92nd General Assembly
Summary of HB5849
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CAPITAL DEV BD-ENERGY CODE                                                 

Synopsis of Bill as introduced:
        Amends the Capital Development Board Act.  Requires the Board  by      
   January  1,  2003,  to  adopt  an  energy code for the construction or      
   repair  of  facilities  funded  by  General  Assembly  appropriations.      
   Effective immediately.                                                      
          STATE MANDATES NOTE                                                  
          (Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs)              
          In the opinion of DCCA, HB 5849 does not meet the definition         
          of a State mandate under the State Mandates Act.                     
          FISCAL NOTE (Capital Development Board)                              
          Since CDB already complies with a federal energy code, adopting      
          a new energy code would have little fiscal impact, if any, on        
          CDB operations. However, the fiscal impact on future capital         
          projects cannot be calculated, since the specifics of a new          
          code are unknown at this time. For example, higher efficiency        
          window requirements could increase construction costs if the         
          new required windows are more expensive than current standard        
          windows. Further, more specialized materials or items required       
          in a new code could force the State to purchase from a sole          
          source, significantly increasing costs due to lack of competi-       
          tive bidding. Again, these unknowns prohibit CDB from making         
          an estimate on the fiscal impact of HB 5849 on future construc-      
Last action on Bill: SESSION SINE DIE

   Last action date: JAN-07-2003

           Location: House

 Amendments to Bill: AMENDMENTS ADOPTED: HOUSE -   0     SENATE -   0


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