Illinois General Assembly - Senator Committees
Illinois General Assembly

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Senator Julie A. Morrison (D), 29th District
Committee Code Chairman Members Current Bills
Appropriations II SAPB Andy Manar (D)MembersBills
Committee of the Whole SCWL MembersBills
Environment and Conservation SNVR David Koehler (D)MembersBills
Gaming SGAM Steve Stadelman (D)MembersBills
Government Reform SGRM Melinda Bush (D)MembersBills
Human Services SHHS Julie A. Morrison (D)MembersBills
Oversight Medicaid Mang. Care, SpecSOMM Heather A. Steans (D)MembersBills
Sub. on Consequences of Fed.Policy SHHS-SHFP MembersBills
Subcommittee on Fracking SNVR-SESF Julie A. Morrison (D)MembersBills
Transportation STRN Martin A. Sandoval (D)MembersBills