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Public Act 095-0073
HB0642 Enrolled LRB095 05200 CMK 25273 b

    AN ACT concerning State government.
    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:
    Section 5. The Department of Public Health Powers and
Duties Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois is
amended by changing Section 2310-342 as follows:
    (20 ILCS 2310/2310-342)
    Sec. 2310-342. Umbilical cord blood donations.
    (a) Subject to appropriations for that purpose, the
Department of Public Health shall, by January 1, 2008 2007,
prepare and distribute to health and maternal care providers
written publications containing standardized, objective
information about umbilical cord blood banking that is
sufficient to allow a pregnant woman to make an informed
decision about whether to participate in a public or private
umbilical cord blood banking program, including that include
the following information:
        (1) An explanation of the difference between public and
    private umbilical cord blood banking.
        (2) The options available to a mother, after the
    delivery of her newborn, relating to stem cells contained
    in the umbilical cord blood, including:
            (A) donating to a public bank;
            (B) storing in a family umbilical cord blood bank
        for use by immediate and extended family members;
            (C) storing, for family use, through a family or
        sibling donor banking program that provides free
        collection, processing, and storage when there is a
        medical need; and
            (D) discarding the umbilical cord blood.
        (3) (1) The medical processes involved in the
    collection of umbilical cord blood.
        (4) (2) The medical risks to a mother and her newborn
    child of umbilical cord blood collection.
        (5) (3) The current and potential future medical uses
    and benefits of umbilical cord blood collection to a
    mother, her newborn child, and her biological family.
        (6) (4) The current and potential future medical uses
    and benefits of umbilical cord blood collection to persons
    who are not biologically related to a mother or her newborn
        (7) Medical or family history criteria that can impact
    a family's consideration of umbilical cord blood banking.
        (8) Costs associated with public and private umbilical
    cord blood banking, including the family banking and
    sibling donor programs when there is a medical need.
        (5) Any costs that may be incurred by a pregnant woman
    who chooses to make an umbilical cord blood donation.
        (9) (6) Options for ownership and future use of the
    donated material.
        (10) (7) The availability in Illinois of umbilical cord
    blood donations.
    (b) The Department shall encourage health and maternal care
providers providing healthcare services to a pregnant woman,
when those healthcare services are directly related to her
pregnancy, to provide the pregnant woman with the publication
described under subsection (a) of this Section before her third
    (c) (b) In developing the publications required under
subsection (a), the Department of Public Health shall consult
with an organization of physicians licensed to practice
medicine in all its branches and consumer groups. The
Department shall update the publications every 2 years.
(Source: P.A. 94-832, eff. 6-5-06.)
    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
becoming law.

Effective Date: 8/13/2007