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Witness Slips For SB0021  101st General Assembly

Senate Amendment 001
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Legislation: SB0021
Proponents: 563Opponents: 445No Position: 0
NameFirm, Business Or AgencyRepresenting
Hearing Date and Time: Public Health (S) 2/5/2019 2:00 PM
Abby MartinAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
Alex KimAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Alexander Hantel MDEdward Elmhurst HealthcareSelf
Alexandria GorgoszAmerican Cancer SocietyAdditionally, an individual who watched smoking nearly take my father from me at the age of 12 and has watched other family members suffer from smoking habits they picked up before the age of 21.
Alice Hubbardselfself
Alice TrimmerNoneNone
Alicia BausSelfConcerned Citizen
Allison MacMunnamerican lung associationAmerican Lung Association
Alyssa KnobelSelfSelf
Alyx McElfreshChampaign Urbana Public Health DistrictSelf
Amanda Gorsuchselfself- former smoker who's 18 year old friends bought me cigarettes in high school when I was 15
Amanda Kelleynoneself
Amanda MinorDouglas County Health DepartmentIAPHA
American Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society I lost several family members who started using tabacco at a young age to lung cancer, I don't want this to continue.
Amy GibsonSelfself
Amy Hyndmanselfself
Amy Jo SteinbrueckerAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society -- Lost my mother in law to cancer due to smoking.
Amy ORourkeNASelf
Amy VossStand Strong Coalition Lake CountySelf
Anairis RomeroNASelf
Andrea IngwersenWoodford County Health DepartmentWoodford County Health Department
Andy RauhCitizenSelf
Angela DoehringSelfSelf
Angela GroverAMITA HealthAMITA Health
Angela TinAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Ann Courterselfself
ann vanoverbergheselfself
Anna KeyesAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
Anna UngerAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
Anne BusserByron School DistrictIndividual citizen
Ashlie Keener KuehnSt. Clair StrategiesJUUL Labs
Asim Jaffer MDIL Academy of Family PhysiciansIllinois Academy of Family Physicians
Bailey ArnoldAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Barb HohltSt Clair County Health DeptSt Clair County Health Dept
Barbara de NekkerSelfSelf
Barbara NudoSelfIndivisible
Barbara ZakSelfself
Beth EmeryAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Beth EnkeNAcitizen
Beth FioriniWhiteside County Health DpeartmentWhiteside County Health Department
Beth lybarger309 vapors309 vapors
Beth SpeziaSelfSelf, a former smoker who wishes she had never started and who saw the lives of family members and friends destroyed by smoking tobacco.
Beth VainowskicitizenMy grandchildren and other Illinois children
Beverly Beckselfself
Blanca CamposCommunity Behavioral Healthcare AssociationCommunity Mental Health and Substance Use Providers
Bobbie DenisonSelfSelf
Bonnie K PrattRetiredSelf
Bradley geissmanMarcos vaporMarco Altamore
Brent FerrariAmerican Lung Association in IllinoisAmerican Lung Association
Brent HaverbackConcerned CitizenConcerned Citizen
Brent ZhorneNAMyself
Brian BentonSelfSelf
Brian GroskopfAerogenAmerican Lung Association
Brian ShieldsAmerican Heart AssociationAmerican Heart Association
Briana LemonLoyola University Chicagoresident of Illinois
Bridget HoffmannMCDHConcerned Resident
Bridget HultgrenAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Bridgette BonkPrivate CitizenPrivate Citizen
Brittany L HeyenIDHAIDHA
Bruce C KinnettCook-Witter, Inc.Illinois Academy of Family Physicians
Bruce FrazinSelfSelf
Caleb NehringAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
Calvin HartmanRetiredAmerican Lung Association
Cara HarrisSelfSelf
Carla Lockwoodselfdaughter or long time smoker who died at a young age - wish we had more time
Carlton RoseMrs.Self
Carm YouckNoneRN
Carol ManciniNASelf
Carol RammAmerican Lung Assoc.American Lung Association
Carolyn DonarskiCKDesignSelf
Carolyn LewisSelfSelf
Carrie EmgeAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
catherine park leonardRadiation Oncology Consultants LtdRadiation Oncology Consultants Ltd
Catherine R Spencerselfself
Catherine ReedSelfSelf
Cathy ByusAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Cathy Ferguson-AllenLee County Health DepartmentLee County Health Department
cathy franzeseselfmy family
Cathy TaylorSelfSelf
Cec Schott FellSelfSelf
celina garzanamyself
Charles BradleyCitizenNA
Charlie DenisonSelfSelf
Cheryl A Bogdanowskiself - Nurse who cared for many dying or dead as a result of smokingCheryl Bogdanowski
Cheryl DavisAmerican lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Cheryl LaskaskyCitizenSelf
Cheryl LeeClinton County Health DepartmentClinton County Health Department
Cheryl McCarthyJoliet Township High SchoolCitizen
Cheryl OrangeAmber DentalConcerned Citizen
Chris AdamsMcDonough Health Dept.MCHD
Chris DePalmaCitizenSelf
Christine HuelsmanMCDHself
Christine MyersLivingston County Mental Health BoardLCMHB
Christine Nickelsselfcitizen
Christine WinieckiSSEEOSelf
Christopher GrunowStickney Public Health DistrictStickney Public Health District
Christopher LovejoyCitizenChristopher Lovejoy
Christy NguyenLiubg forceAmerican Lung Association
Claire McElroyAnita St. Mary's HospitalCitizen
Colleen RyanAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Corey ClarkAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Corinne LoftusNational Kidney Foundation of IllinoisNational Kidney Foundation of Illinois
CRAIG BEINTEMAStephenson County Health DeptStephenson County Health Department, Stephenson County Board of Health
Cristin MathewAmerican Heart AssociationCitizen, American Heart Association
Cristina CortesiNASelf
Cyrus WinnettIllinois Primary Health Care AsssociationCommunity Health Centers
D M Greenwoodretiredself
Dan HohlIllinois State Medical SocietyIllinois State Medical Society
Daniel ManislovichChislerChisler
Daniel Struckselfself
Daniel ZakSelfself
Danielle Cortes DeVitoParentCitizen
Danielle Masekselfself
Danielle Villari SwetsAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
Darcy Jasien1969Self
Darla J Hoffmannselfself
Darla TracyCrawford County Health DepartmentCrawford County Health Department
Dave GrossIllinois Health & Hospital AssociationIllinois Health & Hospital Association
David BartlettKloecknor Steelself
David BrottmanHighland & Quentin, Incself
David BythewoodConstituentSelf
David CloughVillage of Skokie Health DepartmentSkokie Board of Health
David DziubaNoneSelf
David MelbySelfSelf
Dawn M AlbaneseIndividualSelf
Deana DiMicheleSt. Joseph Hospital Center for Cancer CareAdvocating for patients
Deanne BrandonAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
Debbie AtlasSelfSelf
Debbie FriendSelfCitizen
Debbie ReichSelfSelf
Deborah Riddle1965Registered Nurse
Debra AlbertAmerican Lung Association in Illinoisself
Debra NielsenSelfself
Debra Vogelselfself
Dennis BrennanDuPage County Health DepartmentDuPage County Health Department
Dia MorganNoneNone
Diana Scottindividualindividual
Diana ScottPeoria City County Health DepartmentPeoria City County Health Department
Diane ClarkAmerican Lung Association in IllinoisAmerican Lung Association in Illinois
Diane DohertyCitizenCitizen
Diane Ratekincitizenself
Diane TaylorSelfVoter
Diona DugoAmerican Cancer Societyself
Doctor Julie MoritaChicago Department of Public HealthCity of Chicago Department Of Public Health
Don CaviLogan County Department of Public HealthLogan County Department of Public Health
Donald ZeiglerAmerican Heart AssociationAmerican Heart Association
Donna M MosakowskiAmerican Lung Association in IllinoisSelf
Donna WeberIndividualFormer smoker who wishes I had never started; Mother of 2 teenagers who does not want them to use tobacco
Douglas TooleVermilion County Health Department, ILVermilion County Health Department
Dr Catherine A CounardVillage of SkokieSkokie Health Department
Dr Sarah L PatrickJackson County Health DepartmentJackson County Health Department
Dru ORourkeIllinois Chapter, American Academy of PediatricsICAAP
Dustin EpsteinSelfSelf
Edward BausSelfSelf
Edward WinslowWinslow Medical GroupSelf
Elisabeth HubbardSelfSelf (mother of three teens)
Elise Hauptmannoneself
Elise RoseselfSelf
Elizabeth A Jarpe-RatnerUICConcerned parent, public health professional
Elizabeth GonzalezSelfSelf
Elizabeth HeriaudSelfAmerican heart association
Elyse FinemanIllinois Society for the Prevention of BlindnessIllinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness
Elyse WeberEdward HospitalEdward Hospital Cancer Center
Emily WachowiakSelfself
Emmanuel ZambranoAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
Eric FosterIllinois Association for Behavioral HealthMental Health and Substance Use Disorder Prevention and Treatment Providers
Erica AcostaAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
Erin MeyerAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Esther SciammarellaChicago Hispanic Health CoalitionChicago Hispanic Health Coalition
Evelyn NeavearConcerned CitizenConcerned ex-smoker I believe that if I had to wait until I was 21 I would not have purchased cigarettes when I was 16 (63 now)
Evonda Thomas-SmithMrsPerson
Faith MillerFaith Millerself
Felicia FullerAmerian Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Gail BriggsselfSelf
Garth ReynoldsIllinois Pharmacists AssociationIllinois Pharmacists Association
George Lamancitizenself
Ghida NeukirchCity of Highland ParkCity of Highland Park
Gilda Rossreality illinoisReality Illinois Teen Leadership Group
Ginnie FlynnIL Academy of Family PhysiciansMyself
Gloria AvalosNoneSelf
Good Guidance Counseling and ConsultationGood GuidanceSelf
Gordana KrkicIL Academy of Family PhysiciansIL Academy of Family Physicians
Greg BrownSelfSelf
Gregory MendozaHighland Park Police Departmentself
Harold WimmerAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Harriet RosenthalSelfSelf
Heather GavrasSelfSelf
Heidi GonzalezAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
Ingrid WellsAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Jack ShapiroAmerican Lung Association in IllinoisAmerican Lung Association in Illinois
Jack Whitney MDNoneNone
Jackie Faine-On behalf of all who suffer from cancer and those who are trying to create a smoke-free world
Jacqueline BauerNAself
Jacqueline RoseSelfSelf
Jacquelyn JamesCitizenCitizen
Jaime KonieckiCitizenCitizen
James MilesNIPHCNorthern Illinois Public Health Consortium
Jan StarrChicago Springfield ConsultantRespiratory Health Association
Jane Crapnellselfself
Janean DoerflerAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Janeen V BazanHospitalrn
Janet HillRock Island County Health Departmentself
Janet MasonEdgar County Public Health DepartmentEdgar County Public Health Department
Janet SchneiderNorthwestern McHenry Hospital Sage Cancer CenterNorthwestern McHenry Hospital Sage Cancer Center
Janet WilliamsIllinois Coalition Against TobaccoIllinois Coalition Against Tobacco
Janette MurphyAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
Janey M CionteaNorthwestern Medicine Valley West HospitalNorthwestern Medicine
janice greenawaltselfself
Janice SmallAmerican Lung Association in Illinoisself
Janine Kirinnonecitizen
Janna SimonIllinois Public Health InstituteIllinois Public Health Institute
Jason KeelerUniversity of Chicago MedicineSelf
Jayme Leavyabcde fghinone
JEAN L SACHS-NYGARDRetired EducatorMyself
jean ryannoneMyself-jean ryan
Jean SchramcitizenMyself
Jeanne HochhalterSelfSELF
Jeanne R Bosecker1972Concerned Citizen
Jeanne R Bosecker1972IDHA
Jeff raiderIndividualIndividual
Jeff WorkmanClay County Health DepartmentClay County Health Department
Jeff WorkmanEffingham County Health DepartmentEffingham County Health Department
Jen FarmerJefferson Middle SchoolDistrict 129
Jennie PinkwaterIllinois Chapter, American Academy of PediatricsIllinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics
Jennifer BrauerAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
Jennifer Brodskycitizencitizen
Jennifer M LizakSelfSelf
Jennifer MeyerSIUCJennifer Meyer
Jennifer RossJ and J Legislative, LLCLobbyist-American Heart Association
Jennifer RossJ and J Legislative, LLCLobbyist-American Lung Association of IL
Jennifer SherryIllinois Dental Hygienists' AssociationConcerned citizen
Jessica BloodgoodAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
Jessica SchnaseEdward Cancer CenterEdward Cancer Center
Jesslyn JobeShawnee Health Serviceself
Jill ThompsonAmerican Lung Association in Greater ChicagoAmerican Lung Association
Jim PinesCitizenSelf
Jim Slezakselfself
Joan Brillerselfindividual
Joan JonesCitizenSelf
Joanna RosenbaumAmerican Lung Association in IllinoisSelf
john beerbowerConcerned CitizenConcerned Citizen and Parent of 4 children
John CarrIGAM IncIL Society Respiratory Care
John PetzkeNorth Shore School District 112self
Jon Hauptmannoneself
Joseph G Eaves3D Vapor LLCJoe Eaves
Joseph GoldzweigMended Little HeartsMended Little Hearts
Joyce WilliamsSelfSelf
Juan CastilloAmita Healthself
Judy RospendaAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action NetworkSELF
Judy TeaneyAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action Network ( ACSCAN)
Juli AistarsMrs.Northwest Community Healthcare, Arlington Heights, IL
Julia FitzgeraldAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Julia KerseyAmerican Heart AssociationSelf
Julia TestinNASelf
Julie AngleMrs.Self
Julie CampbellJulie L. Campbell, Attorney at LawThe Edelstein and Baumgartner families
Julie FitzpatrickSelfSelf
Julie MirostawAmerican Heart Association American Stroke AssociationAmerican Heart Association American Stroke Association
Julie Umecker GroskopfAt PropertiesAmerican Lung Association
JUSTINE E KAPLAN-myself- a public health practitioner and educator
Kai RudloffSelfSelf
Kara A davisLogan County Department of Public Healthnone
Kara AllredConcerned CitizenConcerned Citizen
Kara WelbornAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association in Illinois
Karen AdamsonHealthcare IT IndustryCitizen
Karen OConnorSelfmyself
Karin RogersNorthwestern Lake Forest Hospitalself
Karon CurtisMcDnough County Health DepartmentKaron Curtis
Katharyn Calandra Kritekcitizenchildren
Katherine MuellerCommunity MemberConcerned Parent and Resident of Illinois
Kathleen GossUniversity of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer CenterUniversity of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center
Kathryn E AlexanderSelfCitizen
Kathryn Schubertindividualnone
Kathy ChanCook County HealthCook County Health
Kathy DreaAmerican Lung Association in IllinoisAmerican Lung Association in Illinois
Kathy Michaelsonmyselfself
Katie DankoAnn & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of ChicagoAnn & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago
Katie KritekNew Trier High SchoolStudents
Katie McHughSelfSelf
Katie MoutrayNot applicableResident of Illinois
Katlynn HutchcraftIDHAIDHA Member
Kay L MiarsTazewell County Health Dept Environmental HealthTazewell County Health Dept
Kelli BrunsAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Kelly FlaniganChampaign-Urbana Public Health DistrictSelf
Kelly PerezSelfSelf, parent of a child
Kelly SiltmanProphetstown High Schoolcitizen
Kelly TinnesAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
Kelsey WhiteMontmorency Schoolself
Kelsie LandersEverThrive IllinoisEverThrive Illinois
Ken WebsterACS CANShana Crews- IL ACS CAN Grass roots Manager
Kent TarroMacoupin County Public Health DepartmentMacoupin County Public Health Department
Kenton RoseSelfSelf
Kerri AllenMcDonough County Health DeptMcDonough County Health Dept
Kevin CoplinEJ mckernanBoss vapes
Kevin FitzpatrickSelfSelf
Kevin J GleasonSelfSelf
Kevin NorvilleAmerican Heart AssociationSelf
Kevin ZakSelfself
Kim BrogdonAmercan Cancer SoceityAmerican cancer Society, Inc
Kim StoneSELFSelf
Kirk DisrudeMaine East High SchoolEducation
Kirk SteinbrueckerStonebridges Property ManagementSelf - lost two grandmother and mother to cancer caused by tobacco use
Kiyoko CzechAmerican Cancer SocietySelf, Mother of a teenager, daughter of long time smoker, neice of long time smokers, American Cancer Society
Kristen CoombeAmerican Lung Association in IllinoisAmerican Lung Association in Illinois
Kristin Hall SliwickiMarriage Resource Center, Ltd Family Therapy PracticeMarriage Resource Center, Ltd.
Kristine OlsonACScanACScan
Kyle HillmanNational Association of Social Workers Illinois ChapterNational Association of Social Workers - Illinois Chapter
Kyle PolkeSelfSelf; Young Professional who has seen first-hand the peer pressure youth are under and the impacts of a bad decision to try smoking (including vaping and e-cigarettes).
Kym DallstreamIllinois Dental Hygienists' AssociationIllinois Dental Hygienists' Association
Lael S EdelsteinSelfSelf
Lana TobinAmerican Cancer Society, IncAmerican Cancer Society, Inc - Mother of a 10 year old that I do not want to use tobacco products.
Lanie KeplerIllinois Public Health AssociationIllinois Association for Public Health Administrators
Lanie KeplerIllinois Public Health AssociationIllinois Public Health Association
Larry Williams DDS MPHMidwestern UniversitySkokie Board of Health
Laura SchneiderLake County Health Department and Community Health CenterLake County Health Department and Community Health Center
Laura BausIllinois Dental Hygienists AssociationDental Hygiene Professional and Illinois Dental Hygienists' Association (IDHA)
laura duffycitizentaxpayer
Laura M ScullyIllinois Dental Hygienists' AssociationIllinois Dental Hygienists' Association
Laura OConnorAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
Laura ScottAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Lauren InnocenziAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Lauren NiklinskiIndividualSelf; mother of two young boys. I hope they never succumb to this addiction.
Lauri DeRuiter-WillemsEastern Illinois UniversityMyself
Lena HatchettProviso Partners for HealthProviso Community Residents and organizations
Leslie R CarnahanSelfSelf- Former smoker who wishes I had never started
Lila YusenSelfSelf
Liliana VelazquezMission ReadinessRetired admirals and generals strengthening national security by ensuring kids stay in school, stay fit, and stay out of trouble
Linda ConlinEdward Cancer CenterLinda Conlin
Linda SchulzAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
Lindsay Morrisonselfself
Lindsay WilsonSelfSelf
Lisa A HinermanSelfConcerned Parents Of Kids Who Stopped Smoking Cigarettes With Vaping
Lisa GonzalezDeKalb County Health DepartmentLocal Public Health - DeKalb County
Lisa HartmanSelfSelf
Lisa j SiemsenIllinois Dental hygiene assocself
Lisa leipusNoneSelf
Lisa SchmidtIllinois Dental Hygienists' AssociationIllinois Dental Hygienists' Association
Lois DoberCitizenResident of Illinois
Lora LewisSelfSelf
Lori RyanMarion County Health DepartmentMarion CountyHealth Department
Lori YounkerAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Lubia Nunez-MontelongoSelfSelf
Lucinda GravesDeKalb County Health DepartmentPublic Health
Lucinda GravesDeKalb County Health DepartmentPublic Health-- self
Lydia ParkIllinois Dental Hygienists' AssociationIllinois Dental Hygienists' Association
Lynette WallerClay County Health DepartmentLynette Waller
Lynn StanczukSelfSelf
Lynne BraunRush UniversitySelf
Lynne BurnettNANA
Maggie McGuireNACitizen
Maggie OsborneAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action NetworkACS CAN and Mother of a teen daughter. I'm appalled that E-cigarette use has become an EPIDEMIC among kids in the US. RAISE THE AGE of sale of ALL-Tobacco Products to 21.
Maggie PowellselfSelf - an informed individual that knows that vaping has become an epidemic in schools. Children should not have access to any type of tobacco.
MaLinda HillmanLivingston County Health DepartmentLivingston County Health Department
Mandy RiemanJasper County Health DeptMyself
Mansoina BawejaEdward HospitalSelf
Margaret GrotefendtAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society - Smoking cigarettes kills more Americans than alcohol, car accidents, HIV, guns, and illegal drugs combined.
Margaret LanenoneResident of Illinois
Margie PinesselfSelf
Maria Aurora DiazPresence Healthself
Maria BrownSelfSelf
Maria Gonzalez1967self
Mariana I WrzosekAMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center - ChicagoCitizen
Marie RoseCitizenSelf
Marigale WalshCitizenCitizen
Marilyn FelixAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Mark EdelsteinSelfSelf
Mark PfisterLake County Health Department and Community Health CenterNorthern Illinois Public Health Consortuim, Illinois Association of Public Health Administrators, Illinois Public Health Association and the Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center
Marla GroaningSelfna
Marlie PykelnyAmerican Cancer SocietyDaughter of a cancer survivor, I don't want anyone else to go through what she has gone through treating cancer.
Martha SilbermanSilberman householdconcerned parents of teens
Martin CrapnellselfMy final job was in alternative education with high-school age students. Students often didn't complete work but had to have a cigarett or vape every 50 minutes at break time.
Mary E FordMs.Self Two of my uncles died from lung cancer as a result of smoking. My youngest sister smokes and is trying to quit.
Mary E OConnorUnforgettable Edibles Catering CompanyCitizen
mary gleasonAMITA Healthself
Mary MangaserAmita Health Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical CenterSelf - Former smoker who wishes I had never started smoking cigarettes. I am experiencing health issues now because of smoking cigarettes
Mary WenclawskiCitizenCitizen
Mason RoseSelfSelf
Matt MaloneyRespiratory Health AssociationRespiratory Health Association
Matthew AlschulerSelfSelf
Matthew SladeVillage of DurandSelf
MaureenAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Maureen MulhallMaureen MulhallIllinois Society for Respiratory Care
Maureen PowellAMITA St. Mary's Hospitalself
Meg FischerAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
Megan BurnsAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
Megha MathurNASelf - oldest sister of seven who wants to make sure the younger ones never start smoking
Meghan GauenAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
Meghan MillerAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Meghan WoltmanAdvocate Health CareAdvocate Health Care
MELISSA feldmanSelfSelf
Melissa Hauptmannoneself
Melissa RickeySelfChildren of Illinois
Mica HanssonAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Michael David MontiZeigler-Royalton Federation of Teachers ZRFT 4123Myself and teachers from my local school district.
Michael E PollakMichael E PollakVillage of Skokie
Michael LubelfeldNorth Shore School District 112Self
Michael Seth MontagueAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Michelle Black RNCumberland County Health DepartmentConcerned medical personal.
Michelle DomeckiUniversity of ChicagoMother of a teenager who does not want them to use tobacco; I work with cancer researchers
Michelle FreedmanNoneSelf
Michelle GramesAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Michelle Hicks-TurnerAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Michelle Pruimnaindividual
Mike GradyStrategic Advocacy GroupAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
Monica BaldwinIllinois Dental Hygienists AssociationIllinois Dental Hygienists Association
Monica GuerrantAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Monica HendricksonPeoria City County Health DepartmentPeoria County Board of Health
Monica K CampbellNAConcerned parent
Monica StokesLake County Health DepartmentNo one
Morgan CaseySelfSelf
Morgan DevalAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
Morgan Paulusselfself
Nancy FreeseAHACitizen
Nancy J MartinChristian County Health DepartmentResident of Illinois
Nancy L BoseckerConcerned CitizenConcerned Citizen
Nancy Lynn AmersonSelfSelf
Nancy TopouzianBoard of Health, Skokie, IllinoisBoard of Health, Skokie, IL
Naomi PierceSelfSelf
Neil BallentineAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Nita LudwigRock Island County Health DeptPublic Health
Noor SekhonnoneSelf
Noreen SmrzNorthwestern Medicine Kishwaukee HospitalSELF - Mother and father both died of lung cancer from smoking.
Ommar HlaNuclear Oncology SCNuclear Oncology SC
Oran FriendFriendly TrainingOran Friend
P Ann Solari-TwadellLoyola University Chicago, Niehoff Schol of NursingP. Ann Solari-Twadell
Patricia CarlinNoneRepresenting my children and grandchildren.
Patricia FountainSelfPatricia Fountain
Paul WilkinsWoodford County Health Departmentresident of IL
Peter Guntherselfself
Peter Tijerinanoneself
Peter TyorretiredSelf--My family has suffered from the results of tobacco.
Philip JassGrundy County Health DepartmentGrundy County Health Department
Phyllis EarlsCitizenSelf
Polly Jane SulcerMrs.Na
Rachel BecknellConstituentSelf
Rachel DaiglerAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Rachel MintleNoneConcerned resident of Illinois
Radine CoxRetiredSelf
RaeAnn VanGundyKendall County Health DepartmentKendall County Health Department
Rebecca StewartRebecca's DaycarePerson
Rebecca BungeIDHAIDHA
Rebecca GoffNoneNone
Rebecca StewartRebeccas's DaycarePerson
Renata Passman2334 W Lawrence suite 215, Chicago, IL 60625IDHA
Rhonda Andrews-RaySouthern Seven Health DepartmentCitizens of Pulaski, Pope, Hardin, Johnson, Union, Massac, and Alexander Counties
Rhonda PettitAmita Saint Joseph Medical Center, Jolietself
Rhonda PourIndividualDaughter and Sibling of Smokers who have been diagnosed with Lung Cancer
Rick AtlasSelfSelf
Robert A BayerNorthwestern MedicineACS
Robert ChristieNorthwestern MedicineNorthwestern Medicine
Robert OakleafAmerican Lung Association in IllinoisAmerican Lung Association in Illinois
Robert r havenarBoss vspesBoss vapes
Roberto T MaldonadoNancy Young Elementarycitizen
Robin GiffordPresence Heritage Villageself
Roger CrawfordOSF Healthcare SystemOSF Healthcare supports T21. Father of a 23 year old who is hooked on smokeless tobacco started as a teenager during summer league baseball.
Ronald MelkaLyons Township Mental Health CommissionLyons Township Mental Health Commission
Ronald PriceVillage of BannockburnSelf
Ronda DunnJackson Perry Counties Regional Delivery SystemJackson Perry Counties Regional Delivery System
Rosa BausSelfConcerned Citizen
Ruben HinojosaCitizenCitizen
Rudy BessThe Hope Light FoudnationThe Hope Light Foundation
Ruth Ann FlowersGreene County Health DepartmentIllinois Public Health Administration Association
Ruth Fink-WinterSelfSelf
Ryan AlvarezRush Copley Medical CenterRyan Alvarez
Ryan BlumbergBack of the Yards College PrepSelf
Sally DraperAmerican Lung AssociationSally Draper
Sandra Bloodnonenone
Sandra MartellWinnebago County Health DepartmentWinnebago County Health Department
Sandra Nagel Beebeselfself
Sandra Schleichermyselfmyself
Sandra WichnerEducationWritten Statement
Sandra Zelman Lewis PhDEBQ ConsultingSelf -- Health services researcher, anti-tobacco advocate, witness to effects of smoking on smokers, their families and friends, and society at large, including economy
Sarah BreedenNoneSelf
Sarah Buller FentonPublic Health NurseRegistered Professional Nurse; Public Health Nurse
Sarah NorrisSelfSelf- Asthmatic that cannot visit the homes of many of my family members who have been addicted to smoking since high school
Scott SaxeSelfSelf
Scott WarrenLincolnshire Prairie View District 103Self
Sean McDermottSR McDermott ConsultingNorthern Illinois Public Health Consortium
Shana CrewsAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action NetworkAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
Sharon FrederkigWashington County Health DepartmentWashington County Health Department
Shashikanth GannuNot applicablePerson
Sheila BartlettSelfSheila Bartlett
Shelley KinneyselfRN
Shelly Filenana
Sherri LukesIDHA, SIU Dental HygieneIL Dental Hygienists' Assoc
Shiv MorjariaSelfSelf
Shivani ShahChampaign-Urbana Public Health DistrictSelf
Shontell MitchellPresence Heritage Villageself
Simona WhiteAmerican Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society ACS CAN
Sister Ann Marie CwickSt. Cornelius Catholic ChurchSelf
Sonia WildNot providedSelf - Mother of a teenager that doesn't want them to start using tobacco.
Spencer SartinStudent At the University of ChicagoAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
Stacey BettisAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Stacey McKinneyConcerned CitizenConcerned Citizen
Stacie EaleyTazewell County Health DepartmentResident of Illinois
Stacy NelsonAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Stella MechkovaAdlai E StevensonStella Mechkova
Stephanie SmithAmerican Cancer SocietySelf
Steve SheffeyNoneSelf
Steve SmerzSelect...Self
steven mosakowskiAmerican Lung Association in IllinoisAmerican Lung Association in Illinois
Stewart ReichCitizenSelf
Sue ClarkCapitol Edge Consulting, LLCIllinois Society for Advanced Practice Nursing and ANA-Illinois,
Sue ClarkCima ServicesNA
Sue Stefanoselfself
Sunny BengtsonMcHenry County Department of HealthSelf
Susan A BartlettCitizenCitizen
Susan AfeltraSusan Afeltraself
Susan ReisbergSkokie Health DepartmentSelf
Suzanne ElderAmerican Cancer SocietySelf
T CMs.Self
Tabatha WellsSiu somSelf
Tara MitchellSelfSelf
Tarneka ManningAmerican Cancer SocietySelf
Tawanda Johnson-GrayHeart & Stroke ProjectHeart & Stroke Project, Inc.
Teri CollinsMCYAFAmita Health
Teri McSherryIllinois Dental Hygienists' AssociationIllinois Dental Hygienists' Association
Terri ApostolouIllinois Dental Hygienists AssociationIllinois Dental Hygienists Association
Terri KaislingAmita Heath Resurrection Medical Center, ChicagoCitizen
Terry MasonNorthern IL Public Health Consortium, Cook County Dpt of Public HealthCook County Dpt of Public Health and Northern IL Public Health Consortium
Theresa HeatonKane County Health DepartmentKane County Health Department
Thomas GouldAmerican Heart AssociationAmerican Heart Association
Tim CarpenterMission ReadinessMission Readiness
Todd Kisner MPHSelfSelf
Tom HughesIllinois Public Health AssociationIllinois Public Health Association
Toni CoronaMadison County Health DepartmentMadison County Health Department
Tony HollenbackNiles Family Services - Village of NilesSelf
Traci WhitlockGreene County Health DepartmentGreene County Health Department
Trisha ArdSelfSelf
Troy J Michalekselfcitizen
Ty StewartRebecca's DaycarePerson
Valerie WojsAmerican Lung AssociationAmerican Lung Association
Vedika KheradiyaAmita Health Resurrection Medical CenterCitizen
Victoria Salowindividualresident of Illinois
Walter HoweCitizen of Illinois and concerned parentMyself
Wenora JohnsonIndividualSelf - Mother and Grandmother of children who does not want them to use tobacco
Whitney Smyserselfself
William ChesterSelfConcerned citizen
WILLIAM KEMPINERSMyselfI am representing myself in support of the effort to raise the tobacco age to 21.
William WernerSkokie Board of HealthBoard Member
Winona Dulkaself employedSelf
Hearing Date and Time: Public Health (S) 1/29/2019 1:00 PM
AmandaBoone County Health DepartmentPublic Health in Illinois
Andrea DurbinIllinois Collaboration on YouthIllinois Collaboration on Youth
Ashley Moy-WootenSkokie Department of HealthSkokie Board of Health
Carl HagstromSelfLake County Board of Health
Carla EwingMercer County Health DepartmentMercer County Health Department
Christofer RodriguezSIU School of MedicineI am representing myself as a private citizen. My opinion and statement is mine alone, and not representative of my agency.
David CloughVillage of Skokie Health DepartmentSkokie Board of Health
Dr Catherine A CounardVillage of SkokieSkokie Health Department
Laura SchneiderLake County Health Department and Community Health CenterLake County Health Department and Community Health Center
Matthew SladeVillage of DurandSelf
Morgan CaseySelfSelf
Patrick SchweskaCity of ChicagoCity of Chicago
Robert AdamiUnemployedMA
Timothy SashkoLake CountyBoard of Health President
Tom HughesIl.Public Health Assoc.Il.Public Health Assoc.