State of Illinois
91st General Assembly
Public Acts

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Public Act 91-0724

HB3455 Enrolled                                LRB9112263ACtm

    AN ACT to amend  the  Environmental  Health  Practitioner
Licensing Act.

    Be  it  enacted  by  the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:

    Section  5.   The   Environmental   Health   Practitioner
Licensing  Act is amended by changing Sections 17, 18, and 27
as follows:

    (225 ILCS 37/17)
    Sec.  17.  Powers  and  duties  of  the   Department   of
Professional  Regulation.   Subject to the provisions of this
Act, the Department shall exercise the  following  functions,
powers, and duties:
    (1)  Prescribe   rules   defining   what  constitutes  an
approved school, college,  or  department  of  a  university,
except that no school, college, or department of a university
that  refuses  admittance  to applicants solely on account of
race,  color,  creed,  sex,  or  national  origin  shall   be
    (2)  Conduct  hearings on proceedings to revoke, suspend,
or refuse to issue licenses.
    (3)  Promulgate rules required for the administration  of
this Act.
(Source: P.A. 89-61, eff. 6-30-95.)

    (225 ILCS 37/18)
    Sec.  18.  Board  of  Environmental Health Practitioners.
The Board of Environmental Health  Practitioners  is  created
and  shall  exercise its duties as provided in this Act.  The
Board shall consist of 7 members appointed by  the  Director.
Of   the   7   members,   4  shall  be  environmental  health
practitioners, one a Public Health  Administrator  who  meets
the   minimum  qualifications  for  public  health  personnel
employed by full time local health departments as  prescribed
by  the  Illinois Department of Public Health and is actively
engaged in the administration of a  local  health  department
within  this  State,  one full time professor teaching in the
field of environmental health practice, and one member of the
general public.  In making the appointments to the Board, the
Director  shall  consider  the  recommendations  of   related
professional  and  trade  associations including the Illinois
Environmental Health  Association  and  the  Illinois  Public
Health  Association  and  of  the  Director of Public Health.
Each of the environmental health practitioners shall have  at
least  5  years  of  full  time  employment  in  the field of
environmental health practice before the date of appointment.
Each appointee filling the seat of  an  environmental  health
practitioner  appointed  to  the Board must be licensed under
this Act, however, in  appointing  the  environmental  health
practitioner  members  of  the  first Board, the Director may
appoint any environmental health practitioner  who  possesses
the  qualifications  set forth in Section 20 of this Act.  Of
the initial appointments, 3 members shall  be  appointed  for
3-year  terms,  2 members for 2-year terms, and 2 members for
one-year terms.  Each succeeding member  shall  serve  for  a
3-year  term.   No  member  may serve more than 2 consecutive
    The membership of  the  Board  shall  reasonably  reflect
representation  from  the  various  geographic  areas  of the
    A vacancy in the membership of the Board shall not impair
the right of a quorum to exercise all the rights and  perform
all the duties of the Board.
    The  members  of  the  Board  are  entitled to receive as
compensation a reasonable sum as determined by  the  Director
for each day actually engaged in the duties of the office and
all  legitimate  and necessary expenses incurred in attending
the meetings of the Board.
    Members of the Board shall be immune  from  suit  in  any
action  based  upon  any  disciplinary  proceedings  or other
activities performed in good faith as members of the Board.
    The Director may remove any member of the Board  for  any
cause  that,  in  the  opinion  of  the  Director, reasonably
justifies termination.
(Source: P.A. 89-61, eff. 6-30-95.)

    (225 ILCS 37/27)
    Sec. 27.  Renewals; restoration.
    (a)  The expiration date  and  renewal  period  for  each
license  issued  under  this  Act shall be set by rule.  As a
condition for renewal of a license,  the  licensee  shall  be
required to complete continuing education requirements as set
forth in rules by the Department.  Licensees who are 70 years
of  age or older and have been licensed under this Act for at
least 4 years shall be exempt from the  continuing  education
    (b)  A  person  who has permitted a license to expire may
have the  license  restored  by  making  application  to  the
Department and filing proof, acceptable to the Department, of
fitness  to have the license restored.  Proof may include (i)
sworn evidence  certifying  to  active  practice  in  another
jurisdiction  that  is  satisfactory  to the Department, (ii)
complying with any  continuing  education  requirements,  and
(iii) paying the required restoration fee.
    (c)  If  the person has not maintained an active practice
in another jurisdiction satisfactory to the  Department,  the
Board  shall determine, by an evaluation program, established
by rule, the person's fitness to resume active  status.   The
Board  may  require  the  person  to  complete  a  period  of
evaluated  clinical experience and successful completion of a
practical examination.
    However, a person whose  license  expired  while  (i)  in
federal  service  on active duty with the Armed Forces of the
United States or called into service  or  training  with  the
State  Militia  or  (ii)  in  training or education under the
supervision of the United States,  preliminary  to  induction
into the military service may have his or her license renewed
or restored without paying any lapsed renewal fees if, within
2 years after honorable termination of the service, training,
or  education,  except under conditions other than honorable,
he or she furnishes the Department with satisfactory evidence
to the effect that he or she has been so engaged and that the
service, training, or education has been terminated.
    (d)  A person who notifies the Department, in writing  on
forms  prescribed  by  the  Department,  may place his or her
license on inactive status and  shall  be  excused  from  the
payment  of  renewal  fees  until  the  person  notifies  the
Department,  in  writing,  of  the intention to resume active
    (e)  A person requesting his or her  license  be  changed
from  inactive  to active status shall be required to pay the
current renewal fee and  shall  also  demonstrate  compliance
with the continuing education requirements.
    (f)  An  environmental  health practitioner whose license
is not renewed or whose license is on inactive  status  shall
not  engage  in  the  practice of environmental health in the
State of Illinois or use the title or advertise  that  he  or
she performs the services of a "licensed environmental health
    (g)  A  person  violating  subsection (f) of this Section
shall be considered to be practicing without  a  license  and
shall  be subject to the disciplinary provisions of this Act.
    (h)  A  license  to  practice  shall  not  be  denied any
applicant because of the applicant's race,  religion,  creed,
national  origin,  political beliefs or activities, age, sex,
sexual orientation, or physical impairment.
(Source: P.A. 89-61, eff. 6-30-95.)

    Section 99.  Effective date.  This Act takes effect  upon
becoming law.

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