State of Illinois
91st General Assembly
Public Acts

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Public Act 91-0750

SB1642 Enrolled                               LRB9112686ACdvA

    AN ACT in relation to arthritis.

    Be it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of  Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:

    Section 1. Short title. This Act  may  be  cited  as  the
Arthritis Quality of Life Initiative Act.

    Section  5.  Legislative  findings.  The General Assembly
finds and declares that:
         (1)  Arthritis is the most  common,  crippling,  and
    costly  chronic  disease in the United States; it affects
    14.5% of the population or more than 40,000,000 Americans
    of all ages. One in every 7 people and  one  in  every  3
    families are affected by the disease.
         (2)  Arthritis  is the nation's number one disabling
    disease and disables 7,000,000 Americans. It  is  one  of
    the most common and disabling chronic conditions reported
    by  women  and far exceeds the reporting of hypertension,
    heart  disease,  diabetes,  and  breast,  cervical,   and
    ovarian cancers.
         (3)  With  an  aggregate  cost  of about 1.1% of the
    gross national product or  an  estimated  $64,800,000,000
    annually  in medical expenses, lost wages, and associated
    economic losses, arthritis and other  rheumatic  diseases
    have a significant economic impact on the nation.
         (4)  As  the leading cause of industrial absenteeism
    after the common cold, arthritis accounts nationally  for
    500,000,000  days  of  restricted activity and 27,000,000
    days lost from work each year.
         (5)  The federal Centers  for  Disease  Control  and
    Prevention  project  that by the year 2020, the incidence
    of arthritis will  increase  by  59%  in  the  State  and
    throughout the country, affecting 20% of the population.
         (6)  Programs  and  services presently are available
    that can  dramatically  impact  on  early  diagnosis  and
    treatment  as  well as the quality of life of people with
         (7)  A mechanism for broader dissemination of  these
    programs  and  services aimed at prevention, information,
    and education is needed to help reduce the  physical  and
    emotional  impact  of arthritis and its associated health
    care and related costs.

    Section 10. Definitions. In this Act:
    "Arthritis" means any of  the  more  than  130  types  of
arthritis and rheumatic diseases.
    "Department" means the Department of Public Health.
    "Director" means the Director of Public Health.
    "Initiative"   means   the   arthritis  quality  of  life
initiative established pursuant to this Act.

    Section 15. Initiative.
    (a)  Subject  to  appropriation  for  this  purpose,  the
Director  shall  establish  an  arthritis  quality  of   life
initiative  in  the Department. The purpose of the initiative
is to promote (i)  public  awareness  about  arthritis,  (ii)
options  for  prevention,  (iii) the value of early diagnosis
and treatment, and (iv) the delivery of programs and services
aimed at  prevention  of  complications  and  improvement  of
quality  of  life. The Department may accept, for the purpose
of establishing the initiative, any special grant  of  money,
services,  or  property from the federal government or any of
its agencies or from  the  private  sector,  in  addition  to
moneys provided by the State.
    (b)  The initiative shall include the following:
         (1)  Development   of   a   list   of  providers  of
    specialized   services   for   arthritis,   including   a
    cautionary  statement  about  the   current   status   of
    arthritis research, prevention, and treatment.
         (2)  A  public  information  and  outreach  campaign
    including  appropriate  educational  material  to promote
    early diagnosis and  treatment  of  arthritis  and  other
    rheumatic diseases.

    Section  30.  Rules.  The  Department  shall  adopt rules
necessary to implement this Act.

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