92nd General Assembly
Status of HB4973
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   65 ILCS 5/11-13-1         from Ch. 24, par. 11-13-1                         

        Amends  the  Illinois   Municipal   Code.   Provides   that   any      
   municipality  located  in  a county of greater than 150,000 population      
   and less than 185,000 population (instead of a  municipality  of  more      
   than  112,000  population  in  a county of less than 185,000) that has      
   adopted a  zoning  ordinance  and  a  county  that  adopted  a  zoning      
   ordinance  may  enter  into  intergovernmental agreements allowing the      
   municipality to exercise its  zoning  powers  beyond  its  territorial      
   limits. Effective immediately.                                              
   FEB-05-2002  H  FILED WITH CLERK                                               
   FEB-05-2002  H  FIRST READING                                                  
   FEB-05-2002  H  REFERRED TO HOUSE RULES COMMITTEE        RULES                 
   FEB-06-2002  H       ASSIGNED TO COMMITTEE               CITY-VILLAGE          
   FEB-22-2002  H  RE-REFERRED TO RULES COMM/RULE 19(A)     RULES         HRUL    
   JAN-07-2003  H  SESSION SINE DIE                                               


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