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Witness Slips For HB2992  98th General Assembly

House Amendment 001
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Legislation: HB2992
Proponents: 119Opponents: 4No Position: 0
NameFirm, Business Or AgencyRepresenting
Hearing Date and Time: Judiciary (S) 4/30/2013 3:00 PM
Alderman Jill EgiziiParental Alienation Awareness Org. USAChildren who have lost loving relationships with a parent and his or her family through adversarial divorce.
Amy FisherFriends of Protection for MenFriends of Protection for Men
Annette BannonChildren's Rights CouncilAnnette Bannon
Barbara Shanahanselfdivorced parents
Barry ButlerIndependentMyself, a divorced Father
Brian DahlParentParent, no group.
Casey adamsCitizenCitizen
Clara SchroederRetired teacherIllinois Fathers
Claudia ShaboIllinois Child AdvocatesIllinois Child Advocates
Craig WilliamsCom Microfilm CompanyI can only represent my experiences as a divorced parent in Il.
Damon Anthony DuvalParentDamon Anthony Duval
Danica Joan FieldsKids Need Both. orgCenter for Education on Parental Alienation, Inc (
David BambicSelfNon-Custodial Parents
David KirbyNoneDavid kirby
David TopazianSelfDavid Topazian
Dee A LenserSelfSelf
Dennis KillenIndividualNon-custodial parents
Don HowardSouthern Illinois UniversityIllinois Fathers
Douglas D DanielsonMaloney & Craven, P.C.Individually and in support of the National Parental Alienation Awareness Organization
Dr Sheila A MannixIllinois Family Court Accountability AdvocatesIllinois Family Court Accountability Advocates
Edward N FoleyIllinois FathersSelf
Elizabeth RendakIllinois Fatherssupporter
Gail HollingerGrandmaGrandma who is prevented from seeing grandchild because custodial parent ignores court order for visitation with non-custodial parent.
Ian MitchellIllinois FathersSelf
Ian MitchellIllinois FathersSelf
Irma JimenezSelfFamilies of non custodial parent
Jack D DavisRetiredOur Grandchildren that we have not seen in 9 years
James D PastoreindividualIllinois Fathers
Jen Nottrottnonemyself
Jennifer BalodimasselfDivorced parents
Jennifer WaddellJDW & Associates-Family Advocates & PAAO-USA, Inc.Jill Egizi, President of the PAAO-USA, Inc. - Parental Alienation Awareness Organization-USA, Inc.
Jim CovingtonIllinois State Bar AssociationExclusive
Jim WeddigenCitizenCitizen
Joan Teresa Kloth-ZanardPAS Intervention and Kloth ConsultingKloth Consulting and PAS Intervention
John DeLascioFatherIllinois Fathers
John MastroExceed GroupRandy Bates
Jon P BadieExceed GroupIllinois
Julia FirestoneNational Organization of Parental AlienationSelf
Julie ContrerasLULAC of WaukeganLULAC of Waukegan
Julie SorrentinoHarlem High SchoolTeacher at Harlem High School, Machesney Park, IL
Keith Sergentinindividualequal parenting
Kristy ArcuriIllinois FathersSupporter
Leonard WangerselfLeonard Wanger
LeslieParental RightsLeslie Bowar CarHop auto suit
Linda CastorClocktower TherapyOrganization of teaching parental alienation awareness
Lourdes ArunnoselfFamily of non custodial parent
Margie BlackburnGrandparents Supporting Grandparents, Grandparents For Justice & Fathers Supporting FathersGrandparents For Justice & Grandparents Supporting Grandparents & Fathers Supporting Fathers.
Matthew Graifernonenone
Merrylinn GruschSelfDivorced parents
Michael GerhardtGerhardt & Haskins, LLPAttorney
Michelle PierceParentMichelle Pierce
Pamela J DealFathers rights...Fathers..
Paul Gerhardtselfself
Phillip AvelarSelfNon-custodial parents, children and families in Illinois
Randy BatesIllinois FathersIllinois Fathers
Richard ThomasSpringfield Memorial Hospital Campus.Nurse educator regarding the best interest of children.
rob scottcitizennone
Robert EgiziiEEI HOldings, Hilton SpringfieldAlienated parents and granparents
Robert FerrerUniversity of IllinoisSelf
Ron StradtAttorney at LawAttorney
RUTH HERNANDEZeComputerRuth Hernandez
Sandra Padro MDPediatricianMedical doctor - pediatrician
Tara FettigHomeGrandmother to infant in non custodial parent situation
Tate WeddigenCitizenCitizen
Tate WeddigenCitizenCitizen
tom coggeshallselfdivorced dad's
tom coggeshallselfMichael D. Gerhardt
Travis TurnerNANA
Virginia DavisretiredMy alienated Grandchildren (x4) We have not seen them in 9 years
Wayne FisherFriends of Protection for MenFathers
william b moore iiiparental alienation awareness organizationwilliam b moore iii
Yvonne armstrongnot availablenot available
Zachary LamotheFathers rights groupfathers rights groups
Hearing Date and Time: Judiciary (H) 3/20/2013 8:00 AM
Sheila A Mannix PhDIllinois Family Court Accountability AdvocatesIllinois Family Court Accountability Advocates
Amy FisherAmy Fisher
Ian MitchellIllinois FathersSelf
Jim WeddigenCitizenCitizen
Julie SorrentinoHarlem High SchoolI represent the teaching position I hold at Harlem High School
Lee Gurgaprivate citizenself
Merrylinn GruschSelf
Michael GerhardtGerhardt & Haskins, LLP
Randy BatesIllinois FathersIllinois Fathers
Richard ThomasAdvanced Nursing Student at SIU, Springfield Memorial Hospital Campus.Member of Illinois Fathers(as an educator).
Robert FerrerUniversity of IllinoisIllinois Fathers
StevenIllinois FathersIllinois Fathers
Todd BottomDePaul UniversityIllinois Fathers
tom coggeshallself
Travis TurnerNANA
Wayne FisherFriends of Protection for Men
Hearing Date and Time: Judiciary (H) 3/13/2013 8:30 AM
Ahna GoochSpringfield Parental Alienation Awareness Advocacy Group
Alderman Jill EgiziiParental Alienation Awareness Organization USAChildren who are experiencing the loss of a loving relationship with a parent or grandparent through adversarial divorce.
Arunas CepasIllinois FathersIllinois Fathers
Bob MurphyBuilder
Brian C SledgeIntegrated POS
Clara SchroederNA
Daniel HolmesJNC Designs LLC.
Douglas D DanielsonMaloney & Craven, P.C.Douglas D. Danielson
General ParkerCBTU - Peoria ChapterNon-Custodial Parents
greg bullardself employeedRayne Viktor Bullard (my 10yr old son)
Ian MitchellIllinois FathersNA
John Patrick Murphyna
Keith Sergentindividualfathers
Keith Sergentindividualfathers
Leonard WangerPersonalLeonard Wanger
Michael GerhardtGerhardt & Haskins, LLP
michelle meckesadvocacy group for divorced parentsadvocacy group for divorced parents.
Pamela DealCaring and Loving Grandma
Paul E BartlettAgricultureJonathan and Lauren Bartlett - my children
Richard A Johnsonpersonal
Robert FerrerUniversity of IllinoisIllinois Fathers
Ron StradtAttorney at Law
Sergio Machadonot applicableIllinois Fathers
Suzanne MahoneyCentral Illinois Shared Parenting
teri stoddardShared Parenitng Works
tom coggeshalltom coggeshall
Wayne FisherFriends of Protection for Men
Zachary LamotheCaring Daddy