Illinois General Assembly - Senate Trial Exhibits - House Procecutor
Illinois General Assembly

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Senate Trial Exhibits - House Procecutor
Flow chart presented during testimony of John Scully
Excerpt of Ex. 44, quote from Chief Judge James Holderman
Excerpts from Ex. 3; quotes from the Governor
"Change to Win" pamphlet
Dec. 5, 2008 front page of the Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune editorials critical of the Governor
Excerpt of Ex. 7, Ali Ata testimony
Timeline of Ali Ata's employment and contributions
Excerpt from Ex. 8, Joseph Cari testimony
Status page of HB4758 of the 95th GA
Letter from Gov. Blagojevich to Tommy Thompson, Secretary of HHS re: I-SaveRx program
Letter from Lester Crawford, FDA, to Gov. Blagojevich re: I-SaveRx Program
Articles re: I-SaveRx Program
Excerpt from Ex. 6, flu vaccine timeline
Excerpt from Ex. 6, I-SaveRx Program timeline
JCAR Statement of Objection to and Suspension of Temporary Rules, 11/19/08
JCAR Statement of Objection to and Suspension of Peremptory Rules, 5/20/08
Letter from House Special Investigative Committee Chair, Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie, to House Prosecutor David Ellis re: use of intercepted communications during Senate trial