92nd General Assembly
Status of SB0293
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   10 ILCS 5/1-8 new                                                           
   10 ILCS 5/6-9             from Ch. 46, par. 6-9                             
   10 ILCS 5/6-11            from Ch. 46, par. 6-11                            
   10 ILCS 5/6-74            from Ch. 46, par. 6-74                            
   10 ILCS 5/7-56            from Ch. 46, par. 7-56                            
   10 ILCS 5/7-58            from Ch. 46, par. 7-58                            
   10 ILCS 5/7-59            from Ch. 46, par. 7-59                            
   10 ILCS 5/7-60            from Ch. 46, par. 7-60                            
   10 ILCS 5/7-60.1          from Ch. 46, par. 7-60.1                          
   10 ILCS 5/7-63            from Ch. 46, par. 7-63                            
   10 ILCS 5/10-9            from Ch. 46, par. 10-9                            
   10 ILCS 5/10-10           from Ch. 46, par. 10-10                           
   10 ILCS 5/21-2            from Ch. 46, par. 21-2                            
   10 ILCS 5/22-1            from Ch. 46, par. 22-1                            
   10 ILCS 5/22-7.5 new                                                        
   10 ILCS 5/22-7.10 new                                                       
   10 ILCS 5/22-8            from Ch. 46, par. 22-8                            
   10 ILCS 5/22-9            from Ch. 46, par. 22-9                            
   10 ILCS 5/22-9.1          from Ch. 46, par. 22-9.1                          
   10 ILCS 5/22-12           from Ch. 46, par. 22-12                           
   10 ILCS 5/22-15           from Ch. 46, par. 22-15                           
   10 ILCS 5/22-17           from Ch. 46, par. 22-17                           
   10 ILCS 5/22-18           from Ch. 46, par. 22-18                           
   10 ILCS 5/23-1.8a         from Ch. 46, par. 23-1.8a                         
   10 ILCS 5/23-1.9a         from Ch. 46, par. 23-1.9a                         
   10 ILCS 5/23-1.10a        from Ch. 46, par. 23-1.10a                        
   10 ILCS 5/22-1.2 rep.                                                       
   10 ILCS 5/22-14 rep.                                                        
   65 ILCS 20/21-27          from Ch. 24, par. 21-27                           

        Amends the Election Code.   Abolishes  local  canvassing  boards.      
   Provides that canvasses must be done by election authorities within 48      
   hours  after  election.  Requires election authorities to transmit, by      
   fax, e-mail, or other electronic means, a preliminary statement of the      
   results of the election to the State  Board  of  Elections.   Provides      
   that  the  State Board of Elections must conduct a preliminary canvass      
   within 72 hours after the election.  Provides that if a canvass  shows      
   that  a  candidate  has  a  margin  of victory of, or a referendum was      
   approved by, less than 1%  of  the  votes  cast,  a  recount  must  be      
   conducted  as  quickly  as  possible  after the close of the election.      
   Sets requirements for  the  recount.   Requires  the  State  Board  of      
   Elections  to  adopt  uniform standards for the counting of ballots by      
   hand, including what indications of voter intent are to be counted and      
   recorded.  Provides that any candidate may request a discovery recount      
   (now, any candidate who, in the entire area in which votes may be cast      
   for the office for which he or she  is  a  candidate,  received  votes      
   equal  in  number to at least 95% of the votes cast for any successful      
   candidate for the  same  office  may  request  a  discovery  recount).      
   Increases the fee for a discovery recount from $10 per precinct to $25      
   per  precinct.   Deletes provisions concerning a contest involving the      
   selection  of  nominees  for  the  office  of  State   representative.      
   Provides  that  a  meeting of the electoral board may not be held more      
   than 6 days (now, 5 days) after the board's receipt of the  nomination      
   papers  and  the  objector's  petition.   Requires  the State Board of      
   Elections to conduct a final canvass within 10  days  (now,  20  days)      
   after an election. Makes other changes.  Amends the Revised Cities and      
   Villages  Act  of  1941.   Provides  that  recounts  for the office of      
   alderman in the City  of  Chicago  must  be  filed  and  conducted  in      
   accordance  with the Election Code (instead of within 5 days after the      
   FEB-20-2001  S  FIRST READING                                                  
   FEB-20-2001  S  REFERRED TO SENATE RULES COMMITTEE       RULES                 
   FEB-21-2001  S       ASSIGNED TO COMMITTEE               LOCAL GOV             
   MAR-20-2001  S       TO SUBCOMMITTEE                                           
   MAR-20-2001  S                   COMMITTEE               LOCAL GOV             
   MAR-31-2001  S  RE-REFERRED TO RULES COMM/RULE 3-9(A)    RULES                 
   JAN-07-2003  S  SESSION SINE DIE                                               


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