Illinois General Assembly - Senator Committees
Illinois General Assembly

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Senator William Delgado (D), 2nd District
Committee Code Chairman Members Current Bills
Advisory Committee on Healthcare SACH David Koehler (D),
Dave Syverson (R)
Appropriations I SAPA Heather A. Steans (D)MembersBills
Committee of the Whole SCWL MembersBills
Education SESE William Delgado (D)MembersBills
Executive Appointments SEXA Antonio Muñoz (D)MembersBills
Human Services SHHS Mattie Hunter (D)MembersBills
Sub on Community Youth Employment SHHS-CYEM Mattie Hunter (D)MembersBills
Subcommittee on Special Issues (HS)SHHS-SSSI William Delgado (D)MembersBills