State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The Department  of  Human  Services  has  funded
 3    community-based  agencies  serving  people with developmental
 4    disabilities and mental illness  with  grants  for  Community
 5    Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA), Developmental Training
 6    (DT) programs, and Supported Employment Programs (SEP); and

 7        WHEREAS, The General Assembly has worked to restore State
 8    funding to these community-based agencies; and

 9        WHEREAS,  The General Assembly wishes to increase Federal
10    Medicaid funding; and

11        WHEREAS, The United States Department of Health and Human
12    Services, Centers for  Medicare  &  Medicaid  Services  (CMS)
13    (formerly the Health Care Financing Administration), does not
14    require  a  fee-for-service  system  to  claim Medicaid match
15    funds; and

16        WHEREAS,  The  Department  of  Human  Services  currently
17    reconciles grant-funded programs to claim  Federal  Financial
18    Participation funds; and

19        WHEREAS,  The  Department of Human Services' plan to move
20    from grant funding to  fee-for-services  funding  will  force
21    community agencies serving people with disabilities to reduce
22    or   eliminate  services  to  individuals  already  receiving
23    services; therefore, be it

25    ASSEMBLY  OF  THE  STATE  OF ILLINOIS, that the Department of
26    Human Services should continue grant  funding  for  community
27    agencies   and  work  within  the  grant  system  to  re-coup
28    additional Federal Medicaid dollars; and be it further

29        RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be forwarded  to
30    the Secretary of Human Services.

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