1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The Illinois Senate has learned of the impending
 3    retirement of Senator Doris Karpiel; and

 4        WHEREAS, Doris Karpiel has served as  State  Senator  for
 5    25th District since 1984, having previously served five years
 6    in the House of Representatives; and

 7        WHEREAS,  Senator  Karpiel  is a well-loved and respected
 8    member of the Senate Republican Caucus, serving  as  Majority
 9    Caucus Chairperson in Senate Leadership; and

10        WHEREAS,  She  previously  served  the  public  in DuPage
11    County as Bloomingdale Township Supervisor from 1975  through
12    1979  and  Bloomingdale  Township  Trustee  from 1973 through
13    1975; and

14        WHEREAS, Senator Karpiel works  with  a  broad  range  of
15    issues  in  the  Senate,  serving  on  the Joint Committee on
16    Administrative Rules; Illinois  State  Chairman  of  American
17    Legislative  Exchange  Council; Council of State Governments'
18    Committee on Status of Children; National Conference of State
19    Legislatures'  Children,  Families  and  Health   Commission;
20    American  Legislative  Exchange Council Task Force on Energy,
21    Environment,  Natural  Resources  and  Agriculture;  and  the
22    Education Funding Advisory Board; and

23        WHEREAS,  She  remains  active   in   community   issues,
24    sponsoring  legislation to rid West Chicago of the Kerr-McGee
25    low-level radioactive waste, working  with  community  groups
26    and  local  officials  to stop a balefill from being built in
27    Bartlett, passing legislation that stopped  the  Kane  County
28    Forest  Preserve  from  taking  homeowners'  property  for  a
29    bicycle  path,  and  accessing funds for the Fox Valley Water
30    Reclamation District to take over Skyline  Sanitary  District
31    and extend its lines to its service area; and
                           -2-                LRB9218495HShsA
 1        WHEREAS,  Senator  Karpiel has also sponsored legislation
 2    that reformed the Health Facilities Planning  Board  and  the
 3    Certificate of Need process; and

 4        WHEREAS,  She sponsored tax-cap legislation that has held
 5    the line on local property tax increases; and

 6        WHEREAS, Senator Karpiel sponsored the Abandoned  Newborn
 7    Infant  Protection  Act  to create a safe haven for abandoned
 8    babies, a law that is already successful in saving the  lives
 9    of newborn infants in Illinois; and

10        WHEREAS,  She  created  the  Spinal Cord Injury Paralysis
11    Research Fund and increased funding for spinal cord  research
12    through grants and DUI fines; and

13        WHEREAS,  Senator  Karpiel  passed legislation that gives
14    businesses incentive to provide on-site day care for  working
15    families; and

16        WHEREAS,  She  helped families pay for tomorrow's college
17    costs at today's prices with the prepaid tuition law; and

18        WHEREAS,   Senator   Karpiel   sponsored   the   I-SEARCH
19    legislation that changes the  way  law  enforcement  officers
20    search  for  missing children, an accomplishment which earned
21    her accolades from Illinois State Law  Enforcement  Agencies;
22    and

23        WHEREAS, Senator Karpiel was also honored by the Illinois
24    Department  of  Children  and Family Services for legislation
25    that made Illinois a national leader in adoption services and
26    by the Nature Conservancy for sponsoring the Open  Lands  Act
27    in 1999; and

28        WHEREAS,  She serves on Advisory Boards of Family Shelter
29    of DuPage and the Department of Children and Family Services,
30    Region 8; is a member of the Chambers of Commerce in Roselle,
                           -3-                LRB9218495HShsA
 1    Bloomingdale,  Streamwood,   St.   Charles,   Bartlett,   and
 2    Winfield;   and   is  a  member  of  the  Roselle  Historical
 3    Foundation; and

 4        WHEREAS, Senator Karpiel is active  in  local  Republican
 5    politics,   serving   as   Chairman  of  the  Wayne  Township
 6    Republican   Organization;   Precinct   Committeeman,   Wayne
 7    Township  Precinct  21;  Schaumburg  Township   Alliance   of
 8    Republicans;  Bloomingdale  Township Republican Women's Club;
 9    Illinois   Republican    Women's    Roundtable;    Geneva-St.
10    Charles-Batavia    Women's    Republicans;   Wayne   Township
11    Republican Women's Organization; and

12        WHEREAS, She received a bachelor's  degree  in  Political
13    Science from Northern Illinois University and was a member of
14    Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honor Society; and

15        WHEREAS,  She  is the mother of four children and a proud
16    grandmother; therefore be it

18    ASSEMBLY  OF  THE  STATE OF ILLINOIS, that the members of the
19    Illinois Senate  will  sorely  miss  their  good  friend  and
20    colleague, Senator Doris Karpiel; and be it further

21        RESOLVED,  That  she be presented with a suitable copy of
22    this resolution along with our best wishes for  her  upcoming
23    retirement.