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Witness Slips For HB0202  102nd General Assembly

House Amendment 001
Bill Status

Legislation: HB0202
Proponents: 380Opponents: 7No Position: 6
NameFirm, Business Or AgencyRepresenting
Hearing Date and Time: State Government (S) 5/19/2021 2:00 PM
Chuck SullivanAssociated Fire Fighters of IllinoisAssociated Fire Fighters of Illinois
Clint BrownLocal 881 United food and Commercial WorkersLocal 881UFCW
Matthew SladeMyselfSelf
Steve ShetskyAssociated Fire Fighters of IllinoisAssociated Fire Fighters of Illinois
Hearing Date and Time: State Government (S) 5/12/2021 2:00 PM
Chuck SullivanAssociated Fire Fighters of IllinoisAssociated Fire Fighters of Illinois
james tracy IIIchicago firefighters Local 2Chicago firefighters union local 2
Joseph SenorskiLocal 2Chicago Firefighters Local 2
Steve ShetskyAssociated Fire Fighters of IllinoisAssociated Fire Fighters of Illinois
Hearing Date and Time: Police & Fire Committee (H) 3/11/2021 2:00 PM
Thomas GarrityChicago Fire Department
abel riverachicago fire dept.
Abi DiazChicago fire dept
Adam E CiprianiChicago Fire Department
Adam SandovalChicago fire departmentUnion local 2
adam traylorChicago Fire Depaertment
andrew irvingChicago Fire Department
Angel LopezChicago Fire Department
Angelo ZeritisCFD
Anthony PietCity of Chicago
Anthony ChessareChicago Fire Department
Anthony EvangelistiChicago Fire Department
Anthony FerrarisLocal 2
Anthony M FolinoChicago Fire Department
Anton w muthMe
Arturo MoraChicago Fire Dept.
Benjamin DiazCFD
Benjamin KaiserCFFU Local 2CFFU Local 2
Benny BaltazarChicago Fire DeptCFFU
Brandon CerritoCFD
Brendan BroderickChicago Fire DepartmentCFD
Brian ClarkeCFFU Local 2Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2
Brian CunninghamChicago Fire Department
Brian LataChicago Fire Department
Brian LeBaronChicago fire department
Brian M EmmerickChicago Fire Department
Brian MarynowskiCFD
Brian McLaughlinChicago fire department
Brian RichardsChicago Fire Department
Bruno PaixaoChicago Fire Department
Carl SalvatoCFD Local 2
Carlos E RoblesLocal 2
Carter GawelChicago Firefighters Union Local 2Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2
Cathie Solcanina
Cesar cabralNa
Charles BoberChicago Fire Dept
Charles KinnerkChicago Fire DepartmentChicago Fire Department
Charles ScarberryChicago Fire Department
Chikita smithChicago fire departmentCFD
Christian HoweChicago Fire Department
Christian VatesChicago Fire DepartmentChicago Firefighters Local 2
Christopher D MaholyCFD
Christopher KreskiChicago Fire Department
Christopher M HassanNA
Christopher MeziereCFFU Local 2
Christopher PerryChicago Fire Department
Christopher SteinmetzChicago Fire Department
Christopher T ClarkChicagi Fjre Department
Christopher Van DorpeChicago fire department
Christopher WalczakChicago Fire Department
Christopher Whiteside--None--
Chuck SullivanAssociated Fire Fighters of IllinoisAssociated Fire Fighters of Illinois
Clint RiveraCFD
Collin SchultzChicago fire department
cornelius a foleyChicago Fire Department
Cortney PhillipsCFD
courtney averyChicago Fire Department emsChicago fire department
Cruz A AngonCFD
Daniel BolgerChicago Fire Department
Daniel BombenChicago Fire Dept.
Daniel ByrneChicago Fire Department
Daniel DeGryseChicago Firefighters Union Local 2CFFU Local 2
Daniel E HopkinsNANA
Daniel FlynnChicago Fire Department
Daniel GillespieCFD Local 2
Daniel HernandezChicago Fire Department
Daniel lapinskiChicago fire department
Daniel LieberChicago Fire Department
daniel mcvickerchicago fire dept
Daniel MoriartyChicago Fire DepartmentCFD
Daniel O'ConnellChicago Fire Dept
Daniel P OHaganChicago Firefighters Local 2Chicago Firefighters Local 2
Daniel PerezChicago fire department
Daniel ScheibenreifChicago Firefighters Union, IAFF-Local 2
Daniel SparacinoChicago fire department
Daniel TruesdaleChicago Fire Department
David BenzCFD
David ClaudioChicago Fire Department
David DoyleChicago Fire Department
David M Bernicky SrCFD
David PaeLocal 2Local 2
David RiordanChicago Fire Dept
David TerryChicago Fire Dept.Chicago Fire Dept.
Dean GiannasiChicago fire fept
Demetrios LagiosChicago Fire Dept.
Denijal MilatCFD
Devon FlynnChicago Fire Department Local 2
Donald HromaChicago Fire Department - RetiredChicago Firefighters Union Local 2
Doreen ChambersCFFU Local 2
Dujuan NicksonC F D
Dylan DelantyChicago Fire Department
Edgar GalloChicago Fire Department
Edgar MiramontesCfd
Edward HickeyChicago Fire DepartmentEdward Hickey family
Edward J MurphyChicago Fire Department
Edward SantiagoCFD
Elias QuinteroChicago fire DepartmentChicago fire department
Eliasard AlcauterChicago fire department
Erick QuintanaChicago Fire Dept
Erik SteinmetzIAFF Local 2
Evelyn SearsChicago Fire Department
Federico TalaveraSelf
Florian skelnikChicago fire departmentChicago fire department
FRANK J PRESSELChicago fire dept
Frank MuellerLocal 2Local 2
Frank RuscelloRetired
Fred A CnotaChicago Fire Department
Frederick ExterCFD
Freida HuguethChicago fire department
Gabriel SanchezChicago Fire Dept Local 2
Gabriel VelascoChicago Fire Department
Garrett McCarthyChicago Fire DepartmentChicago Fire Department
George healyLocal 2
Gerald Nichols JrCFFU Local 2
Guillermo PerezCity of Chicago Fire Department
Harold D Turrentineon behalf of selfChicago Firefighters Union local 2
Ismael TorresChicago fire department
Jafeden LeeChicago Fire Department
Jaimie ReidChicago Fire Dept.
james bonnettFF
James FitzgeraldCFD
James GallagherChicago Fire Department
James LakawitchChicago Fire Department
james leggChicago fire department
James McDonaldChicago Fire Department local2
James MullaghyChicago Fire DepartmentChicago Firefighters Union, Local 2
James OBoyleCFDCFD
James SchinlerCFD
James W RussellChicago Fire department
Jason KlausingChicago fire department
Jason PaszkowskiChicago Fire DepartmentChicago Fire. department
Javier DiazChicago Fire Department
Jeffrey B KolbashChicago Fire Department
Jeffrey BrennerChicago Fire Department
Jeffrey CoffouCFD
Jeffrey LarsenChicago Fire Department
Jennifer LivingstonChicago Fire Dept.
Jim JablonowskiSelf
Jim WalshCFD
Jimmie millerChicago Fire Department
Joe SolcaniChicago Fire Department
Joe WietechaCfd
Joel WassermanChicago Fire Department
John CantafioChicago Fire Department
John CostasCity of Chicago Fire Department
John CroninChicago fire department
John FitzpatrickLocal 2Local 2
John FloodChicago Fire Department
John GoosherstChicago Fire Department
John HughesChicago fire dept
John KlockowskiCFD
John M COLBYChicago Fire Dept.
John OCarrollChicago Fire deptI am finished
John P LeenCFD
John ScheunemanChicago Fire Dept - CFFU Local 2
Jorge PintoCFD
Jose J MorenoChicago Fire Department - Retired
Joseph BrowneOn behalf of selfSelf
Joseph F ComitoCFD
Joseph forchioneChicago fire department
joseph jasas jrChicago Fire Department
Joseph KeneippChicago Fire Department
Joseph LoveCFDCFD
Joseph peaseChicago fire dept
Joseph RoccasalvaSelfSelf
Joseph ScardinoLocal 2
Joseph SenorskiLocal 2Chicago Firefighters Local 2
Joseph W DonovanCity of Chicago
Joshua HughesChicago Fire Dept
Juan RamirezChicago fire departmentChicago Fire Department
Juan RenteriaChicago fire department
Julian Briseno JrChicago Fire Department
katrina basicChicago Firfighter Local 2
Keith BrandelCFD
Keith ContantCFFU Local 2
Kenneth DoyleCFDCFD
Kenneth JuraszLocal 2
Kenneth SchafferChicago Fire Dept
Kenneth tempelCfd
Kevin AngusChicago Fire Department
Kevin B CoffeyChicago Fire DepartmentIAFF Local 2
Kevin CorleyCFD
Kevin DurkinChicago Fire Dept
Kevin FracekChicago Fire Department
Kevin M SobekChicago Fire DepartmentChicago Fire Department
kevin Mc AuliffeCrestwood Fire Dewpartment
Kevin McCarthyChicago Fire Department
kevin mcnicholasCFD
Kevin NewellFirefighter
Kevin RutherfordCity of Chicago
Kevin StensonChicago Fire Department
Kevin WalskiChicago Fire Department
Kristoffer KamperChicago Fire Department
Kurt NelsonChicago Fire Department
Lawrence KlepekChicago Fire Dept
Lloyd ZiembaChicago Fire Department
Louis MaroldaChicago Fire DeptCFFU Local2
Lucas WinterCFD
Marc AlbanoCity of Chicago - Fire Department
Marc BragaloneChicago Fire Dept.
Marcelo KotzmanChicago Fire Department
Marcus sinkChicago fire dept
Margaret VaughnMargaret Vaughn ConsultingIL Firefighters Association
Mark AndradeCFDCFD
Mark EganChicago Firefighter's Union
mark frigoChicago Fire Dept
Mark GullifordChicago Fire Department
Mark J Burke SrChicago Firefighters Union Local2
Mark NathausChicago Fire
Mark TaylorCFD
Mark ZilchChicago Fire Department
Martin DohertyChicago Firefighters Local 2Union
Martin ScanlonCFD local 2
mary nolanCfd
Marzena SemrauCFD
Matt PallerChicago fire dept
Matthew BorkowskiLocal 2
Matthew GerrosChicago fire department
Matthew KnightCFD
Matthew martensCfd
Matthew NeeCFD
Matthew SharesChicago Fire Department
Mauricio RodriguezChicago Fire Department
Maximiliano AvalosCFD
Michael AhernCFD
Michael ButkusChicago Firefighters Union, Local 2Chicago Firefighters Union, Local 2
Michael DayCity of Chicago
Michael E HeinChicago Fire Department
Michael EspositoCFD
Michael G WilburChicago Fire Department
MICHAEL GORSZCZYK jrChicago fire dept
Michael HarrisChicago Fire DepartmentChicago Fire Department
Michael ImparatoCFD
Michael Kenneth ReingruberChicago Fire Department
Michael LonkarCFD
Michael R KappelChicago Fire Department
Michael SeguinChicago Fire Department
Michael TorresCFD
Michael VallesChicago Fire Department
Michael WalshChicago Fire Dept
Michael WilhelmsChicago Fire Department
Michelle JaskulskiChicago Fire DepartmentFran Hurley
Mike HallChicago Fire Dept
Mike HoristCFD
Mike McCoolCfd
Mike StaufferChicago Fire Department
Morris BishopChicago Fire
Nicholas FortunaChicago Fire Department
Nicholas PetreCFD
Nolberto IniguezCFD
Owen KellyLocal 2
Patrick CareyCity of Chicago
Patrick ClearyChicago Fire Fighters Union
Patrick GarrityChicago Fire Dept.
Patrick J FarrellChicago Fire Department
Patrick kellyCfd
Patrick L BrownChicago Fire Dept and CFFU Local 2
Patrick NolanChicago fire
Patrick QuaneChicago Firefighters Union
Paul KorandaLocal 2
Paul StaufferChicago Fire Dept Retired
Peter Webernone
Philip A HolzmanChicago Fire Dept
Philip OrsiCfd
Ramona LindquistLocal 2 firefighters unionLocal 2 firefighters union
Randall M FrederickChicago Fire Department
Raymond FineronChicago Fire Dept
REYNALDO SOTOChicago Fire dept
Rich VopickaLOCAL 2
richard brownChicago Fire Department
Richard KubiakChicago Fire Department
Richard PapezCFD
Richard Shea JrChicago Fire Department
Richard WhitlockCFD
Richard WoodChicago Fire Dept
Rick BianchiniChicago Fire Dept
Robert BallantyneChicago Fire Department
robert byrnechicago firefighters union
Robert D SwansonChicago Fire Dept
Robert GackiChicago fire dept
robert kissanechicago fire
Robert KornChicago Fire Department
Robert LancasterChicago fire Department
Robert MorrisCFD
Robert OpiolaChicago Firefighters Local 2
Robert PamatianCFDCFD
Robert RichterChicago Firefighters Union Local 2
Robert SkalskiChicago Fire Department
Robert SnowChicago Fire DepartmentChicago Fire Department
Robert ThompsonCFD
Robert TracyChicago Fire DepartmentFire Department
Robert TwardakSelf
Roberto Torres JrCFD
Rodney ArroyoChicago Fire Dept
Rodney L Lopez IIChicago Fire DeptChicago Fire Dept
Roger SidorskiCFD Local 2
Roland E RiosChicago Fire Department
Ronald GuinazzoChicago fire departmentCfd
Ronald KrouseChicago Fire Department
Roy SolofraCfd
Ryan AntonikLocal 2
Ryan EnrightNA
Ryan OConnellChicago Fire Department
Ryan Patrick QuinnCFFU Local 2
Ryan TuzikChicago Fire Dept
SalvatoreChicago fire dept
Salvatore VentimigliaCFD
Samuel FrenchChicago Fire Dept
Santiago AlvarezCFD local 2CFD Local 2
Scott AchtelChicago Fire Department
Scott DavisChicago Fire Dept Local 2
Scott HollandChicago Fire Department
Scott kozielChicago fire department
Scott PrzystalChicago Fire Dept
Sean HeneghanChicago fire departmentChicago Fire Department
Sean KevinChicago Fire Department
Sean KirbyChicago Fire Department
Sean MarrottaChicago
Severen HendersonChicago Fire Department
Sharisse GrassmuckChicago Fire DepartmentLocal 2
SHAWN MURPHYChicago firefighters union
stanley wozniaktrophy and awards inc
Stephen DodovichCFFU Local 2
Stephen FrancoChicago Fire Dept
Stephen FugajCFD retired
Steve BosniackChicago Fire Dept
Steve colemanChicago Fire Dept
Steve ShetskyAssociated Fire Fighters of IllinoisAssociated Fire Fighters of Illinois
Steven HerlingIAFF Local 2Chicago Firefighters, 4th generation firefighter
Steven M BradyChicago Fire Department
Steven SchulzNone
Ted SchneiderChicago Fire Department Local 2
Thomas CodyChicago firefighters unionChicago firefighters active and retired
Thomas DarwinChicago fire department
Thomas K WolfChicago Fire DepartmentChicago Fire Department
Thomas KellyChicago fire department
THOMAS LUTHERChicago fire department
Thomas MeziereChicago Fire Department
Thomas MillerChicago Fire dept
Thomas MulroeChicago Fire Department
Thomas OrzechowskiChicago Fire Department
thomas sullivanboles fpd CERT
Thomas WagnerChicago Firefighters Union Local 2
Timothy EvansCity of Chicago Fire Department
Timothy KellyChicago Firefighters Union, Local 2
Timothy MarkhamChicago Fire Department CFFU Local 2
Timothy QuinnCFD
Timothy RyanCFFU Local 2CFFU Local 2
Todd TaylorChicago Fire Department
Tom GahaganChicago fire department
Tom KellyChicago Fire Department
Tony GarciaChicago Fire Dept.
Trevor WiitalaChicago Fire DepartmentChicago Fire Department
William J DoodyLocal 2
William L Sullivan JrSelf
William MurphyCFFU Local2Chicago Firefighters Union, Local 2
Zbigniew GornySelf
Hearing Date and Time: Police & Fire Committee (H) 3/4/2021 2:00 PM
Matthew SladeMyselfSelf