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Witness Slips For HB2790  99th General Assembly

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Legislation: HB2790
Proponents: 118Opponents: 0No Position: 5
NameFirm, Business Or AgencyRepresenting
Hearing Date and Time: Public Health (S) 5/12/2015 1:00 PM
AJ WilhelmiIllinois Hospital AssociationIllinois Hospital Association
Alex and Trisha HuntColleague of ALD ParentColleague of ALD Parent
April HaynesColleague of ALD ParentALD Parent
April WagnerALD grandparentALD Grandparent
April WagnerALD Grandparent and SiblingGrandson and siblings
Ben WagnerALD uncleALD Uncle
Bethany HolemanColleague of ALD ParentALD Parent
Bob RaunerUnited Leukodystrophy FoundationUnited Leukodystrophy Foundation
Bryce LaBordeALD ParentNA
Cambrea HilstFriend of ALD parentFriend of ALD parent
Caren ChambersFriend of ALD parentALD Parent
Christina LaBordeALD ParentALD Parent
Christina LaBordeALD ParentSon
Conny MoodyIllinois Department of Public HealthIllinois Department of Public Health
Deborah Franchi-Nakroshisxrecord of appearance only
Felicia OakleyFriend of ALD parentSelf
Jane HodelALD GrandparentALD Grandparent
Janette WagnerselfALD Grandparent
Jennifer LitherlandExpectant MotherSelf
Julie HartzlerSelfSelf
Kailin FordSelfSelf
Katherine RhoadesFriendALD Parent
Kelly Goldingconcerned citizenconcerned citizen
Lindsay huntterSelfLindsay hunter
Pamela MarshallGlobal Foundation for Peroxisomal DisordersShowing my support for all children and families past, present, and future impacted by ALD and other peroxisomal disorders.
Robin HernandezSelfBrother with ALD child
Samantha CrossExpectant MotherSelf
Scott HancockFriendALD Parent
Sheena CurtoSelfSelf
Steve WagnerALD GrandparentALD Grandparent
Susan RyiaSelfSelf
Suzanne FlynnHomeald family
Theresa BuchananFriendSelf
Hearing Date and Time: Public Health (S) 5/5/2015 1:00 PM
Hearing Date and Time: Public Health (S) 4/28/2015 1:00 PM
Sue ClarkCapitol Edge Consulting, LLCANA-Illinois,
Hearing Date and Time: Human Services (H) 3/25/2015 8:00 AM
Abby DenisPBD-ZSD family
Alice HattenbrunULF Member
alyssa RodgersAld family
Amanda HenricksParent
Amber SalzmanThe Stop ALD Foundation
anastasia legerfamily
Ann KrausFamilyPath Autism Serivces
Ann MoserKennedy Krieger InstituteALD Researchers, ALD physicians, and ALD families
Anna Moranparent
April WagnerGrandparent
Ashley Duvallnone
Barbara K Burton MDAnn & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital
Barbara MachadoALD Family
Bill GroelParent
Bob EvanoskyThe Evanosky FoundationThe Evanosky Foundation
bob raunerUnited Leukodystrophy FoundationUnited Leukodystrophy Foundation
Brenda YasteALD Family NBS Advocate
Brenna BoothALD advocate
Bryce LaBordeALD Parent
Castro FamilyFamily impacted by a leukodystrophy
Catherine WalkerParent
Christina LaBordeParentParent
David CryThe Adrenoleukodystrophy Foundation
Deborah Franchi-NakroshisNBS AdvocateFriend
Desiarae DixonALD Family
Donna ConwayParent of a child with leukodystrophy
Donna J ChamblissThe Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders
Donna SwartzXXxxxxxxxxxxxx
dorothy colaonewborn screening
Elisa SeegerAidan Jack Seeger Foundation
Emilie BeagleNBS Advocate
Eve LapinThe Stop ALD Foundation
Glenda VasquezFamily impacted by a leukodystrophy
Grace CarusoLeukodystrophy Family
Greg BentonThe Myelin ProjectThe Myelin Project, The Leukodystrophy Alliance, The ALD AMN Global Alliance
Heather ScottJeffery family
Howard E ChamblissThe Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders
Jacqueline SappAunt of a leukodystrophy child
Jane Cox DuffieldParent
Jeanne IgoParent
Jennifer FrenchNBS Advocate
Jessica RussellNBS Advocate
jessica zamudioHead of Household
Jillian WardNBS advocate & ALD family
Jody UptonALD Family MemberAld family
Joel BeckLeukodystrophy Family
Kathleen BernardAdovocate
Kathy CornellFamily with ALD
Kelly StrengesALD Parent - NBS Advocate
Kim EasterALD FamilyALD Families
leona schwartfigure1972ALD FAMILY
leslie millerSelect...NBS advocate
Leslie OsmanALD Family
Lindsay hunterSelf
Lisa DiMambroALD Family
Lonnie J Backusald familyald family
LuAnn SwartzlanderKraus Swartzlander Family
Mary PedersenNBS Advocate
Michael BeldockHealth Care
Michael StrengesALD Parent
Molly HorstMy son has adrenallukodystrophy
Pamela MarshallThe Marshall Family
paula forsytheNBS advocate
Renee Yvonne Backusald familyald family
Rose SzymkowiakALD GrandparentProponent
Roxanne EllisEllis Family
Sandra MeltonMelton Family
Sarah WilkersonSave Babies Through Screening Foundation
Shannon ButallaGlobal Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders
Shianne JonesFamily impacted by a leukodystrophy
Shiva MohsenzadehX
Skwirut FamilySkwirut Family
StephanieNbs supporter
Stephanie LagonaSelf-employed
Steve BarshThe Stop ALD Foundation
Steven WagnerGrandparent
Suzanne FlynnALD family boys diagnosed through NBS in New YorkALD families
Tara RinconesRincones Family
Theresa Kaye CantrellParent
Thomas OBrien IIINBS Advocate
Tina EllisALD Family
William LampingNBS Advocate