY-RECIPROCITYSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB3074Neil AndersonFIREARM-FIREFIGHTERS EXCEPTIONSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB3110Neil AndersonCRIM CD-FALSE PERSONATION-VETSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB3298Neil AndersonCRIM CD-THEFT LEASED PROPERTYSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SR161Neil AndersonPREVENTING LOST POTENTIAL DAYSResolution Adopted4/23/2015
SR198Neil AndersonCPT. ALBRACHT - MEDAL OF HONORSResolution Adopted4/16/2015
SR695Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JAMES M. DINNEENSResolution Adopted7/1/2015
SR696Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RONALD WELCHSResolution Adopted7/1/2015
SR697Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT D. ALBRACHTSResolution Adopted7/1/2015
SR698Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ALLIE MEYERSSResolution Adopted7/1/2015
SR728Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - MARYLYN J. WILSONSResolution Adopted7/15/2015
SR729Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOHN BLEUERSResolution Adopted7/15/2015
SR730Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DAVE PARTLOWSResolution Adopted7/15/2015
SR744Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - EUGENE GUNNELLSResolution Adopted7/15/2015
SR745Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOSEPH MUNOSSResolution Adopted7/15/2015
SR789Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - THOMAS PEARSONSResolution Adopted8/5/2015
SR790Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RICHARD SLEADSResolution Adopted8/5/2015
SR791Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - KENNETH O. UDEHNSResolution Adopted8/5/2015
SR827Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT SQUIRES, SR.SResolution Adopted8/5/2015
SR828Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WALLACE SCHWAHNSResolution Adopted8/5/2015
SR829Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOSEPH MORTIERSResolution Adopted8/5/2015
SR830Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GILES R. WEIGANDTSResolution Adopted8/5/2015
SR831Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DEAN SCHWARTZKOPFSResolution Adopted8/5/2015
SR832Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GERALD HULLSResolution Adopted8/5/2015
SR833Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WILLIAM H. SEESLANDSResolution Adopted8/5/2015
SR850Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - FRANKLIN D. BELLSResolution Adopted8/5/2015
SR888Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DONALD EDMONDSSResolution Adopted8/19/2015
SR889Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JAMES GRIFFITHSSResolution Adopted8/19/2015
SR890Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - STANLEY SMITHSResolution Adopted8/19/2015
SR891Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DAVID KINSEYSResolution Adopted8/19/2015
SR917Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOHN HAVRON, JR.SResolution Adopted9/9/2015
SR918Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - THOMAS DAXONSResolution Adopted9/9/2015
SR919Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROGER ALLISONSResolution Adopted9/9/2015
SR955Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - STEVE D. SPURGETISSResolution Adopted9/9/2015
SR956Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CHARLES W. WEISSSResolution Adopted9/9/2015
SR958Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROY A. SCHMIDTSResolution Adopted9/9/2015
SR959Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LEO L. BARTELSSResolution Adopted9/9/2015
SR960Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DONALD L. CALLAHANSResolution Adopted9/9/2015
SR961Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DARWIN KERSHAWSResolution Adopted9/9/2015
SR962Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROSCOE HAYMON, SR.SResolution Adopted9/9/2015
SR963Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - EUGENE C. SALMONSResolution Adopted9/9/2015
SR964Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WILLIAM BEDARD, JR.SResolution Adopted9/9/2015
SR965Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOE CASILLASSResolution Adopted9/9/2015
SR966Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CARL SUTTONSResolution Adopted9/9/2015
SR967Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CLARENCE K. KITTOSResolution Adopted9/9/2015
SR968Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CLARENCE J. PERRONSResolution Adopted9/9/2015
SR969Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOHN W. HANEYSResolution Adopted9/9/2015
SR992Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LARRY SCHULTZSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR993Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - EDWARD KOCHSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR994Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT PENDERGRASSSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR995Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RAMON M. VASQUEZSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1005Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOE WAITESResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1006Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RALPH HOODSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1007Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JEFFREY T. LANTZSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1008Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DENNIS MARIONSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1009Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DONALD C. DEDECKERSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1010Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - FRANCIS E. COLESResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1011Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LOUIS INGERSONSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1035Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LT. COL. BURNSSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1036Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RENE A. DINNEWETHSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1037Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - THOMAS L. SEIBERTSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1038Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT R JOHNSON SRSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1039Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - HARLAN JOHANNSENSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1040Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RAYMOND LOHSESResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1041Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JAMES PIERSONSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1042Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LONNIE HARGISSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1043Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - MARSHALL BEALSSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1071Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - HENRY DEDECKERSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1103Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RAYMOND E. WILLIAMSSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1104Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - KENNETH E. KELLEYSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1105Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DONALD A. MCGILLSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1106Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GEORGE MACFARLANESResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1107Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LEMUEL WIGGINSSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1108Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - SPIROS PAPPASPIROSSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1109Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DONALD FACKLERSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1110Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RONALD L. BAKERSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1170Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WILLIAM E L NICKELLSResolution Adopted11/10/2015
SR1171Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RICHARD GAGESResolution Adopted11/10/2015
SR1172Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - MERLE HEATHSResolution Adopted11/10/2015
SR1173Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - URBAN D. DEPORTERSResolution Adopted11/10/2015
SR1188Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CLIFFORD MONTGOMERYSResolution Adopted11/10/2015
SR1189Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT M. BESTORSResolution Adopted11/10/2015
SR1190Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RICHARD SHEARERSResolution Adopted11/10/2015
SR1191Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LOWELL MORKSResolution Adopted11/10/2015
SR1192Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOSEPH MCCAFFREYSResolution Adopted11/10/2015
SR1193Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WILLIAM GREENSResolution Adopted11/10/2015
SR1247Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - A. PAUL ROWLANDSResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1248Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RALPH BURKHEADSResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1249Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - THOMAS HOFFMANSResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1250Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ALAN JOHNSONSResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1251Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WILMAN OSLUNDSResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1252Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LESTER WHITESResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1253Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOHN C. PETERSSResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1254Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT D. NELSONSResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1255Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LESLIE H. BLACKSResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1256Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - THOMAS J. PLECHATYSResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1257Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - M. E. WALLINGFORDSResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1258Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JAMES CLARKSResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1259Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CARL HODSONSResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1260Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT D. KOLLMANSResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1261Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - MARSHALL MARTELSResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1262Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DONALD SMITHSResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1263Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - BRIAN JASPERSResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1264Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DAVID OGBURNSResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1265Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - STEVEN C. ZARSKESResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1266Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOHN BURNS, SR.SResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1267Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DALE MCCANNONSResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1268Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOHN GUESTSResolution Adopted12/7/2015
SR1319Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOSEPH DOWSETTSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1320Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GLEN G. DAVIS SR.SResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1321Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DAVID R. HOLSTSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1322Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - P. M. DOHERTY SR.SResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1323Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - C. F. HOSCHEID JR.SResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1324Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOHN DOKASSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1373Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOSEPH BILEDDOSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1374Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GILBERT BARRETTSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1375Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - KEITH KRAMERSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1376Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - EDWARD FELDHAHNSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1377Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - THOMAS KRACKSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1378Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - VERNON BOOTONSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1379Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT MORRISSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1380Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - PHILIP CARMANSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1381Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - HARRY ORR JR.SResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1382Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - EDWIN HOLTSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1431Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - NATHAN LUTENSResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1432Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - KENNETH K. PFAFFSResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1433Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RONALD E. GORDONSResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1434Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - VIRGIL BENNETTSResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1435Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - H. A. MARKUSON IIISResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1436Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DAVID E. WILSONSResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1437Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT MURPHYSResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1438Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - MICHAEL DOWNENSResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1439Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - BILLIE L. HINES SR.SResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1440Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WILLIAM HEATHERLYSResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1441Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - STEPHEN HICKSSResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1442Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - MERWIN P. BAKERSResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1443Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - PEDRO D. ORTIZSResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1444Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - PETER J. MANZOSResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1445Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RALEIGH FRANCOISSResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1446Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LEE COPESResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1447Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - VERNON RYCKEGHEMSResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1448Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - MELVIN BREMENKAMPSResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1449Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RICHARD LOTHRIDGESResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1450Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RODNEY E. BRUNERSResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1451Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - S. E. ZIEGENBEINSResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1465Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DR. HERBERT LEPORESResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1466Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RODNEY CASILLASSResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1467Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - THOMAS SHELEYSResolution Adopted1/28/2016
SR1492Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - HARRY VROMANSResolution Adopted2/18/2016
SR1493Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WILLIAM HAMILTONSResolution Adopted2/18/2016
SR1494Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - HECTOR DEKEZELSResolution Adopted2/18/2016
SR1526Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT BOLTZSResolution Adopted2/18/2016
SR1527Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT WILSON, SR.SResolution Adopted2/18/2016
SR1528Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GARALD SAVAGESResolution Adopted2/18/2016
SR1529Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WALTER TERRELLSResolution Adopted2/18/2016
SR1530Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - PERRY MASONSResolution Adopted2/18/2016
SR1533Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - VIRGIL L. EUBANKSSResolution Adopted2/18/2016
SR1534Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GALE K. VOGLERSResolution Adopted2/18/2016
SR1540Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JAMES COXSResolution Adopted3/3/2016
SR1541Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROGER D. NORDSTROMSResolution Adopted3/3/2016
SR1542Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DONALD W. HARMENINGSResolution Adopted3/3/2016
SR1543Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JAMES R. RODENYSResolution Adopted3/3/2016
SR1544Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RAYMOND HERNANDEZSResolution Adopted3/3/2016
SR1545Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CORNELIOUS C. BOLDTSResolution Adopted3/3/2016
SR1546Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LAWRENCE L. MINORSResolution Adopted3/3/2016
SR1602Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - OREN SASSSResolution Adopted3/3/2016
SR1603Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT NOESResolution Adopted3/3/2016
SR1604Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CHARLES THOMPSONSResolution Adopted3/3/2016
SR1605Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ALLAN KELLEYSResolution Adopted3/3/2016
SR1617Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ELLIOTT L. SEYMOURSResolution Adopted3/3/2016
SR1620Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CARL D. BONDSResolution Adopted3/3/2016
SR1621Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RICHARD F. BAILEYSResolution Adopted3/3/2016
SR1622Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JEANETTE KOHLSResolution Adopted3/3/2016
SR1634Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DONALD M. PFAU JR.SResolution Adopted3/10/2016
SR1635Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - STUART P. JACKSONSResolution Adopted3/10/2016
SR1663Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - NICOLA VIVIANISResolution Adopted3/17/2016
SR1664Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT JOHNSONSResolution Adopted3/17/2016
SR1665Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DEAN BOWENSResolution Adopted3/17/2016
SR1666Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - REV. JAMES CRANGLESResolution Adopted3/17/2016
SR1667Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - FR. JAMES MARSHALLSResolution Adopted3/17/2016
SR1668Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CHARLES L. BURRILLSResolution Adopted3/17/2016
SR1672Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LOUIS GODDARD, JR.SResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1673Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JEFFERY P. LEONARDSResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1674Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LOUIS ORWITZSResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1693Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - EDWIN D. JAMESSResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1694Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RANDALL B. WESTPHALSResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1695Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - MILTON E. JOHNSONSResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1696Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - STEVEN W. BOLEBRUCHSResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1701Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GEORGE WILLIAMSSResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1702Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JACK HOBBSSResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1703Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - EUGENE ANDRUSSResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1704Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT WELLSSResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1705Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LYLE A. VROMANSResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1706Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROY E. MCGUIRESResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1707Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - EDWARD H. MEYERSResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1709Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CHARLES COSSABOONSResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1710Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ALEXANDER ALDRIANSResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1711Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CHARLES MCCORMICKSResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1727Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LANNY BIEHLERSResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1728Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DONALD LANPHERSResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1739Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - MARVIN JOHNSTONSResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1740Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DONALD WARLOPSResolution Adopted4/7/2016
SR1756Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - EDWARD M. MITCHELLSResolution Adopted4/14/2016
SR1757Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROLAND GROSSSResolution Adopted4/14/2016
SR1773Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - VICTOR BROWN, JR.SResolution Adopted4/22/2016
SR1774Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT FORD, SR.SResolution Adopted4/22/2016
SR1798Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - MATTHEW MURRINSResolution Adopted5/5/2016
SR1799Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - HARLIN TERRYSResolution Adopted5/5/2016
SR1800Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DR. EARL CLARKSResolution Adopted5/5/2016
SR1801Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RAYMOND METZGERSResolution Adopted5/5/2016
SR1802Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JAMES N. VAUGHNSResolution Adopted5/5/2016
SR1803Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GERALD C. BLOOMBERGSResolution Adopted5/5/2016
SR1804Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - MICHAEL FLAHERTYSResolution Adopted5/5/2016
SR1805Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JAMES HARONIKSResolution Adopted5/5/2016
SR1806Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - MELVIN MATHERLY JR.SResolution Adopted5/5/2016
SR1807Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LAWRENCE SWEETSResolution Adopted5/5/2016
SR1808Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT HARMON JR.SResolution Adopted5/5/2016
SR1827Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WILLIAM A. SCHULTZSResolution Adopted5/5/2016
SR1828Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - OTTO EHMSResolution Adopted5/5/2016
SR1829Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RALPH B. SMITH SR.SResolution Adopted5/5/2016
SR1830Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LARRY W. DOLANSResolution Adopted5/5/2016
SR1831Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GARY G. NEWMANSResolution Adopted5/5/2016
SR1832Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT LOFGRENSResolution Adopted5/5/2016
SR1833Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - EDWARD GIZYNSKISResolution Adopted5/5/2016
SR1860Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RICHARD L. BOENSSResolution Adopted5/12/2016
SR1862Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CYRIL J. LEHNHARDTSResolution Adopted5/12/2016
SR1872Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JAY L. BARNARDSResolution Adopted5/19/2016
SR1873Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROSCOE DAVENPORTSResolution Adopted5/19/2016
SR1880Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT BOWMANSResolution Adopted5/19/2016
SR1918Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DENNIS D. ASKAMSResolution Adopted5/27/2016
SR1919Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CHARLES J. MILLERSResolution Adopted5/27/2016
SR1920Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RICHARD PUDER, SR.SResolution Adopted5/27/2016
SR1921Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DALE O'CONNORSResolution Adopted5/27/2016
SR1922Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LUTHER WAGESSResolution Adopted5/27/2016
SR1923Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CLARENCE R. POWERSSResolution Adopted5/27/2016
SR1947Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CHARLES E. ANDERSONSResolution Adopted5/31/2016
SR1948Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WAYNE KIMBELSResolution Adopted5/31/2016
SR1975Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JACK MICHALSKISResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR1976Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - EDWIN KOLKSResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR1977Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - THOMAS H. HAWKINSSResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR1978Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WILLIAM L. CHANCESResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR1979Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ALPHONSO CASTEL SR.SResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR1980Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - KENNETH E. DAXONSResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR1981Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RONALD E. DERRERSResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR1982Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT G. BAYNESSSResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR1983Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - AUBREY COVAULT, JR.SResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR1984Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - MICHAEL MARKELLSResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR1985Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LAWRENCE MCGINNISSResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR1986Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - SHELDON ROSSSResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR2000Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - J. MARK AMACHERSResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR2001Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RICHARD F. GALLENSSResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR2002Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DARRELL C. FREESResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR2003Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LAVERNE D. JACOBSSResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR2004Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - J. A. RAMIREZ SR.SResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR2005Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - MARVIN MIRRSResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR2006Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - SYLVESTER MCCABESResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR2007Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROGER SCHUMACHERSResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR2008Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOHN STEVENSSResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR2022Neil AndersonMEMORIAL-FREDERICK SPARKS, SR.SResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR2023Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - HAROLD BLASERSResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR2024Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - TUBENCIO CARPIOSResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR2025Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JEAN MOSER ROTHSResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR2045Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - REV. ARRINGTON JR.SResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR2046Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - EARL L. BENNETTSResolution Adopted6/30/2016
SR2074Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROY CARPENTERSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2075Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT THOMPSONSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2076Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GEORGE KIEFFERSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2077Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LOSSEE MORFORDSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2078Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - BERNARD R. GARDNERSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2079Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CARL GARGANOSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2080Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DAVE MONTGOMERYSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2081Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LOUIS I. RESETICHSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2082Neil AndersonMEMORAIL - JOE M. WILLIAMS JR.SResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2083Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JAMES W. GRAHAMSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2121Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RICHARD D. STARRSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2122Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WILLIAM R. DRYOELSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2123Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOHN L. FULLMER JR.SResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2124Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JAMES E. BLAIRSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2129Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - HOWARD R. HOLLADAYSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2130Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DONALD SCHROEDERSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2131Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RICHARD HEIDERSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2165Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - HAROLD K. JOHNSONSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2166Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ANTHONY ZELNIOSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2167Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - MATTHEW PARKER, JR.SResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2168Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - NORMAN LUSESResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2169Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - TANILO SOLIZSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2170Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JAMES BALLSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2171Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RICHARD G. NELSONSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2172Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - NICK G. PADAKISSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2173Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOHN AHERNSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2174Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ARNOLD NORMANSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2175Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GORDON ELLISSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2190Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WILLIAM ACKLEYSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2191Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - THEODORE BAGATELASSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2192Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GERALD STEWARTSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2193Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LOUIS TURILLISResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2225Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WERNER SCHWARZSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2226Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CALVIN K. JENSENSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2227Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DANIEL HERNANDEZSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2228Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT DEPOORTERSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2229Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GENE H. SCHROEDERSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2230Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT K. GLAUDELSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2231Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JAMES N. MUNDELLSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2232Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CHARLES H. MARTINSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2249Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CHARLES MADDOXSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2250Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - HAROLD FLEMINGSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2270Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - KENNETH LINK, SR.SResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2271Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOHN SCHWEGLERSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2272Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GILBERT BRECKLINGSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2273Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RICHARD L. WEAVERSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2287Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - PETER DURRYSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2288Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RICHARD FORNEYSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2289Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ARTHUR F. CARLSONSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2290Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - HAROLD GUNNERSONSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2291Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CLYDE D. SEDAMSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2292Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - HEINZ G. VEIGELSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2299Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - PAUL PARKSSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2313Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GEORGE MCGREERSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2314Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ANNE N. BRINNSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2315Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CARL TRENTSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2316Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GILBERT A. HUBERSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2333Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - BOB JENSENSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2334Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GLENN FRIELSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2335Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RONALD VANNATTASResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2336Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - BERT CARLSONSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2360Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - KENNETH A. POWELLSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2361Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RALPH S. DUFOURSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2362Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DEAN ROBINSONSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2363Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - THOMAS O'BRIEN, JR.SResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2410Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RAYMOND YAGER JR.SResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2411Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ALBERT VANPUYVELDESResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2412Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LAURENCE A. SLETTENSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2464Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WARREN BOOKER SR.SResolution Adopted12/1/2016
SR2465Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GEORGE W. BENNERSResolution Adopted12/1/2016
SR2466Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CLYDE H. DEGEETERSResolution Adopted12/1/2016
SR2467Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - EUGENE J. DESAUNOYSResolution Adopted12/1/2016
SR2468Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ALBERT M. AUBRYSResolution Adopted12/1/2016
SR2469Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ARDON R. THOMPSONSResolution Adopted12/1/2016
SR2470Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - MAX S. DAVISSResolution Adopted12/1/2016
SR2471Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - C. VAN DE SAMPELSResolution Adopted12/1/2016
SR2520Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - NORMAN E. SLEADSResolution Adopted1/10/2017
SR2521Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CLAIR L. THOMPSONSResolution Adopted1/10/2017
SR2522Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - MICHAEL HUMPHRIESSResolution Adopted1/10/2017
SR2523Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DAVID L. SHARPESResolution Adopted1/10/2017
SR2524Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RALPH C. HUGHESSResolution Adopted1/10/2017
SR2525Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JIMMIE R. WHITTENSResolution Adopted1/10/2017
SR2526Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - OTIS D. COZADSResolution Adopted1/10/2017
SR2536Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DALE L. HOFER SR.SResolution Adopted1/10/2017
SR2537Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JAMES WESLEY LONGSResolution Adopted1/10/2017
SR2538Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GARY L. DECRAENESResolution Adopted1/10/2017
SR2539Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LEROY E. WOOLLEYSResolution Adopted1/10/2017
SR2540Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - PAUL R. VYNCKESResolution Adopted1/10/2017
SJR51Neil AndersonSGT. S. TALBOT MEMORIAL BRIDGESSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SJRCA31Neil AndersonCON AMEND-EFFECTIVE DATESSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB1014Mike SmiddySAFETY-TECHHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-00127/10/2015
HB3669Avery BourneWILDLIFE-CROSSBOW DRAW WEIGHTHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4115Sheri JesielAGR/DHS-GAS STATION INFOHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-00447/15/2015
HB4318Donald L. MoffittSIGNS DESIGNATING AGRIBUSINESSHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-08238/16/2016
HB5018Norine K. HammondPUBLIC SAFETY TELECOMM WEEKHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-08088/15/2016
HB5610Donald L. MoffittFIRE DISTRICT-MUNI FIRE DEPTHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-08378/19/2016
HB5790Charles MeierDEPT OF AG-BICENTENNIAL FARMHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-08248/16/2016
HB5962Avery BourneWILDLIFE-YOUTH TRAPPING LICHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HJR77Mike SmiddyMOBILE HEALTHCARE TASK FORCEHAdopted Both Houses5/26/2016