1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  Walter  Dudycz  represented  the  citizens   of
 3    northwest  Chicagoland in the State Senate from 1985 to 2002;
 4    and

 5        WHEREAS, Senator  Dudycz's  priorities  had  always  been
 6    those of the people he represented; and

 7        WHEREAS,  He  sponsored the 1995 laws that grant property
 8    tax caps and  simplify  the  process  by  which  Cook  County
 9    residents can appeal their property assessments; and

10        WHEREAS,  He  championed  better election laws, including
11    the 1995 law that eliminated  partisan  voting  in  municipal
12    elections; and

13        WHEREAS,   His   legislation   creating   penalties   for
14    desecrating  the U.S. flag earned him the recognition of many
15    veterans' groups, including The American Legion and  Veterans
16    of Foreign Wars; and

17        WHEREAS,  In  1996,  he authored a resolution designating
18    U.S. Route 14 as the Ronald Reagan Highway; and

19        WHEREAS, He sponsored  laws  that  make  it  illegal  for
20    anyone to use computer Internet technology to commit indecent
21    solicitation crimes against children, allow the State to keep
22    sexual    predators    off    the    street,    and   protect
23    community-policing volunteers; and

24        WHEREAS, In 1998, he sponsored a prepaid college  tuition
25    plan  that  allows parents to pay for their children's future
26    college education at today's prices; and

27        WHEREAS, Senator Dudycz sponsored the 2000 Walter  Payton
28    Organ  Donor Awareness License Plate Law and the 2001 Scott's
29    Law protecting emergency workers from reckless motorists; and
                           -2-                 LRB9218491HShs
 1        WHEREAS, In 2001, he  sponsored  the  Broadcast  Industry
 2    Free  Market  Act  ending  non-complete  clauses  for  on-air
 3    television and radio personnel; and

 4        WHEREAS,  He was a member of the Senate Executive, Rules,
 5    Local Government, and Transportation Committees; and

 6        WHEREAS, He was named Assistant Majority Leader in  1993;
 7    and

 8        WHEREAS,  Walter  was  born  March  11, 1950, in Chicago,
 9    graduated from Holy  Trinity  High  School  and  the  Chicago
10    Police  Academy,  and  earned  a Bachelor of Arts degree from
11    Northeastern Illinois University; and

12        WHEREAS, He served in the United States Army from 1968 to
13    1971, including a 12-month tour of duty in Vietnam; and

14        WHEREAS, Before and during  his  tenure  in  the  Senate,
15    Senator  Dudycz  served  with  the Chicago Police Department,
16    retiring in March 2000 after serving since 1971  and  holding
17    the rank of detective since 1978; and

18        WHEREAS,  From 1987 to 1990, he served as Director of The
19    Cook  County  Sheriff's  Work  Alternative   Program,   which
20    provides   nonviolent   felons   and   misdemeanor  offenders
21    supervised community service as an  alternative  to  time  in
22    jail; and

23        WHEREAS,  Between  November  2000  and  July 2002, he was
24    employed by the City of  Chicago's Department of Aviation  to
25    assist  in  the operation of the security and safety programs
26    at O'Hare International Airport; and

27        WHEREAS, Walter and his  wife,  Oksana,  have  two  grown
28    daughters, Valya and Nadya; therefore be it

30    ASSEMBLY OF THE  STATE  OF  ILLINOIS,  that  we  congratulate
                           -3-                 LRB9218491HShs
 1    Walter  Dudycz on his retirement from the the Illinois Senate
 2    after 18 years of dedicated service; and be it further

 3        RESOLVED, That a  suitable  copy  of  this  preamble  and
 4    resolution  be presented to Walter  Dudycz with our gratitude
 5    for his enthusiasm and his hard work, and our best wishes for
 6    his future endeavors.