Public Act 098-0097
HB2199 EnrolledLRB098 09307 RPM 39447 b

    AN ACT concerning State government.
    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:
    Section 5. The Department of Public Health Powers and
Duties Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois is
amended by changing Section 2310-643 as follows:
    (20 ILCS 2310/2310-643)
    Sec. 2310-643. Illinois State Diabetes Commission.
    (a) Commission established. The Illinois State Diabetes
Commission is established within the Department of Public
Health. The Commission shall consist of members that are
residents of this State and shall include an Executive
Committee appointed by the Director. The members of the
Commission shall be appointed by the Director as follows:
        (1) The Director or the Director's designee, who shall
    serve as chairperson of the Commission.
        (2) Physicians who are board certified in
    endocrinology, with at least one physician with expertise
    and experience in the treatment of childhood diabetes and
    at least one physician with expertise and experience in the
    treatment of adult onset diabetes.
        (3) Health care professionals with expertise and
    experience in the prevention, treatment, and control of
        (4) Representatives of organizations or groups that
    advocate on behalf of persons suffering from diabetes.
        (5) Representatives of voluntary health organizations
    or advocacy groups with an interest in the prevention,
    treatment, and control of diabetes.
        (6) Members of the public who have been diagnosed with
    The Director may appoint additional members deemed
necessary and appropriate by the Director.
    Members of the Commission shall be appointed by June 1,
2010. A member shall continue to serve until his or her
successor is duly appointed and qualified.
    (b) Meetings. Meetings shall be held 3 times per year or at
the call of the Commission chairperson.
    (c) Reimbursement. Members shall serve without
compensation but shall, subject to appropriation, be
reimbursed for reasonable and necessary expenses actually
incurred in the performance of the member's official duties.
    (d) Department support. The Department shall provide
administrative support and current staff as necessary for the
effective operation of the Commission.
    (e) Duties. The Commission shall perform all of the
following duties:
        (1) Hold public hearings to gather information from the
    general public on issues pertaining to the prevention,
    treatment, and control of diabetes.
        (2) Develop a strategy for the prevention, treatment,
    and control of diabetes in this State.
        (3) Examine the needs of adults, children, racial and
    ethnic minorities, and medically underserved populations
    who have diabetes.
        (4) Prepare and make available an annual report on the
    activities of the Commission to the Director, the Speaker
    of the House of Representatives, the Minority Leader of the
    House of Representatives, the President of the Senate, the
    Minority Leader of the Senate, and the Governor by June 30
    of each year, beginning on June 30, 2011.
    (f) Funding. The Department may accept on behalf of the
Commission any federal funds or gifts and donations from
individuals, private organizations, and foundations and any
other funds that may become available.
    (g) Rules. The Director may adopt rules to implement and
administer this Section.
    (h) Report. By January 10, 2015 and January 10 of each
odd-numbered year thereafter, the Commission shall submit a
report to the General Assembly containing the following:
        (1) the financial impact and reach that diabetes of all
    types is having on the State and the Department; this
    assessment shall include the number of people with diabetes
    impacted in this State or covered by the State Medicaid
    program, the number of people with diabetes and family
    members impacted by prevention and diabetes control
    programs implemented by the Department, the financial toll
    or impact diabetes and its complications places on the
    Department's diabetes program, and the financial toll or
    impact diabetes and its complications places on the
    diabetes program in comparison to other chronic diseases
    and conditions;
        (2) an assessment of the benefits of implemented
    programs and activities aimed at controlling diabetes and
    preventing the disease; this assessment shall also
    document the amount and source for any funding directed to
    the Department from the General Assembly for programs and
    activities aimed at reaching those with diabetes;
        (3) a description of the level of coordination that
    exists between the Department and other entities on
    activities, programs, and messaging on managing, treating,
    or preventing all forms of diabetes and its complications;
        (4) the development or revision of a detailed action
    plan for battling diabetes with a range of actionable items
    for consideration by the General Assembly; the plan shall
    identify proposed action steps to reduce the impact of
    diabetes, pre-diabetes, and related diabetes
    complications; the plan shall also identify expected
    outcomes of the action steps proposed for the 2 years
    following the submission of the report while also
    establishing benchmarks for controlling and preventing
    relevant forms of diabetes; and
        (5) the development of a detailed budget blueprint
    identifying needs, costs, and resources required to
    implement the plan identified in item (4) of this
    subsection (h); this blueprint shall include a budget range
    for all options presented in the plan identified in item
    (4) of this subsection (h) for consideration by the General
    The Department of Healthcare and Family Services shall
provide cooperation to the Department of Public Health to
facilitate the implementation of this subsection (h).
(Source: P.A. 96-1406, eff. 7-29-10.)