State of Illinois
91st General Assembly
Public Acts

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Public Act 91-0777

HB4176 Enrolled                                LRB9109951JSpc

    AN ACT concerning prescription drug information cards.

    Be it enacted by the People of  the  State  of  Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:

    Section  1.  Short  title.   This Act may be cited as the
Uniform Prescription Drug Information Card Act.

    Section 5.  Legislative intent.  It is the intent of  the
legislature  to  lessen  patients'  waiting  times,  decrease
administrative  burdens  for  pharmacies, and improve care to
patients by  minimizing  confusion,  eliminating  unnecessary
paperwork,  and  streamlining  the dispensing of prescription
products paid for by third-party payors. This  Act  shall  be
broadly applied and interpreted to effectuate this purpose.

    Section  10.   Definitions.  As  used  in  this  Act, the
following terms have the meanings given in this Section.
    "Department" means the Department of Insurance.
    "Director" means the Director of Insurance.
    "Health  benefit  plan"  means  an  accident  and  health
insurance policy  or  certificate  subject  to  the  Illinois
Insurance  Code,  a voluntary health services plan subject to
the Voluntary Health Services Plans Act, a health maintenance
organization  subscriber  contract  subject  to  the   Health
Maintenance  Organization  Act, a plan provided by a multiple
employer welfare arrangement, or a plan provided  by  another
benefit  arrangement.  Without  limitation,  "health  benefit
plan" does not mean any of the following types of insurance:
         (1)  accident;
         (2)  credit;
         (3)  disability income;
         (4)  long-term or nursing home care;
         (5)  specified disease;
         (6)  dental or vision;
         (7)  coverage  issued  as  a supplement to liability
         (8)  medical   payments    under    automobile    or
         (9)  insurance under which benefits are payable with
    or  without regard to fault as statutorily required to be
    contained  in  any   liability   policy   or   equivalent
         (10)  hospital income or indemnity;
         (11)  self-insured  health  benefit  plans under the
    federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.

    Section 15.  Uniform prescription drug information  cards
    (a)  A  health  benefit  plan that issues a card or other
technology and provides coverage for  prescription  drugs  or
devices  and  an  administrator of such a plan including, but
not limited to, third-party administrators  for  self-insured
plans   and  state-administered  plans  shall  issue  to  its
insureds  a  card  or  other  technology  containing  uniform
prescription drug information.  The uniform prescription drug
information  card  or  other  technology  shall  specifically
identify and display the following mandatory data elements on
the front of the card:
         (1)  BIN number;
         (2)  Processor control number if required for claims
         (3)  Group number;
         (4)  Card issuer identifier;
         (5)  Cardholder ID number; and
         (6)  Cardholder name.
    The uniform prescription drug information card  or  other
technology   shall  specifically  identify  and  display  the
following mandatory data elements on the back of the card:
         (1)  Claims submission names and addresses; and
         (2)  Help desk telephone numbers and names.
    (b)  A new uniform prescription drug information card  or
other  technology  shall  be  issued by a health benefit plan
upon enrollment and reissued upon any change in the insured's
coverage that affects mandatory data  elements  contained  on
the card.

    Section 20.  Applicability and enforcement.
    (a)  This  Act  applies  to health benefit plans that are
amended, delivered, issued,  or  renewed  on  and  after  the
effective  date  of  this amendatory Act  of the 91st General
    (b)  The Director may adopt rules necessary to  implement
the Department's responsibilities under this Act.  To enforce
the  provisions  of  this Act, the Director may issue a cease
and desist order or require a health benefit plan to submit a
plan of correction for  violations  of  this  Act,  or  both.
Subject  to  the  provisions  of  the Illinois Administrative
Procedure Act, the Director may, pursuant to Section 403A  of
the  Illinois  Insurance  Code,  impose upon a health benefit
plan an  administrative  fine  not  to  exceed  $250,000  for
failure  to submit a requested plan of correction, failure to
comply with its plan or correction, or repeated violations of
this Act.

    Section 99.  Effective date.  This Act  takes  effect  on
January 1, 2001.

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