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Public Act 098-0349
HB0188 EnrolledLRB098 04102 RPM 34125 b

    AN ACT concerning regulation.
    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:
    Section 5. The Tanning Facility Permit Act is amended by
changing Section 25 as follows:
    (210 ILCS 145/25)  (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 8351-25)
    Sec. 25. Operating requirements.
    (1) Each tanning facility shall have on hand at all times
an operator adequately trained in the correct operation of the
facility so as to be able to inform and assist the public in
its proper use. Each operator shall perform the following
functions as a precondition to the public having access to the
tanning facility being made to the public:
        (a) The operator shall require each person desiring to
    use the facility to fill out a form specifying any and all
    prescription medicines and over-the-counter medications
    they are presently taking. The form shall be kept as a
    permanent record of the individual's attendance and
        (b) The operator shall require each person desiring to
    use a tanning facility to use protective eyewear.
        (c) The operator shall instruct the user in the proper
    position to maintain in relation to the tanning lamps
    within the facility; the position of the safety railing, if
    applicable; the manual switching device to terminate the
    radiation in case of emergency; and a recommended time of
        (d) The operator shall monitor the use of the facility
    to ensure that the interior temperature does not exceed 100
    degrees fahrenheit or 34 degrees centigrade.
        (e) The operator shall inspect the facility to ensure
    that the floors are dry. The floors are to be made dry
    prior to each individual's use.
        (f) The operator shall give each person using the
    facility a written copy of the warning required under
    subsection (h) of Section 20 of this Act prior to each
    person's use of the facility. The operator shall post signs
    warning consumers of the potential effects of radiation on
    persons taking medication and the relationship of
    radiation to skin cancer.
        (g) The operator shall be responsible for proper
    sanitizing procedures for all sunlamp equipment and
    protective eyewear between every user.
    (2) A tanning facility may not permit any person less than
18 years of age, regardless of whether the person has the
permission of a parent or guardian, to use tanning equipment or
a device defined as equipment that emits ultraviolet (UV)
radiation used for tanning of the skin, such as a sunlamp,
tanning booth, or tanning bed that emits electromagnetic
radiation with wavelengths in the air between 200 and 400
nanometers. For the purposes of this Section, "tanning
equipment" includes any accompanying equipment, such as
protective eyewear, timers, and handrails. "Tanning equipment"
does not include any of the following:
        (a) Phototherapy devices utilized by appropriate
    health care professionals under the direct supervision of a
    physician who is trained in the use of phototherapy
        (b) Devices used for personal use in a private
        (c) Devices intended for purposes other than the
    irradiation of human skin.
        (d) Devices used to apply chemicals to the skin to
    achieve a bronze color, commonly referred to as spray-on,
    mist-on, or sunless tans.
(Source: P.A. 87-636.)

Effective Date: 1/1/2014