1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, Patrick J.  O'Malley  was  elected  in  1992  to
 3    represent  the  18th  District  in  the  Illinois Senate, and
 4    reelected in 1996 and 2000; and

 5        WHEREAS, Pat served as a member of the Board of  Trustees
 6    for the Palos Fire Protection District  from  1985  to  1994,
 7    serving  as  Board  President  since  1987;  he  served as an
 8    elected member of the Board of Trustees and Chairman  of  the
 9    Finance  Committee  for Moraine Valley Community College from
10    1989 to 1992; and

11        WHEREAS, As a strong proponent for tax relief and quality
12    education,  Senator  O'Malley  is  a  leading  advocate   for
13    revising  the  current  state school-aid formula to make sure
14    local schools receive their fair  share  of  state  education
15    dollars;  he  led the charge for a comprehensive study of the
16    State's tax system to lay the groundwork for  meaningful  tax
17    reform; and

18        WHEREAS,  He  continuously works to restore local control
19    and promote economic  development  by  curtailing  state  and
20    federal  mandates on schools, municipalities, businesses, and
21    individuals; and

22        WHEREAS, He  has  sponsored  legislation  curtailing  the
23    illegal  activities  of gangs and drug dealers, strengthening
24    the ability of local law enforcement officials  to  curb  gun
25    violence  in  their  communities  and  schools,  and  holding
26    persons  civilly liable for selling illegal drugs and alcohol
27    to children; and

28        WHEREAS, Senator  O'Malley  has  authored  numerous  laws
29    reforming  the  Cook  County  property  assessment system and
30    giving owners more rights in appealing their property  taxes;
31    and
                            -2-                LRB9218488HShs
 1        WHEREAS,  He has championed and secured funding for major
 2    regional  infrastructure  improvements  to   address   safety
 3    concerns  and  ease  congestion,  including  the intersection
 4    reconstruction   of   127th   Street   and   Cicero   Avenue,
 5    consistently the State's  most  dangerous  intersection,  and
 6    construction  of  an  interchange  between  I-57 and I-294, a
 7    gaping hole in the state's transportation infrastructure; and

 8        WHEREAS, The 18th District Senator is a leading  advocate
 9    for improving the collection and enforcement of child support
10    to  help  keep  children and their parents out of poverty; he
11    has led efforts to protect innocent human life  by  advancing
12    legislation to preserve and protect children being born alive
13    during abortion procedures; and

14        WHEREAS,  His  Project  Exile  Illinois initiative, which
15    encourages  the  federal  prosecution  of  all  persons   who
16    illegally  use  firearms  in crimes against others, will make
17    Illinois the toughest state in the  Union  against  criminals
18    who  commit crimes with guns by requiring a minimum mandatory
19    five-year prison sentence in a federal penitentiary; and

20        WHEREAS, His "straw purchases" law cracks down on persons
21    who buy firearms intending to give  them  to  others  legally
22    forbidden to own guns; and

23        WHEREAS,  Since  coming  to Springfield, he has pushed to
24    hold railroad  companies  accountable  for  blocked  railroad
25    crossings  and  related  safety  issues;  citizens throughout
26    northeastern Illinois have been seriously inconvenienced  and
27    their  lives  endangered by crossing blockages, idling trains
28    in neighborhoods, increased noise level and frequency of  the
29    blowing of train whistles; and

30        WHEREAS,  The  18th  District  Senator has led efforts to
31    rein in abuses by pay day, car-title and  predatory  lenders;
32    and
                            -3-                LRB9218488HShs
 1        WHEREAS,  He  successfully  led  the  fight to repeal the
 2    state subsidy  for  garbage  incinerator  developers   saving
 3    Illinois taxpayers as much as $13 billion; and

 4        WHEREAS,  Pat  was  born  October  22, 1950, in Evergreen
 5    Park, graduated from St. Walter's Grammar School  and  Marist
 6    High School; he earned a bachelor's degree in Economics and a
 7    master's  degree  in  Finance  from  Purdue University, and a
 8    Juris Doctor degree from The John Marshall Law School; and

 9        WHEREAS, He and his wife, Mary Judith, have two children,
10    Brigid and Patrick, Jr., a  daughter-in-law,  Elizabeth,  and
11    two grandchildren; therefore be it

13    ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we  congratulate  Pat
14    O'Malley  as  he leaves the Illinois Senate after 10 years of
15    dedicated service  and  wish  him  well  in  all  his  future
16    endeavors; and be it further

17        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of  this preamble and
18    resolution be presented to Pat O'Malley with our thanks for a
19    job well done.