Illinois General Assembly - Senator Committees
Illinois General Assembly

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Senator A. J. Wilhelmi (D), 43rd District
Committee Code Chairman Members Current Bills
Agriculture and Conservation SAGR Michael W. Frerichs (D)MembersBills
Committee of the Whole SCWL MembersBills
Criminal Law SCCL Michael Noland (D)MembersBills
Criminal Law Subcomm. on Firearms SCCL-SCCF A. J. Wilhelmi (D)MembersBills
Gaming SGAM Terry Link (D)MembersBills
Judiciary SJUD A. J. Wilhelmi (D)MembersBills
Subcommittee on Gaming Activities SGAM-SGGA Linda Holmes (D)MembersBills
Subcommittee on Red Light Cameras STRN-SRLC Martin A. Sandoval (D)MembersBills
Trans. Subcommittee on Amendments STRN-STRA Gary Forby (D)MembersBills
Transportation STRN Martin A. Sandoval (D)MembersBills