92nd General Assembly
Summary of SB0400
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SUBURBAN RAILROAD REDEVELOPMNT                                             

Synopsis of Bill as introduced:
        Creates the Southwest Suburban Railroad  Redevelopment  Authority      
   Act.   Creates the Southwest Suburban Railroad Redevelopment Authority      
   in the municipalities of Chicago Ridge, Burbank, Bedford Park,  Worth,      
   Lansing,  Glenwood,  Chicago  Heights,  Robbins, Markham, Tinley Park,      
   Orland Park, Palos Park, Crestwood,  Dolton,  Riverdale,  Harvey,  Oak      
   Lawn,  Dixmoor,  Bridgeview,  Alsip,  Oak  Forest,  Midlothian,  Palos      
   Heights,  Evergreen  Park,  Posen,  Blue Island, and Merrionette Park.      
   Allows the Authority to acquire, sell, and exchange  property  and  to      
   accept   grants,  loans,  and  appropriations  in  order  to  relocate      
   railroads and roadways  and  to  separate  railroad  grade  crossings.      
   Provides  that  the  Authority shall be governed by a 28-member Board.      
   Provides for the appointment of  a  Secretary  and  Treasurer  of  the      
   Authority.  Contains other provisions.  Effective immediately.              
        SENATE AMENDMENT NO. 1.                                                
          Adds reference to:                                                   
          70 ILCS 1920/Act title                                               
          70 ILCS 1920/1                                                       
          70 ILCS 1920/5                                                       
          70 ILCS 1920/10                                                      
          70 ILCS 1920/40                                                      
          70 ILCS 1920/45                                                      
          70 ILCS 1920/60                                                      
          70 ILCS 1920/90                                                      
        Deletes everything.  Reinserts the  provisions  of  the  bill  as      
   introduced,  except  changes the short title of the Southwest Suburban      
   Railroad  Redevelopment  Authority  Act  to  the  Southwest   Suburban      
   Railroad  Redevelopment  Authority  Law.   Creates  the Dixon Railroad      
   Relocation Authority Law to create the  Dixon  Railroad  Redevelopment      
   Relocation  Authority.  Provides that the Dixon Railroad Redevelopment      
   Authority's objective is the relocation  of  the  railroad  spur  line      
   running  through  the  City of Dixon.  Provides for the appointment of      
   the Dixon Railroad  Redevelopment  Authority's  members.   Grants  the      
   Dixon  Railroad  Redevelopment  Authority  the power to (i) acquire by      
   gift, purchase, or legacy  the  fee  simple  title  to  real  property      
   located  in  Lee  County  for  its purposes, (ii) apply for and accept      
   grants,  loans,  advances,  and  appropriations   from   the   federal      
   government  and  the State and to enter into any agreement in relation      
   to these grants, loans, advances, and appropriations, and (iii)  incur      
   debt,  borrow  money, and issue and sell bonds in order to achieve its      
   purposes.  Amends the 25th Avenue Railroad Relocation and  Development      
   Authority  Act.   Changes  the  name of the Authority to the West Cook      
   Railroad  Relocation  and  Development  Authority.   Adds   additional      
   members  representing  the  Village  of  Maywood  to  the board of the      
   Authority.  Allows the Authority to exercise its powers in  the  First      
   Avenue  vicinity  between  Lake  Street,  Oak  Street, the Des Plaines      
   River, and Fifth Avenue and in the area between Harlem Avenue,  I-294,      
   Grand Avenue, and 31st Street.  Effective immediately.                      
Last action on Bill: SESSION SINE DIE

   Last action date: JAN-07-2003

           Location: Senate

 Amendments to Bill: AMENDMENTS ADOPTED: HOUSE -   0     SENATE -   1


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