State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The members  of  the  Illinois  Senate  wish  to
 3    express their sincerest condolences to the family and friends
 4    of Robert Arthur Jamieson, who passed away on August 4, 2002;
 5    and

 6        WHEREAS,  Robert Arthur Jamieson was born on December 20,
 7    1908 in Nairn, Scotland to Alexander and Jean Smith Jamieson;
 8    he married Evelyn McNeil on December 24, 1936 in Wataga;  she
 9    preceded him in death on November 27, 1994; and

10        WHEREAS,  A  1932  graduate of Knox College in Galesburg,
11    Mr. Jamieson was superintendent of schools in Varna from 1935
12    to 1941; and

13        WHEREAS, From 1941 to 1943, Mr. Jamieson was  educational
14    consultant  for  the  U.S.  Government, establishing training
15    programs for National Defense; he was then employment manager
16    at LeTourneau Westinghouse Corp. until 1948  when  he  became
17    assistant to the president at Bradley University and was dean
18    of the College of Commerce for 4 years; and

19        WHEREAS,  In  1954,  Mr.  Jamieson  became executive vice
20    president for Irions Concrete Co. in Chillicothe; in 1963, he
21    spent a year working on federal  legislation  to  create  the
22    Crippled Children's Center as a pilot project for the nation;
23    he  was  elected to the Security Savings and Loan Association
24    Board and served as president and chairman; and

25        WHEREAS, Mr. Jamieson was a member of the Peoria Board of
26    Education from 1954 to 1970 and  served  as  president  three
27    times;  in  1976, the Robert A. Jamieson School was dedicated
28    in his honor;  he served on the board  of  directors  of  the
29    Illinois  Association  of  School Boards and was appointed by
30    Governor Richard Ogilvie to the  State  Board  of  Education,
31    serving many years; and
                            -2-                LRB9217590RHrh
 1        WHEREAS,  Mr.  Jamieson served as chairman of the Central
 2    Illinois Health Service, which developed  the  Allied  Agency
 3    Center for children who are physically and mentally disabled;
 4    he  spearheaded a drive to create the TB Center and served on
 5    the Peoria County and Illinois Tuberculosis  boards  and  the
 6    American Lung Association board of directors; and

 7        WHEREAS,  For  54  years, Mr. Jamieson was a board member
 8    for the Salvation Army, where he received the  William  Booth
 9    Award,  the  Order  of  Distinguished Auxiliary Service Medal
10    (the only American to win that award  in  1986,  the  highest
11    civilian  honor  awarded  by the International Salvation Army
12    Headquarters in London), the Others Award, and was the  first
13    recipient  of  the  Certificate in Recognition of Exceptional
14    Service; and

15        WHEREAS, Mr. Jamieson was Tri-County Citizen of the  year
16    in   1963;   he   received  the  Robert  H.  Michel  Lifetime
17    Achievement Award and was a member of the  Senior  Illinoisan
18    Hall  of  Fame;  he  was  a member of the Creve Coeur Club of
19    Peoria and served on the board of governors; he  was  also  a
20    member  of Tau Kappa Epsilon and Alpha Kappa Psi and a member
21    of Westminster Presbyterian Church; and

22        WHEREAS, The passing of Robert A. Jamieson will be deeply
23    felt by all who knew  and  loved  him,  especially  his  son,
24    Robert   (wife,   Janet)  Jamieson;  his  daughter,  Kathleen
25    (husband, Ronald) Palmer; his  9  grandchildren;  and  his  6
26    great-grandchildren;  he  was  preceded  in death by his son,
27    Richard Jamieson,  his  daughter,  Diane  Jamieson,  and  his
28    brother and sister; therefore, be it

30    ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn, along  with
31    all  who knew him, the death of Robert A. Jamieson of Peoria,
32    Illinois; and be it further
                            -3-                LRB9217590RHrh
 1        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
 2    presented  to  the  family  of  Robert  A.  Jamieson with our
 3    sincere condolences.

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