State of Illinois
91st General Assembly
Public Acts

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Public Act 91-0786

SB1504 Enrolled                                LRB9111477EGfg

    AN ACT to amend the Illinois  Municipal  Code  by  adding
Section 11-90-7.

    Be  it  enacted  by  the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:

    Section 5.  The Illinois Municipal  Code  is  amended  by
adding Section 11-90-7 as follows:

    (65 ILCS 5/11-90-7 new)
    Sec. 11-90-7. Continuation of certain powers derived from
the Capital City Railroad Relocation Authority.
    (a)  All  of  the  statutory  powers  and duties that the
Capital City Railroad Relocation Authority had  to  implement
the  agreements  that  it  entered into for Useable Segment 3
(including but not limited to the power to  acquire  property
exchanged  by  the  railroads  for  the railroad right-of-way
acquired by the Authority and to sell, transfer, exchange, or
assign  property  as  it  deems  appropriate),   which   were
transferred  to the City of Springfield under Section 11-90-5
of this Code, shall continue in effect and may  be  exercised
by  the  City of Springfield until the City has completed the
transactions  it  was  required  to  perform  under   Section
11-90-5,  but only for the implementation of, and subject to,
those agreements.
    (b)  Once the  City  of  Springfield  has  completed  the
transactions  required  to perform the agreements referred to
in subsection (a), its powers and duties under  this  Section
are terminated.
    (c)  All   otherwise  lawful  actions  taken  before  the
effective date of this Section in reliance on or pursuant  to
Section  11-90-5  or  11-90-6  of this Code by any officer or
agency of State government or of the City of  Springfield  or
by any other person or entity are hereby validated.
    (d)  This  Section  applies to all claims, civil actions,
and proceedings arising out of actions taken in  reliance  on
or  pursuant  to Section 11-90-5 or 11-90-6 of this Code that
are pending on or filed on or after  the  effective  date  of
this amendatory Act of the 91st General Assembly.

    Section  99.  Effective date.  This Act takes effect upon
becoming law.

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